Saturday, June 30, 2007

A New Review

I got an email about the revamped FAR site and checked it out. To my surprise, I found a review for one of my Wild Rose Press short stories, "Relationships"

5 Angels!

The development flows well and Greg and Amy’s reactions to would-be
obstacles are refreshing, honest, and much more endearing for their
realism. Readers looking for the freshness and nerves of a new
relationship, paired with a mature couple who know what they want, won’t
go wrong with Relationships. ... Amanda S

That's my second 5 Angel review from FAR for my short stories. "Words" was the first.

Terry Odell


jodi said...

..that's pretty cool. Congratulations!

Marianne Arkins said...

Awesome Terry! Congrats!

Terry said...

Thanks, Jodi & Marianne. Good reviews always make your day -- although if they're bad, we just say, "Oh, that's just one opinion."

Of course, the 'good' reviewers have the 'right' opinions, yes?