Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

SILVER LAKE - Release Day!

My release day is here!  I have to keep pinching myself to believe it’s true.  Today is a huge milestone in a journey that began 4 years ago.  And I say milestone because happily, the journey isn’t over…it’s just different right now.  Promotion is my current focus, as well as beginning the editing process for my second novel, which recently received a contract.

I feel very lucky to be published by the amazing TWRP.  And I’ve found my fellow roses to be welcoming, helpful, and supportive.  Everyone seems to work together to promote our genre and our company. 

We romance authors face a unique challenge in our writing: our readers want and expect a Happily Ever After ending.  That defines our stories as romance.  So it’s up to us to fill each story with enough conflict and tension to keep the pages turning, even when the reader knows things will work out in the end.  That is not always easy! 

My editors at TWRP really helped me perfect the pacing of SILVER LAKE, and so far my readers have dubbed it a page-turner.  I’ve posted the blurb and excerpt below—Happy Reading!


     Rain Anderson can't decide which is more unsettling—encountering the ghost of her missing friend, or reuniting with the man whose love she foolishly rejected. But one thing is certain: the past has come back to haunt her, quite literally.
     Five years ago, Rain's tight-knit group of high school friends unraveled when one vanished during their senior year. Now, a parent's deathbed request has reunited the friends at Silver Lake, including Jason Lansing, the man Rain discarded. Rain and Jason discover the powerful attraction between them has survived, but though Jason is willing to forgive, he can't let himself forget. The possibility of falling for Rain again is too risky.
     Slamming doors, crashing objects, flaring fires—clearly the ghost has a message to share. As Rain and Jason struggle to unravel the truth, they must face a desperate spirit in need of help…and a burning passion that refuses to die.
            “I saw...a figure.  A figure with dark hair, and I think it was Brandy.”  She shuddered and put her forehead back on his chest. 
Reluctantly, he moved their bodies apart a bit and scanned her face.  He held on to her shoulders and asked calmly, “You saw Brandy?  Brandy is here?”
            She shook her head.  “No, I saw… like… an image of Brandy.  I woke up, because it was cold, and I saw something moving.  It was Brandy, I’m sure of it, although I didn’t see her face clearly.  And then she, um, disappeared.”
            “An image of Brandy?  Are you saying you saw a ghost, Rain?”  He was pretty sure she’d had another nightmare, but the way she had flown out of her room gave him the impression it had been an extremely vivid one.
            “I know, it sounds ridiculous.  But that’s what I saw.  And she sort of, well, went through the wall.  I’m sure you don’t believe me,” she added miserably, lifting her stormy eyes to his.
            He pulled her back into a hug before he could stop himself.  “I absolutely believe you.  Whether you were awake or asleep, you saw Brandy and that’s scary.  I don’t think we can deny that weird things are happening here.”