Thursday, January 07, 2016

An Author Retreat by Debra Jupe

Nothing is more inspiring for an author than to get together with other writers. I’m lucky to be associated with a group of ladies who feel the same as me. Every year, we gather for an annual retreat at the C-Bar Ranch in Valley Mills, Texas.

Our cabin is primitive, small, no Internet or cable. We sleep in bunk beds. Early arrivals get the coveted bottom bunk, while those of us who make a later appearance must maneuver the top side. Entertainment comes from eating, hiking, a glass of wine or two, and of course, lots of writing.

To get us in the “mood” for romance writing, we start the weekend by watching a romantic movie (DVD on the largest screen computer). Writing games, brainstorming, and, sharing ideas stimulate our creativity. Most of the weekend is spent working on our latest story–and eating. We gals don’t go hungry on this trip. We also keep tons of chocolate to help with any writers block or just to snack on because well—it’s chocolate.

If we need a break? No chance of getting cabin fever here. The cabin is surrounded by breathtaking beauty just a few steps out the back door or we can venture along the road and enjoy acres of Mother Nature’s perfection. Nothing surrounds us but peace and tranquility.

Other than what we need for writing and eating, we only bring the basics. No makeup and staying in PJ’s all day is perfectly okay.
My only beef? My roommates like the room to stay at sub-zero temperatures. The problem isn’t too huge. I’ve learned to bring extra quilts, blankets, and keep several pairs of socks on hand.

The weekend is always awesome, and we’re already talking about next year!

Debra Jupe
Author of Romance Suspense
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Linda LaRoque said...

Nice post, and Debra is so right. We have a wonderful time. We have one lady who is meaner than all get out who cracks the whip when we start talking. i've been stung several times. :)

Tanya Hanson said...

This sounds absolutely fabulous! Enjoy and create! I super loved the TWRP retreat in Bandera a few years go.