Friday, January 29, 2016


I'm thrilled that my Contemporary Romance CERTAINLY SENSIBLE was released on Dec. 2, 2015. So far a few great reviews have been posted on Amazon and I'm optimistically hoping for more.

I wish I could say how I got the idea for this novel. I had never written one before, so the fact that I suddenly started writing a book amazes me. I think what nudged me along was a(nother) viewing of the Emma Thompson 1995 film "Sense and Sensibility." With a degree in English literature, a love of all things Jane Austen, and the naivety that first-time authors sometimes have, I sallied forth. I finished it, refinished it, re-refinished it...You get the idea. It took years. I want to thank TWRP for taking me on, and thank my editor Kinan Werdski who saw the potential and helped me whip CERTAINLY SENSIBLE into a salable form.

CERTAINLY SENSIBLE is set in 21st century Indianapolis, and I hope Austen fans will embrace my novel, as well as readers who just like a nice romantic story. Spread the word! Check me out on Facebook:

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