Monday, January 11, 2016

Review: ASK ME (A Candy Hearts Romance) by Laura Strickland

Reviewed by Peggy Jaeger

5 stars!

ASK ME, by Laura Strickland, asks one very important question: do opposites really attract, and the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

History professor Leo Rankin and tattoo artist Geraldine “Gerry” Webb are as different from one another as chalk is from cheese. When they both find themselves alone on Valentine’s day, they venture to their local library to attend the BLIND DATE WITH A BOOK event, billed as a way for people to vault out of their literary ruts and discover new genres and authors.  What Leo and Gerry discover is an attraction to one another that neither makes sense nor seems plausible. Along with the book (wrapped so the title is unknown, hence the BLIND part of the program), they are given a bag of candy Sweethearts, which seem to hold only one message on the embossed candies: ASK ME. So, when faced with that question and the undeniable attraction between them, Gerry “asks” Leo if he’d like to come home with her and not be relegated to spending Valentine’s Night alone. His affirmative answer surprises them both.

Opposites in every way, Leo and Gerry at the same time seem made for one another and doomed. Persistence, though, runs through Leo Rankin like his life’s blood and when he wants something, his tenacity knows no end. And he wants Gerry Webb.

Getting her to admit she wants him just as much is a task he is up for.

ASK ME was a delightful, romantic read and I highly recommend you add it to your Valentine’s reading list. Hopeful romanticism is a genre everyone can enjoy reading, no matter if you’re a staid professor or a carefree artist.
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