Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm a new author

Hello all! This is my second try at posting this message, so I really hope it doesn't show up twice. But I wanted to announce my new contract with The Wild Rose Press, and tell you how excited I am to be an author of such a wonderful publishing house. TWRP contracted my Victorian-Set Romance, Her Knight Of Seduction. Here's the blurb:

Lady Megan will do anything not to marry the drunken lord her grandmother selected for her. Edmund Knight will reclaim his goldmine – using any means, including seducing his enemy’s daughter.

Forced to play the strumpet-- Lady Megan never expected her own mother to encourage her to play the part of harlot, but it’s preferable than marrying the drunken lord her grandmother has selected for her husband. When she mistakenly enters into a compromising position with a man other than the duke her parents wanted her to seduce, will her body be the worst traitor of all?

Known scoundrel-- Edmund Knight lost everything at the hands of Lord Saxton. Edmund will use every weapon at his disposal, including the nobleman’s daughter, Lady Megan, to reclaim that which is rightfully his. But, he never expected to want the lady more than his gold.

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