Thursday, June 21, 2007

Random subject, weird thoughts

Yesterday my cp told me that my blog was too educational. Er, yeah--it is educational, because for the life of me I couldn't figure out what to write about, so I went with "educational". Like SpongeBob would say with all long drawn out vowels and that wide-eyed look. It might lack a little something.

Probably cats.

And pistachio muffins like on Anna Genoese's blog. She's got this thing about muffins and knitting. I do like food. I've often thought about starting a food blog, 'cause most of my links go to places like the Tasty Island. Picture intensive and yum-inducing.

Food blogs. Find-a-place-to-eat blogs. Candy blogs and agent blogs and screenwriting blogs, and I have a friend who's a bookseller. She's always got something to say when she has the time. But I haven't seen anything that qualifies as a tried and true way to hook 'em in. I'm starting to think blogs are very close to non-fiction platforms. You've got to have something unique to say.

I'd love to know what people look for in blogs and websites. Unique, educational, useful. Recipes, lol? Help a person out... an opinion?

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