Thursday, January 07, 2016

Review: Real Love A Candy Hearts Romance

Real Love, by Charlotte Copper
I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review.  4 stars

Monda is an alien on her way to her new mate and master when her space ship crashes. From a young age she was trained by Mistress Teevac in the ways to pleasure a male and to hone her empathic abilities.  Choice of a mate was never an option for her. 

Lieutenant Patrick Lancaster and his team rescue Monda’s ship and occupants.  The attraction between the two is immediate.  But neither is willing or able to act on it. Monda is promised to another at an unknown destination. Lancaster sees only a beautiful, exotic woman, not an alien, but is unsure of her feelings for him.

After interesting twist and turns, Monda wonders if there is a future for her with the Lieutenant.   
The story was a quick enjoyable read.  The characters are engaging, the outcome satisfying.  But for me, Ms. Copper left a few unanswered questions, so I gave her four stars. If you enjoy a sci-fy-ish (if there is such a word) romance, you will enjoy Real Love.

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Release date 1-18-16
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