Friday, May 24, 2013

The Blue Dolphin - New romance in the garden

When Debbie Williams discovers a dismembered body in the dumpster behind her health spa, she's determined to find out what happened. As a single parent, she must be sure the town she loves is safe for her daughter. Debbie won't be deterred by anyone--not even the ruggedly handsome agent on the case who doesn't appreciate her amateur sleuthing.

After his partner's body is uncovered, DEA agent Jack Davis vows revenge. But three words shouted over the phone before his partner died--azul, delfin, Almagro--are Jack's only clues. Even worse, a sexy blonde spa owner refuses to stay out of his investigation, and the chemistry between them is difficult to ignore.
As danger strikes ever closer, Jack and Debbie must figure out what blue dolphins and a small California desert town have to do with a dangerous drug cartel...all while protecting their hearts from an attraction neither can resist.


What did he want?

She gestured toward the bed and recalled how he’d stared at her at the meeting. Perspiration began to bead on her brow and upper lip. She moved closer to the doorway. “Go ahead and, ah, lie down. You don’t have to remove clothing if you don’t want to…um, just your boots. Maybe take off your jacket, too. Um, I’ll leave you now,” she said, unable to stop the rush of words. “If you get cold there are blankets folded at the end of the bed. I turn on the treatment switches at the front desk. If you need anything, there’s a buzzer.”

“You don’t stay in here with me?”

“Nope.” Thank goodness. The very last thing she needed would be to sit beside his gorgeous body while the bed undulated. She pointed to a buzzer. “Press that if you get anxious. Remember it’s your private time to relax and to let the vibrations soothe you.”

“Anxious?” He sat on the side of the bed and stared at her, his dark eyes narrowing again.

“Well, some people feel claustrophobic. Most don’t, as a rule. But just in case.”


“Oh, and turn off your cell phone so you don’t have any disturbances.” She closed the door behind her, pulled in several deep breaths, and scurried back to the desk.

The man had her all on edge and not in a good way. Actually, it was a good way, but one she didn’t want to explore with him. He was all wrong. So big and dark, and she’d bet he had chest hair. In her limited adult love life, she’d never been with a guy who had chest hair. She’d often wondered what it felt like and— 

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