Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Review: Sweet Kiss - A Candy Heart Romance

Sweet Kiss, by Judy Ann Davis

5 Stars

Kate Clark opens a coffee shop that is soon the center of activity for students and the local community.  She intended to buy out her sister’s share of the Florida home they inherited.  But her sister, Violet, wants to turn the house for a profit to stabilize her financial situation.

Kate’s old high school flame, Tappe Vanderberg, returns to Little Heron Shores after selling his lucrative internet business. He plans to settle down and purchase a marina, which is a long-time dream of his.

After Kate loses her diamond ring down the sink, a twist of fate has Tappe coming to her rescue, but being male gets the wrong idea about the ring. Go figure.

Several situations had me laughing out loud, including the efforts of daft Eva May Poole, post mistress, who is looking to make Tappe husband number three. But it seems that Tappe has eyes only for Kate.

This was a cute story and I found myself invested in the characters endeavors from the beginning.  I enjoyed the humor and character’s antics in an effort to get their way.  The romance wraps up nicely and the loose ends are tied up in a satisfying outcome.  I liked this book and bet you will too.        

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Release Date - January 6, 2016
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