Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Review: TWEET ME (A Candy Hearts Romance) by Desiree Holt

TWEET ME (A Candy Hearts Romance) by Desiree Holt
Reviewed by Peggy Jaeger
5 stars

Avery Kurtz is a smart and tech-savvy wedding planner. She runs her life and her business through her Twitter feed and is very happy doing this, thank you very much. Her busy career leaves her no time to read and answer emails or scroll through voice mail.  You could say she’s married to her Twitter account. When her best friend Janice tells her she’s moving her wedding up to Valentine’s day- which is just 3 weeks away – Avery goes into mental hyperdrive. There’s a ton of stuff to decide from table linen colors to cake choice to wine pairings to invitations. And the kicker? The best friend is leaving for a week long work obligation TOMORROW.

Avery quickly goes from hyperdrive to stalled. Who is going to make all these decisions? It’s Janice’s wedding, not Avery’s. Not to worry her bestie tells her. Another friend, Attorney Tanner Voss has agreed to help out. Since he’s the best friend of Janice’s fiancĂ©, she can trust him to make wise choices. The only problem with his “helpful hand “ is that Avery can’t stand him. He’s a player, a flirt, and a charmer and he’s set his sights on her in the past. There’s no way the two can work together and not combust.

But, Avery realizes in order to give her friend the wedding of her dreams, she’ll have to bite the proverbial bullet and work with the last man she wants to be around. Because for all his player ways and smoothing talking habits, and for as much as she complains about them, Tanner Voss has an undeniably sexy side to him. A side Avery secretly wants to explore.

Sexy, seductive, and sultry, TWEET ME is no sweet little romance, and boy am I glad it isn’t! From the moment I met the hero and heroine I was invested in them getting together for their own happily ever after ending.  Erotic dreams about one another and accidental touches that shoot from soft to scorching in a nano-second, this was one fun book to read and I highly recommend you add it to your Valentine’s Day reading list.
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