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5 Wings Review by Lindsay Townsend

I am thrilled to have the English author, Lindsay Townsend, review Deja Vu Lover for Classic Romance Revival.  - Phoebe

Book Title : Deja Vu Lover

Author : Phoebe Matthews

Publisher : The Wild Rose Press

Genre : Contemporary / historical / time travel

Reviewer: Lindsay Townsend

Rating: 5 Wings  

I was gripped from the start by Deja Vu Lover by Phoebe Matthews, with its clever title, intriguing opening and immediate evocation of place. In this original historical-romance-time-slip, the narrator, April, is used to being classed as a bimbo, but she is far from that. April is a warm-hearted, sympathetic, scatty (she keeps forgetting her umbrella in rainy modern-day Seattle) and charming young woman whom I found very appealing. She is part of a foursome of friends: steady, dependable Macbeth, clever Cyd and charming Tom. She has an on-off relationship with Tom, but both of them are commitment-shy and worried about losing each other as friends if they attempt to become more ’serious’.

I really enjoyed the fresh, snazzy dialogue between April and her three friends, and the author’s compassionate, insightful depiction of modern relationships between men and women. April meanwhile is disturbed by a vision she has of a two car accident where her three closest, dearest friends are hurt - and where she is driving one of the cars, although she cannot really drive. The visions - or are they flashbacks to a past life? - continue and increase. April lives in modern Seattle but keeps being catapulted back to California in the 1920s, where as Silver (real name Millie) she is an aspiring actress, madly in love with rising star Laurence.

Faced with these visions, April and her friends do some searching in the library and online to find Laurence and Silver. On one of these searches, April finds another Laurence - a college professor called Graham Berkold who has Laurence’s smile and charm. April finds she cannot resist Graham and, much like Silver/Millie before her, she begins a sensual love affair. At first April is free of her disturbing flashbacks but then they resume with frightening intensity. And soon April is confused. Is she with Graham, or Laurence? Her two lives are starting to collide.

Laurence and Graham also mirror each other. Laurence, she discovers, is married. So, too, she learns too late, is Graham. Both claim their wives are addicts. Then in another flashback, April learns that Laurence’s wife died and that rumours circulated that Laurence had a hand in her death. Will that history repeat itself in the present? Will Graham be involved in his wife’s death? Are Laurence and Graham to be trusted with Silver/Millie’s heart and April’s heart?

Macbeth and Tom meanwhile keep looking in on April, checking she’s OK. Macbeth takes her in his car to teach her to drive. Tom, her on-off lover, goes with her to Minnesota to discover what happened in the end to Silver/Millie. The actress, it turns out, died young, in a car crash. Will that tragic history repeat itself in the present, with April?

Déjà Vu Lover by Phoebe Matthews is a tender yet tough story, full of romantic twists and turns and a lovely, romantic ending. I found myself cheering April on and wishing her really well and happy - which, in the end, she is - and with the right man for her. I am looking forward to reading more of Phoebe Matthews’ books.

Lindsay Townsend, Classic Romance Revival

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Little Spring Inspiration

Now that I'm considered a writer by my friends, family and co-workers the common question is "when is your next book coming out." I guess that's a good thing. They must like my writing or they wouldn't be anxious to read the next release. Once I was clueless of the publishing world, too, so I understand their confusion at the lengthy process.

However, one doesn't become a writer by talking about it, thinking about it, or reading about it. Granted, all of the above are necessary, but the truth is a writer becomes a writer by writing, submitting, and never giving up on the dream.

I recently attended a meeting where our speaker, Gretchen Hirsch, demonstrated the power of positive thinking. She had us stand and hold out our right arm. Without turning our body, we pointed as far around and behind us as we could. We looked at that spot we pointed to, visualized it. Then we closed our eyes. She had us concentrate on that spot, focus on it in our minds and then we were to do the same exercise again and we would move beyond that point when we did. Guess what? It worked. I was amazed.

There are so many ways we can talk ourselves out of being a writer without being cognizant of our self-defeating behaviors. Few of us have hte opportunity to spend 8 hours a day writing. We have commitments, responsibilities, and a daunting to do list. But, not matter how full our day may be there are opportunities to write. We just don't always take advantage of those opportunities. Remember, one word leads to a sentence. A sentence leads to a paragraph. A paragraph leads to a scene. A scene leads to a chapter. Chapters lead to a completed novel. Even if you write one page a day, you'll have a novel written in one year.

So, what's holding you back? Take an honest look at your schedule and see where you can fit in time to work towards fulfilling your goals.

Hope Courtland had an impossible goal in my latest release, JOSHUA'S HOPE. Read about how she overcame the obstacles to fulfill her happily ever after. Save a tree and read an e-book.Click Here to purchase and be entered in a giveaway to win a free Sony e-Reader. You will also find my free read LETHAL LEGACY, which is a gift to you from White Rose Publishing.

Carol Ann Erhardt
JOSHUA'S HOPE, Inspirational Romantic Suspense, 2009 EPPIE Finalist
FOXFIRE, Romantic Suspense 2008 EPPIE Finalist
HIT AND RUN, Romantic Suspense

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New Blogger has no idea what she is doing


I'm trying to respond to Rhonda's call for responses on Anna Kathryn Lanier's Blog but I can't figure out how to do that (sigh).

Anyway, (hand waving) hello everyone!


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Next week's fortune cookie -


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Phoebe Matthews, urban fantasy

Deja Vu Lover, Vintage Rose

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who would have thought....

April 19


Who would have thought when I attended a ½ day writing seminar it would unleash the monster within.

I’ve always loved writing. English class was a breeze because there wasn’t any ‘right’ answer and the more you wrote on an exam the more of a chance you had to get it right. Now math was my downfall because you had to know what pi was and obviously it wasn’t something yummy.

Anyway after I attended the writing seminar, I went home and over Spring Break wrote a 75,000 word story entitled Shot thru the Heart. I sent it out to agents and publishers and waited for the calls to come. Well, the calls came via email and they were polite, but negative, other than the one I received from an agency in Toronto who said they would let me know in 6’8 weeks because they let everyone in the office read it, well, they emailed back the next day saying they wanted the entire story. Aries, that I am, I sent it right off and although they wanted to meet with me and shopped my story around, nothing came of it.

So back to the journals I went—yes my first story I wrote in long hand, then retyped it on a computer.

But I was determined and I joined on-line critique groups and took on-line courses.

Then I got another email.

For Lori at the Wild Rose Press.

They wanted Booty Call for Murder.

Seven contracts later, I still remember the where I was. I was at our cottage, looking out over our crystal clear lake, a loon searching for her mate calling in the background. My husband and youngest son were out fishing. My oldest son was in the cottage with me, an almost teen who when I read the email summed it up nicely.

“Way to go mom. You did it.”

So I ask, where were you when you had an earth shattering moment, a proposal, or job offer which turned your life around?

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Stock Up Time!

I'm on sale, and I didn't even know it! How much fun is that?

My Wild Rose Press Rosette short stories are all on sale this month for less than a dollar each. That's right, they're just pennies--a real bargain, anything under a buck, don't you think?

Anyhow, the link is here. I hope you'll go check it out. I was so pleased to find myself on sale!

Lots of short stories at The Wild Rose Press are on sale...I'm going to indulge in a mini-spree, so I'll have lots to read on my little netbook.

Hope you're having a nice day!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's not Easy Being Green

Good morning. Happy day after taxes. Strapped for cash? Or just trying to do your part to help our planet? Reading e-books is a great way to save money and trees.

The Wild Rose Press is having a Spring Sale on all the Rosettes – those short-short stories you can read on a lunch break – or while you're on hold on the phone, listening to that awful music. Two of mine, Second Chance Rose and Out of Sight are now available for 99 cents. That's less than a cup of coffee. I hope you'll take advantage of the pricing.

But there's more to helping the planet than cutting back on print books and increasing digital. Do you recycle? Do you try to buy products from companies that are making the effort to go green? I was out shopping a week or so ago and I came across these nifty doormats made from recycled flip-flops. How cool. And how pretty.

There's a balance, to be sure. Sometimes we have to spend a little more out of pocket, but we have to look beyond the ME and NOW and think about the planet as a whole.

Have you replaced incandescent light bulbs with fluorescents? Cut back on unnecessary trips that use gasoline? Maybe you're driving a hybrid, or a high-mileage car. Or car-pooling.

I've been working with the Go Green, Read e project. But it's more than e-books. It’s a way of thinking, a way of putting the bigger picture first.

Terry Odell is a romance author and avid eBook reader, blogging this month for All Romance eBooks' Go Green/Read e Campaign. Find out more about the Go Green/Read e Campaign at To learn more about Terry, visit her website at You can find Terry Odell's ebooks and thousands of other eBooks on-line at

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To Love Again on sale!

My short story, To Love Again is on sale for just 99 cents!

Ellen is running late to catch a train to catch a plane. But as she packs, she wonders if she's doing the right thing. Harry is there at the airport, waiting for her. She also knows he's waiting for much more. He's hoping this holiday together will cement their relationship. Does she want it to? Does she need it? Can she start another chapter of her life, which includes a man again?

To download it -

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Win a free print book for Easter!

In the spirit of the Easter holiday, I am giving away an autographed print copy of my Easter romance Love, Lilies & the Unbroken Straw. All you need to do for your chance to win is visit my blog and leave a comment on the most recent blog entry. I will draw the winner’s name on Easter Sunday.

Here’s the link for my blog (just leave me a comment and I’ll enter you in the drawing):

Easter blessings,


Teri Wilson ~ Romancing the pet lover’s soul

Available now from and The Wild Rose Press –
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Love, Lilies & the Unbroken Straw, Hoofbeats & Heartstrings Book Two

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April Fool Sex?

What’s funnier that romance? Or sex? (Please don’t tell my dh ever said that.) But let’s face it (or not) the entire situation would be laughable if our chemicals and emotions didn’t fool us into taking it so deadly serious.

Ever wondered if the universe gave us romance as an April Fool’s prank? Think about the anticipation and longing, the excitement and the letdown, the pain and the utter madness. Romance makes sane people crazy and crazy people crazier. Who even needs a special day?

Seriously, I believe comic romance in all genres will become more popular during these uncertain economic times. The dark, though exciting and a great escape, may pale in comparison to a genuine chuckle and laugh out loud fun.

So how do I control my tendency to laugh while writing romance? Not well. I tried hard in my paranormal Romancing Rebecca and all the subplots came out funny. Romance writers? They’re a hoot. Sedona? I love the place, but it’s a parody of the new New Age. The sex? It slipped right over into silly.

And Wired for Love? Using Cincinnati as a backdrop I created an quirky romance based on a theoretical database that any computer savvy woman looking for love would love to have.

Latte for Love has a softer, silly side, when two naive young writers meet in Starbucks. Watch their writing and their love grow.

Christmas on Wherever Island is more emotional traditional with a touch of magic and just one slapstick sexual encounter.

So, go off and have a great April Fools Day. Read something funny!

Previously published: GottaReadReviews

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Books or Movies

Being that I'm an avid reader, as well as an author, when given the choice between whether I prefer a book or a movie, I like books better. Often if I see a movie based on a book, I think “the book was better.” But not always. I love the Narnia books and I love the Narnia movies. Not just because the heroes were drop dead gorgeous (albiet too young for me) but they explored character conflicts in the movie that weren’t done in the book.

Still, I love really "geting into the characters' heads" and feeling what they feel and knowing what they think. A good actor can portray this to some degree, but not as deeply as a book can.

I also love Jane Austen movies as well as the books. Even though I write Regencies, and use the Austen books to help me create that believeable Regency feel, the movies are just plain fun and it’s easier to understand the terms of speech when linked with expressions, tones of voice etc. And I, of course, imagine if they ever turned my book “The Stranger She Married” into a movie, who would play the roles. Hugh Jackman might be a good Cole…

Another good thing about movies, the only last an hour or two, whereas books will take all day, or days. And it's hard to go to a book with my husband.

Which do you prefer? Books or movies?

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Your astrological fortune cookie for this week-

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Deja Vu Lover, by Phoebe Matthews, Vintage Rose, a love story to warm your heart -

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