Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Review: CHARM ME (A Candy Hearts Romance)

CHARM ME (A Candy Hearts Romance) by Tena Stetler
Review by Peggy Jaeger

Guard dog to keep her protected? Check

Yoga to keep her balanced, calm, and centered? Check

Pistol permit and gun to keep her safe? Check

Ruggedly handsome weapons instructed to unbalance her life? Check, Check!

Summer Riley’s life is going along just fine, thank you. Running a yoga studio and teaching the ways of life balance, serenity, and physical strength occupy her days and nights. With her ever present Chow, Piper, at her side, she lives her life quietly and without revealing any of her deep hidden secrets from other people.

When Summer decides to purchase a gun for protection – owning your own business and working late can always pose a safety problem – her well balanced life is thrown completely off kilter when she meets the gun shop’s owner Devlin Sawyer. In addition to his wicked good looks and charming manner, there’s a little something more about him that pulls her in. She can’t for the life of her figure out what it is, but she knows for the first time in a lifetime of worry, she’s willing to come clean about a past that’s not as balanced and serene as she’d like to admit.

For his own part, former Navy Seal Devlin has his own secret he’s finally able to share with a woman who has totally charmed him.
CHARM ME is part of the Wild Rose Press’s Candy Hearts Romance Series for 2016 and I must say, Tena Stetler charmed me with her story. I love a good tale about lovers who have secrets that may threaten their relationship fulfilling its Happily Ever After promise. Dylan and Summer’s secrets are doozies! I can thoroughly recommend this story to anyone looking for a good tale to tell.

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