Friday, May 31, 2013

Zeph Undercover - New Romance in the Garden

True or False? Allie Wentworth is a small town girl. Zeph Granger is an urban sophisticate. Stone's Crossing is a quiet country town.

All true.

But that's not the whole story. Allie's the town veterinarian. Zeph's an ambitious private detective. Tiny, friendly Stone's Crossing is hiding some dangerous secrets, and Zeph is in town to uncover them. He convinces Allie to help him in spite of their crashed-and-burned almost-romance of a summer ago. He goes undercover as her lover, but someone doesn't like his snooping around. At all.

Zeph is in danger, and so is Allie, but not just from the bad guys. Working with Allie is giving Zeph forever thoughts--and Allie is remembering that there's a good man beneath Zeph's slick surface.

He'll do anything to protect her...but a small mountain town is a far cry from the city jungle he knows so well. Can he do it?


“Stay over there by the door and let me know if you hear your father coming.”

Allie looked mutinous but went to stand by the open door. “Do you really expect something incriminating in those files? A guilty person would hide the files, so if you don’t find anything, you still won’t be convinced. Maybe we should leave now and—”

“Not yet. He might think a locked file is hidden enough.” Not if he was smart, but people made amazing mistakes. Zeph skimmed, aware of time galloping away like a damned horse and finding nothing worth a second look until he hit a folder labeled Discrepancies. The tingle that said he’d found something good made his fingers itch. Something in his expression must have given him away because Allie came to stand beside him and look over his shoulder as he pulled it out of the drawer and opened it.


“Damn,” he muttered. “Well, I didn’t really expect…”

“The list you found earlier?” Allie asked. “It must belong in there.”

Zeph picked the tax folders out of the drawer and took them to the desk. “Yeah, it—” he started to say.

“Well, isn’t this interesting.” Wentworth stood in the doorway, his voice hard with icy anger. “Perhaps you would care to explain yourselves?” 

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