Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moonlit Rescue - New Paranormal Romance in the Garden

Monsters don't exist. At least that's what geologist, Kira Simons always believed. That is until she is kidnapped by a silver-skinned man claiming to be not only a werewolf but her mate as well.

Half-werewolf Vale Convel spends his days trapped between man and beast. Always the outsider, he relies on instinct rather than useless emotions. He goes against his pack when he saves the woman he has been ordered to kill.

Faced with overwhelming odds they must learn not only to trust in each other but also in themselves. Can Kira let go of her independence to be Vale's mate? Can Vale overcome his lack of confidence in time to save Kira and be the leader he was destined to be?


She hung on his every word, not moving, not blinking, even though deep in her mind she knew something was off. One second she was fighting, and the next she was craving the haze.

He pressed two fingers to her temple. “I can see, hear and smell everything around us. There is a tiny ant crawling on the baseboard behind you.

“I can smell the rose-scented perfume you put on yesterday morning, but unfortunately it is being ruined by the garbage in the parking lot where someone threw away some cheap Italian take-out.” He moved his face closer, their noses almost touching.

She experienced everything he said down to the acidic marinara sauce burning the back of her throat.

His voice became low, rough and jagged. “My influence is so powerful over you that I could get you to do anything with me, including mate with me if I wanted.”

At the thought of making love to him, her insides flooded with need. Her mouth watered, preparing itself for his lips to meld with hers.

Suddenly, he turned and let go of her.

She fell to the floor. With the trance broken, her desire faded as reality cleared her mind.

“They’ll kill you the first chance they get and I couldn’t let that happen.” He stood above her.

“Why would you care what happens to me as long as your pack is safe?” She crouched down, needing time to process everything. Belief without facts went against her nature. He wanted to kill her and take her property, leaving her with nothing.

“I have chosen you to be my mate.” His answer was final and laced with possession. 

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