Saturday, January 16, 2016

Review: Got Love? A Candy Hearts Romance


Reviewed by Peggy Jaeger

5 stars!

Banshees and Fairies and Cupid, OH MY!

GOT LOVE ( A Candy Hearts Romance) by Angela Hayes is a patchwork of fantasy characters who are as real as you or me!  

Flora Hawthorne is a fairy and, as her name implies, a florist. With Valentine’s Day imminently approaching, she’s up to her sprite shoulders in preparations for the day of love and in no frame of mind to deal with her own love life. Not that she’s got a love life. Her two best friends, elf Runa Gilchrist and banshee Fia O’Malley have something to say about that. When a real live Cupid comes to town, they think he and Fiona would be a perfect match.

Centuries-old Cupid, Tharin Terize, is looking to find a place he can set his arrow down and call home.  When he meets the lovely Flora, for the first time, Cupid’s proverbial arrow actually fires at him! Getting Flora on board to be his forever will take some doing, but he’s not Venus’s son for nothing. When he takes aim, watch out, because he won’t let fiery fairy Flora out of his sights.

GOT LOVE was an enjoyable, charming read. What better tale to tell on Valentine’s Day, then the minion of love himself?  I thoroughly recommend you add GOT LOVE to your Valentine’s Day reading list. You won’t regret it…and just maybe Cupid will aim an arrow your way.
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