Monday, January 18, 2016

Review: Say Yes - A Candy Hearts Romance

Say Yes, by Katie O'Sullivan

I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review.  5 stars

Darby Malone left the big city behind to open up an art gallery in her small home town. She has renovations planned after Valentine’s day.  Because she has trouble saying no, she ends up hosting a children’s Valentine party in her gallery.  As she is cleaning up the last remnants of the blue goo from the party, Ben a well-known Cape Cod artist walks into her gallery.  He wants Darby to host a showing of his new paintings that are not even close to the breezy shore paintings he’s known for.  The death of his wife four years ago has changed him, thusly his paintings.

Darby has sworn off artists, nothing good can come of dating an artist, in her opinion. Yet, there is something about Ben. He stirs feelings in her that have been dormant for too long.  Against her better judgement, she agrees to take a look at his recent paintings.  They are not what she expects. 

This was a great read.  I enjoyed the characters interactions. Both were strong individuals but learned the art of compromise. 

Ms. O’Sullivan’s Valentine’s Day romance wraps up nicely and the main issues come to a satisfying resolution.  If you’re looking for an entertaining, feel-good read, you need to check out this book. 

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Release January 18. 2016
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