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With A Bullet by Jacki Moss

With A Bullet

by Jacki Moss

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Cafton Merriepennie is smart, compassionate, loyal, eccentric, and reclusive. He is also the preeminent songwriter in Nashville in the late 1960s.

His childhood in a small Alabama town was tumultuous at best, treacherous at worst. When his mama was electrocuted on a honky-tonk stage, fifteen-year-old Cafton was on his own. Due to his grit and wits, he overcomes all odds and lands in Nashville, determined to fulfill his mama’s dream of becoming famous.

And his plans are successful — until the bodies of three female songwriters who worked in his club are found in his best friend and business partner’s hometown, and the police come knocking on Cafton’s door in the middle of the night and haul away a beaten and bloodied suspect. The spotlight may have shifted to Cafton and his friend in the murder investigation, but nothing is that simple or easy in the music industry.


“Hey, Cafton. I wrote your obit today.” Marty grinned, peering over his heavy black-rimmed glasses. “I said you were one of Nashville’s iconic success stories, an inspiration to all those wide-eyed dreamers who migrate to Nashville to see their name inscribed in gold records and to hear themselves on the radio.”

“Well, thank you for those kind words, Marty. My mama used to always say that you’re more famous when you die than when you’re drawing breath,” Cafton drawled, flipping a coffee cup onto the bar in front of Marty, filling it half way with black coffee, and topping it off with vintage bourbon.

Marty Schwartz, a reporter at the Nashville Banner, the redheaded, conservative, afternoon stepchild newspaper to the morning’s The Tennessean, was a pragmatic drunk. Marty called his signature libation a Black Jack—equal parts hot black coffee and bourbon. Marty thought the two ingredients would offset each other so he could drink and work at the same time. A good belt of coffee with the bourbon would keep him sharp and cover the booze on his breath, or so he thought.

“Stop being so damn humble.” Marty scowled, noisily slurping his steaming concoction. “You’ve been the hottest songwriter in this town for years. You came, you saw, you conquered. No one has ever seen someone have so many hit songs so quickly before. Since 1968, you’ve had four chart-toppers in the last five years. People would kill to be in your shoes. In fact, people have killed to be in your shoes.”

Cafton dropped the shot glass he was cleaning. “’Scuse me. Got a case of the dropsies today. Speaking of death, do you know something I don’t know that prompted you to write my obituary? It’s not like I’m Methuselah, ya know.”

“Nah, the paper has us write stock obits for prominent people. That way we’re not on such a deadline when they drop dead.” Marty smirked at his own pun, which Cafton ignored. “When the obit assignments came out for the day, your name was up, so to speak.”

“How lucky for me.” Cafton sighed.

“Hey, at least you get an obit. Now that I’m an obituarist, I think a lot about people and their lives and what I’d write in their obits. Then I think about all the poor schmucks who croak and don’t get their final history written.” Marty took a sip of his Black Jack and held it in his mouth a minute to extract the full buzz and mellow. The warmth of the alcohol and steaming coffee spread across the roof of his mouth like caffeinated lava. It felt good. Calming. Steadying. Three more of these and he would be a wide-awake drunk. Just the perfect state for a bored reporter.

He slowly took off his glasses and carefully waved them over his cup. The near-toxic vapor moistened the thick lenses. He then methodically wiped the lenses dry with his rumpled paisley tie. Without his glasses, Marty looked like a beady-eyed rodent sporting a greasy Elvis wig. With the glasses on, he looked like a university professor sporting a greasy Elvis wig. Neither particularly appealed to Cafton’s sense of aesthetics.


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Five Questions for Author Jacki Moss

Jacki Moss is author of With A Bullet, the first book in the Music City Mysteries.

QUESTION 1: Since With A Bullet is set in the Deep South and Nashville, is it Southern Lit?
JACKI: Absolutely! I don’t know how With A Bullet could get any more Southern. I was born in Atlanta, grew up in the Deep South, the locale of the book is Southern, and it’s based on Southern characters. I wouldn’t know how to write it any other way.

People from the South will immediately see its authenticity, both in locale, and in the characters. People not from the South will get to know us better, and hopefully, learn to love the South like we do.

QUESTION 2: Who is your favorite character in With A Bullet?
JACKI: Honestly, there’s a difference in who my favorite character is – as in who do I personally like the best – and my favorite character to write.
The person who I’d like to hang out with, who I’d probably be friends with is Cafton, the protagonist. He’s complex, intelligent, and a bit mysterious. I like that he is sort of an enigma.

But I loved writing about Bynum’s grandmother, Nellie, because she is somewhat based on my own grandmother, who I loved very much. I have a deep well from which to draw to develop her character. Whatever situation I want to bring to life, I usually have something I remember about my grandmother that I can use to give it that feel of authenticity and to keep the character in truth.

QUESTION 3: With A Bullet pulls back the red curtain on the country music industry and gives the reader a glimpse behind the scenes. Are those peeks based on actual events or people?
JACKI: Yes and no. The country music industry is like any other business. It has good guys and bad guys. But ultimately, it is a business. Living around Nashville for so long and getting to know people in the business end of the industry, I got some eye-opening insight as to how the industry creates stars, music, and money. I used that understanding to create new story lines that are plausible. I also peppered throughout the book some real Nashville history, music industry history, locations, and landmarks to keep it as authentic as possible.

QUESTION 4: Is Nashville as interesting as it seems on television shows?
JACKI: Oh, yes! Even more so. Nashville is an absolute jewel. Although we’re best known for country music, Nashville is actually a major player in all genres of music. That’s why it’s called Music City USA. Any given day, you can find live music including country, blues, jazz, and rock playing in clubs. We also have one of the best symphonies in the country.

And, as you may know, we are also very active in film and television.

Nashville is driven equally by creatives and business people. We are comprised of a wide variety of ethnicities and cultures that bring their own uniqueness to the town. We welcome all comers. The old joke is that no one is a native Nashvillian. The truth is that Nashville embraces everyone who chooses to come here as if they are native.

So it’s no surprise that Nashville is one big, small community. We are supportive of each other, we embrace creativity and diversity, and we always come to the aid of one another in a crisis.

When Nashville was hit with a once-in-a-century flood in 2010, people from every neighborhood and income bracket stepped up to help people and their animals in flooded areas get to safety and try to save as many of their possessions as possible. Country music stars didn’t just give a concert to raise money for flood victims, many actually worked alongside everyone else, up to their asses in nasty water, doing real labor helping perfect strangers. We’re a community, not just a city of strangers.

As a major business city, Nashville is home to some of the world’s top headquarters and manufacturers ranging from retail to healthcare and automobiles.

QUESTION 5: What’s next in the Music City Mysteries?
JACKI: The next book in the Music City Mysteries is with my editor right now. It includes most of the characters you love in With A Bullet, like Cafton and Bynum, and also brings in a new, very interesting, recurring character I believe you’ll like as much as I do.

I’ll post on my website (http://www.jackimoss.com), Twitter (@jackimoss1), Facebook (Jacki Moss – Author), and blog (jackilmoss.wordpress.com) when I reveal the cover and know the publish date.

Until then, thanks for following Cafton and the Music City Mysteries.

Jacki Moss, http://www.jackimoss.com

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"Where do you come up with your inspiration for your books?"

"While soaking in a bubble bath?"
(Yes, someone really asked me that)

Kimberly Keyes, guest blogger, talking about where her ideas for romance novels come from, and LOVER’S LEAP, her contemporary romance.

People often ask me where I get my ideas for novels. Men especially. When they start turning red after asking, that usually indicates they’re really asking about my inspiration for sex scenes. In fact, I’ve come to realize that many men equate “romance novel” with “book about sex” followed by a happy ending (and we all know the double entendre for that particular phrase, don’t we? If you don’t, feel free to email me and I’ll fill you in. *grins*).
Over the years I’ve become somewhat inured to the question, and most of the time it’s harmless. And if being a romance writer carries a certain amount of mystique, so be it.
On the other hand, ask me that on a first date with a particular gleam in your eye, and there’s not likely to be a second.

As for where I actually do come up with ideas for my novels, it varies. Sometimes I use news briefs to spark ideas, and or I use them to fill in blanks. A blank might be something like: why is this chic so screwed up when it comes to love? (lol) I mean think about it. Romance authors are writing the love story of a seemingly normal, well adjusted woman in the prime of her life (whenever that might be :) who either has NEVER fallen in love or has never enjoyed sex before or…you get the picture. So what’s wrong with her, that LOVE is going to heal?

In Lover’s Leap, Candace’s issues go back to her parents’ nightmare of a marriage. A lot of us can relate to that. In addition, Candace’s experience as a young girl involving her father, an “other woman,” a golf course, and lightning also play a part in her grown-up maladjustment. That idea came to me after reading about someone who’d been struck by lightning on a golf course and suffered a heart attack! I still have the article—cutout of an actual USA Today newspaper.

Here’s a short excerpt from Lover’s Leap:

Logan scrubbed a hand over his stubble-covered
jaw. “God, I feel awful. Like a complete and utter fool.”

Candace laughed softly. “Good. Then you won’t
mind doing me a favor.”

“Anything. Give me any task.”

Candace chuckled at his boyish zeal. “Let’s start
with my laptop. Can you get it for me? It’s in the sitting
area on the table.”

He retrieved it from the connecting room. “You’re
going to work from bed?”

Candace nodded, already inching her legs under
the bedcovers.

A loud pop sounded from outside, echoing across
the lake. She gave a yip and flung her laptop into the

Logan caught it with one graceful move. “It’s just
kids setting off fireworks.” He handed it back to her.

“Oh,” she breathed, tearing up again. “I
thought…at first it sounded like thunder.”

Logan’s eyes narrowed. “Nope. Just fireworks.”

Candace scrubbed at her eyes and tried to send
Logan a relaxed smile. “Right. Are there often
random firework displays?”

He cocked his head and studied her face.
“It’s a fairly regular occurrence around here. Why?”

Candace bit her lower lip, wishing she hadn’t said
a word. She pushed hair off her face and opened the
laptop. “Let’s just forget it, all right? It’s no biggie.”
She stared at the computer screen and wished him out
of the room.

He planted his feet and crossed his arms over his
chest. “You have something against fireworks?”

Another thing she wished Eric had warned her
about. Logan’s perceptiveness. “I feel kind of stupid
talking about it.”

“You feel stupid? How do you think I feel? I just
tackled you in the hallway.”

Perceptive and persistent. Candace peeked up at
Logan and the utter ridiculousness of her situation
struck her. She was dressed in nothing more than her
nightie, in bed, in the middle of the night, talking to a gorgeous,
half-naked man whom she’d only just met, who happened to have
just attacked her. And somehow
he had her on the verge of confessing one of her most private,
most embarrassing idiosyncrasies. Irresistible laughter bubbled up inside her.

He opened his arms in a beseeching manner. “Now
what? C’mon. Throw me a bone here.”

She swallowed the laughter, but her smile
remained in place. “I…since I was a kid, I’ve had a
slight…problem with…thunderstorms.”

Happy Reading!
Kimberly Keyes
~Unleash your inner romantic
Find me on Facebook : https://facebook.com/kimberly/keyes/romance

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My new FBI series is the Jake Bernstein FBI series. A BODYGUARD OF LIES, Book One, is set for INTERNATIONAL RELEASE on JUNE 8th,. If you love a genre that's chock full of danger, suspense, crime drama, and a heavy dose of sizzling romance, you'll LOVE THIS SERIES! FBI agent Jake Bernstein is my epitome of a hardy, justice-seeking federal officer who combines good looks, a sense of humor, and unyielding courage. He knows how to investigate as one of the Bureau's best undercover agents, but he also knows how and when to bend the rules for the sake of true human justice.

The idea for this book, A BODYGUARD OF LIES, struck me when I was tipping a pint with fellow tourists at an Irish pub. There on the wall was an old, WW II photo of Irish dockworkers sharing their pub with German U-boat sailors. That started me wondering about the role that Ireland played during the war, its uneasy relationship with Nazi Germany and the German spies who infiltrated Ireland and England. Lots of research followed, which led me to a contemporary story about an FBI undercover agent who investigates an elderly, naturalized American grandmother, to discover if she is the woman wanted by MI6 for war crimes. Little ol' Mary McCoy Snider, a dangerous WW II Nazi spy who caused the deaths of thousands? Agent Jake Bernstein finds that an unbelievable stretch and the granddaughter whom Jake finds himself falling in love with also disbelieves MI6's allegations.
Jake’s investigation draws him into the middle of a dangerous, secret neo-Nazi group that'll stop at nothing to protect one of their own. And then Jake must choose between the old woman and her lovely granddaughter or justice!

Research and travel are important inspirations to one’s writing. As in the case of this novel, the travel came first, followed by the inspiration and research. Sometimes, the research into an interesting topic inspires the story and characters. One of my hobbies over the years has been research into ESP phenomena. The reason? My cousin, Chickie, is a clairvoyant reader and has “read” for thousands of people from all over California and now Arkansas, where she now lives. She read for me almost thirty years ago and she was so accurate, I was awestruck! After that event, I took a workshop at Foothill College in ESP, given by a Czech physicist who once worked for the Moscow Institute for Psychic Research. What I learned in that two-day workshop convinced me that most homo sapiens are on a spectrum of psychic abilities, from what would be referred to in the music world as someone who is tone-deaf to the other extreme of the spectrum, a genius of extraordinary abilities, such as Beethoven or Mozart.
Many years later, after more reading and research into ESP, I was hit by the idea of developing a paranormal series, about a young woman from an ancient bloodline of psychic women. Hence was born ATHENA’S SECRETS (Book One of the Delphi Bloodline series), now available and published by The Wild Rose Press. Athena Butler, a clairvoyant artist, longs for a normal life but is constantly recruited by law enforcement officers to help them ferret out terrorist cells and criminals that elude them. I’ve just finished Book Two and will begin research on a new setting for Book Three, San Francisco.
Also, through promoting ATHENA’S SECRETS, I’ve met local psychics and one in particular wants to collaborate on a book about her experiences. This new project sounds intriguing, as it will be a nonfiction book about this woman’s true-to-life psychic experiences.
You just never know where research and travel will take you! But it’s all good and enriches one’s life!

by Donna Del Oro
To Purchase on The Wild Rose Press
To Purchase on Amazon

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Tickled to Death with my new Covers!

Hello Roses and Visitors,

I am delighted to say that I have two books contracted with TWRP, Black Rose Line. I don't know the release dates yet, but I wanted to share the beautiful covers designed by artist Debbie Taylor. I think they are both outstanding and capture the essence of the books.

Morgan D'Arcy: A Vampyre Rhapsody - The greatest enemy of a vampire is boredom. Four centuries of existence have taught Lord Morgan Gabriel D'Arcy to fear nothing and no one. Humans and their weapons have little chance against his preternatural speed and arcane powers. Vampires are viral mutations of human DNA. Still, the Vampyre code requires secrecy, and he has learned to hide his nature from the world. The lure of mortality, of a life in the sun, puts Morgan again and again at the mercy of calculating human women though they fail to consider his charm and determination into the equation. However, even grooming a future bride from infancy proves to be fraught with heartbreak. And second chances are not always what they seem unless... you are Morgan. Immortality and beauty, aren’t they grand?

Gylded Wings - We don't have the official blurb for this one, but Gylded Wings is about a fallen angel, told in first person POV.

Couldn't resist doing my own cover reveal!

Visit my web site for more about my other books.

Linda Nightingale

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Hello from Sandra Masters - June Newsletter

June 2016

Interview with His Grace, Gordon Sedgewick of ALTHORN, the centerpiece of the novels
shown above. MY DIVINELY DECADENT DUKE. All available on
Amazon.com and The Wild Rose Press.

Hello Readers and Fans:

Continuing on with our Bonus Materials that were the seed that entered my author’s mind
to create such a duke, and since I am enamored of fairy tales yet, I tend to create what I hope are bold, outrageous but lovable men intrigued with independent, spirited women. No milk toasts on either side of the romance. I fall in love with all the characters, some more than others, whether they’re the hero, heroine, villain, or a great secondary addition. One of the comments about my debut book, Once Upon A Duke, I most enjoyed from a fan was: “Her brother was ruthless and scandalous and if I could have ripped from the pages to get to his neck, I would have.”  It literally floored me that a character could evoke such emotion, and I gave him life and reality. It was a WOW moment. Thank you, Bryan Clarke, Author of Before Sunrise.

For today, I’ve chosen to interview His Grace, Althorn, known to my readers as Gordon. While it was not considered the appropriate honorific to some, his wife chose to call him Gordon, throughout the book. Who am I to argue with a strong female character?

Enjoy the read. I welcome all comments at sandramastersauthor@gmail.com. You may subscribe to my newsletter at: http://authorsandramasters.com.

Sandra Masters, Unapologetic Story Teller

P.S. You might ask why I use the term Unapologetic Story Teller. In some venues, Story Tellers are not considered, for lack of a better word, legitimate authors. I believe in Fairy Tales, so you may think of me as a rebel author with a cause--and that is, I read and write all genres of romance. ♥


Q. Your Grace, when you first met the former Lady Cassandra, what did you think of her?

A.  To start with, I sat in a wing back chair sipping a liqueur in front of a warm fire in the drawing room of a manor house where I attended a ball. I was startled by a conversation between a man and a woman who had entered the room totally unaware of my presence, The bounder had just summarily broken their engagement in favor of someone who had a higher status than she. I looked for a moment when I could interrupt and leave their presence, but that didn’t happen. A book flew across the room, as well as a paperweight of sorts. He left rather quickly. I stood up, announced myself, and offered my handkerchief and my glass of spirits. Do you know what she said? Something like, “Is this my night to meet nothing but scoundrels?”  But she did take the cognac and my handkerchief. That is how I met my future wife.

Q.  What happened then?
A.  Kindly remember I was an acknowledged rake and proud of it. The last thing I needed was a woman who needed comforting, like a wounded puppy. I’ve a fondness for such creatures. Imagine my surprise, when she took the arm I offered and we walked out of the room, only to meet her now ex-fiancé’. She excused herself for a moment and walloped him with her fist. Bravo, I thought. Great spirit. He wasn’t going to get the best of her. She and I then left him to nurse his cheek, and we joined the others at the ball.

Q. When did you meet again?
A.  Two weeks after that evening, I was on my daily walk on Brighton Beach and I saw an enchanting woman peering through a telescope and when she looked toward me, we recognized each other immediately. The lilt of her warm greeting pleased me. One thing led to the other, need I say more?

Q. Tell us something we may not know about you?
A. I was the second son of my father, therefore, not the heir. That suited me fine. I loved my brother. We were schooled together and then we were tutored at home. We learned the dead languages of Greek and Latin, and not too much else. The fate of second sons was a choice of the divinity or military. I cared for neither but did convince my father to allow me to travel to Barbados and learn about the sugar plantation and factories we had there. The good thing is that it showed me a different part of the world and commerce. The bad thing was that I contracted malaria and after four months on the island, I had to be transported home because foreigners were susceptible to the disease that could kill. Kalinya, a native woman I cared about, arranged for a witch doctor to ink me with a tattoo of a lion so my ancestors could protect me.

Tomas, my good friend from school days, went with me and therefore had the opportunity to transport me back home to England where I barely survived the ocean journey.  Without realizing it, my island life was left behind. Then everything changed.

Q. What happened?
A. My mother greeted the ship with footmen, a physician, solicitor, vicar, and a tutor whom I recognized. That somber sight could have sobered a drunk. I wondered why she was outfitted in black. Tomas assisted me to the carriage. When she saw me, she broke into tears. My father was dead, and three weeks later, my brother died in a carriage accident. That left me as the sole heir to the Duke of Althorn. There I was, totally unprepared for my dynastic responsibilities. My carefree life was over. I could never see Kalinya again. I did apply myself after my health returned, but it was a lonely existence. So I sought out former school chums, and I freely admit, we got into mischief in many ways. My mother tried to talk sense into me, but it was to no avail.

Q. You are a well renowned duke, honored by all. What caused you to change your ways?
A. To say I loved my family would be an understatement. All I had left was my mother, whom I adored. When she fell and sustained an injury, I determined it was time to remember who I was and to emulate my father in all things. Above all, he was an honorable man. Honor became my personal signature. Now, I do not expect anyone to believe I became a saint. Not true by any means, but I was discreet. I did believe that personal integrity, respect, dignity and pride would distinguish my dukedom from others. My mother’s illness was the catalyst to my epiphany. I became aware Cassandra and her ward, Alicia, were also friends of hers, who visited my mother annually. I should say technically that Alicia was her brother's ward, but the little girl belonged to Cass in every sense of the word. I never really cared to notice, until one day I was at home, when I overheard a conversation between Cassandra and the professional caregiver as to the unkind treatment she rendered my mother. As I listened, I realized this was not the compassionate aid my mother required, so I summarily terminated the nurse. I had to start the search again for I had terminated at least four others.

Q. You speak of your reputation, were all the allegations true?
A. I did acquire notoriety with the ladies, a small part was deserved. The other was conjecture, fodder for the scandal sheets, and wishful thinking. If I had all the liaisons attributed to me, my manly parts would have fallen off from overuse. Beg your pardon, Lady Masters, for my risqué banter. I am a model husband now, ever in love with my wife.

Q. How did the romance progress?
 A. Rather quickly. It was clear I had an interest in her, but she came with a ‘package’, her ward, Alicia, a tow-headed blonde who resembled Cassandra. The unkind talk of the town was that the little girl was the issue of a liaison gone wrong. Cassandra was the sister of the earl, so she was semi-accepted in society. While there was no proof of such indiscretion, tongues wagged. The simple truth was that Alicia was the daughter of her best friend who died in childbirth. Cass, that’s what I sometimes call her, agreed to honor (there’s that word again) her promise to raise the child as her own. That’s courage I admired considering her circumstances..

Q. What caused you to propose?
A.  I didn’t. She offered me a business arrangement. She’d care for my mother if I would offer protection for her and little Alicia. In other words, it was a marriage of convenience. No mention of love or sex. I refused the proposition twice out of pride. Then I recalled how difficult it was for her to make such an offer to someone like me. My arrogance repelled me. One day I officially offered and we did marry. We now have two sons, two dogs, Runt and Giant, and there were a few puppies, also. And yes, then there was the traitorous mother dog who went everywhere with Cass, my dowager mother, and the children who frolicked on the beach. I was captivated from the start.  If you wish to know anymore, I suggest we reschedule.


Q. I say there, Lady Masters, I’m getting thirsty. Are you going to offer me a libation?
A. You have such a wicked smile. It makes me sigh. So sorry, your grace, kindly allow me to pour your favorite, since I know what it is.

Q. Your grace, I assume if readers want to know anything further, they should read the book My Divinely Decadent Duke?
A. Absolutely, I’m sure you can use the proceeds to fund future stories.

End of Interview

If you’ve read the interview with Duchess Serena, April’s Newsletter, along with the May interview of Duchess Cassandra, you’ll be able to vote on Facebook in June, as to which duchess you’re likely to favor. The winner will get a free e book of Once Upon A Duke, and My Divinely Decadent Duke. And, if you go to my website and sign up, or have a friend sign up, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a digital version of Book Two of the Duke Series, My Divinely Decadent Duke. It’s on sale at Amazon for $2.99. Book Three, Thorn, Son of a Duke, is a teaser prequel of 15,000 words to Book 4. Some might even call it a cliffhanger, but it sets the background of Book Four, The Duke’s Magnificent Bastard, expected to be released end of 2016.  Happy reading.

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TWRP Submission Call: Boots & Babies

Boots & Babies—new submission call for The Wild Rose Press’s Yellow Rose Line. Who doesn’t love a sexy, rugged cowboy?  And who can resist a cute, adorable, chubby-cheeked baby?  But what happens when you combine the two?  Commanding strength? Or total chaos? 

Each story should revolve around a cowboy and a baby (or babies) newborn to 18 months. The baby could be his or hers, a niece or nephew, a friend's being taking care of, or any other scenario you can think of as long as the story revolves around a cowboy and baby/babies. 

These stories can range from romantic comedy to more serious in nature and heat levels from sweet to hot (but not erotica) Stories should be 20,000 – 30,000 words in length. Please be aware that these stories will not be released in print.  They will only be available in digital format. Send us your query and synopsis through queryus@thewildrosepress.com with the subject line: Boots & Babies Query—[your Title]

For a perfect example of this theme read Asking for Trouble by Jannine Gallant: http://catalog.thewildrosepress.com/all-titles/3152-asking-for-trouble.html


Contact Stacy Holmes, Senior Editor, Yellow Rose line: stacy@thewildrosepress.com