Thursday, October 30, 2008

A free read!

I've updated my website and put up a short story called, Shedding Skin, for people to read.
I wrote it about five, maybe six, years ago and it was listed at a romance website to read for a long time, I'm not sure if it's still there.
Anyway, I thought I might as well add it to my website!

Another 4-Star Review for Informally Yours

Anne at CK2s Kwips and Kritiques gave Informally Yours a 4 Clover Review.

"INFORMALLY YOURS is a fun, sexy tale. Werewolves always make for good heroes but Connor Woodward is even yummier than others I've read before...INFORMALLY YOURS is a quick and entertaining read that is perfect for the Halloween season."

For a complete review of Informally Yours, click here.

DEJA VU LOVER, had she but known -

If April had known a fortuneteller, she could have saved herself a lot of trouble. Here are a few hints from Phoebe.

If you want to see more predictions, or read a synopsis or chapter of  Deja Vu Lover, go to

Which are Your Luckiest Months?

Based on the hour of your birth, what months are luckiest for you? Check it out!

Midnight to 2 AM: Need to smooth out relationships with your lover? Or maybe with your children? Two months after your birthdate adds luck. Four months after your birthdate is good for improving all kinds of partnerships. And the month of your birth? You communicate well with anyone, especially siblings.

2 to 4 AM: Money problems? You handle money better than most people and in your birth month, your luck runs high. Two months after your birthdate adds luck to your homelife and you find ways to upgrade your nest. Four months after your birthdate may be the time to think health, start a new diet, add exercise?

4 to 6 AM: In your birth month you shine, look your best, attract others. Two months later can bring good news from friends or family or maybe a surprise message? Four months after your birthdate should brighten your love life or bring a better relationship with a child.

6 to 8 AM: Your birth month is lucky for close friendships and should create good memories. Two months after your birthdate can help expand income. Four months after your birthdate is good for improving your homelife, relationships with family and maybe your home itself.

8 to 10 AM: Two months after your birthdate adds luck to self improvement, so go for that new hairstyle. Four months after your birthdate is good for straightening out confused messages. And the month of your birth? Great for making new friends, or maybe you’ll meet someone new and special.

10 to Noon: Two months after your birthdate adds luck to some secret area of your life. Four months after your birthdate is good for improving your money situation. And the month of your birth? This could be a lucky time to look for a new job, if that’s what you want.

Noon to 2 PM: Two months after your birthdate adds luck to making new friends, and could this extend to your love life? Four months after your birthdate is good for improving health, you know, the diet and exercise thing. And the month of your birth? You always love to travel, right? Bon voyage!

2 to 4 PM: Two months after your birthdate might bring a career change for the better. Four months after your birthdate you could be making some fun new friendships, maybe give a party. And the month of your birth? Financial pressures could start to ease up.

4 to 6 PM: Two months after your birthdate can find you traveling or planning a trip. Four months after your birthdate is good for widening your circle of friends, maybe doing some entertaining. And the month of your birth? Time to give a little more time to your significant other.

6 to 8 PM: Two months after your birthdate could bring an invitation or a surprise or something else nice, and someone else is paying. Four months after your birthdate adds energy to career improvement. And the month of your birth? Stay healthy, take care of yourself, and do what’s best for you.

8 to 10 PM: Romance often lights your birthday month. And if you party too much, two months later is a good time to start a new diet or exercise plan, anything that improves your health. Four months after your birthdate you may want to take your mind or yourself on a trip to someplace new.

10 to Midnight: Two months after your birthdate can see an improvement in your finances and we all need that. Four months after your birthdate someone else is picking up the tab, even if it’s only for lunch. And the month of your birth? Do what you like best and enjoy the comforts of your home.

"Deja Vu Lover is a love story to warm your heart."

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Red Stirs Primal Urges in Men

According to recently released research, women who wear red are found to be more attractive by men. This falls in line with the animal world—female baboons and chimpanzees become redder when they are ovulating, to send out sexual signs to the males, who find the females more attractive.

And as the researchers said, “Our findings confirm what many women have long suspected and claimed—that men act like animals in the sexual realm.”

In the study, done by the University of Rochester in New York, five psychological experiments were done to assess how color might affect a man’s view on a woman’s attractiveness.

The study showed that men found women in red to be more attractive (even the same woman in two different outfits, one red and one of another color—she was more attractive in the red outfit). Additionally, women in red were more likely to be asked out and to receive a more expensive date.

Red did not change how a woman rated the attractiveness of another woman. Nor did it change how a man rated a woman’s likeability, intelligence or kindness.

To read the entire article by Shari Roan a the Los Angles Times, go to

What are your thoughts on this? Should we all be blonde, wearing red?

~Anna Kathrn

Book Recommendation of the Week!

This week I’m starting a new weekly series on books I love. I will be recommending books that have really wowed me and gotten my attention.

I’m beginning this week with a sassy vintage novella Shoe-In For Love by Bronwyn Storm. This book is set in the ‘80s (Hello, can you say fun? Not to date myself, but I remember the big hair all too well!) and revolves around a shoe designer and very hot CEO.

Hmm, sexy shoes and a sexy man…what more could a girl want?

Shoe-In for Love
by Bronwyn Storm

For shoe designer Nessie Helph, 1984 is another year in the struggle to keep herself safe from her malicious supervisor, Grace Hart. Nessie’s problems worsen when she finds out the company, Victor & Victoria, has been sold to Leo Schumacher.

Known as “The Lumberjack,” Leo’s reputation for cutting costs and hacking jobs is legendary, but Nessie’s prepared for any contingency…except the effect he has on her heart. She may not be able to get her hair to feather like Heather Locklear’s, but surely she has the skills to win both her dream job and her dream man.

Is Nessie a shoe-in—er, shoo-in—for love, or will her efforts leave her heart sinking into the soles of her jelly sandals?


“I want to know why Archie was crying.”
Leo leaned back in his chair, his long legs grazing hers as a small smile twitched at the corners of his mouth. “I presume he was overcome by emotion.”
“But what kind of emotion?”
He shrugged. “I’m in no position to guess.”
“Of course you are.” His blasé response replaced her timidity with confidence. “You were in the office with him—surely you can take a guess at what made him cry.” The conviction of her words made her bend towards him.
Much to her surprise, he turned to face her, and leaned in until their faces were just a few inches apart. The indescribable scent of masculinity and power curled in sensual ribbons around her, binding her to the spot and holding her captive to Leo’s penetrating, sizzling gaze.
“When it comes to certain people,” he said, and his deep voice vibrated through her bones and made her atoms quiver, “I’m in no position to judge their emotions. I find these people endlessly fascinating. They arouse my—” His warm gaze drifted to her mouth, lingering there and sending a coil of heat spreading through her. “Curiosity.”

Buy Now from The Wild Rose Press.

Go check it out! And while you’re there, check out Bronwyn’s other books too :)


Renee Knowles
Sensual, Sassy and Slightly Sinful
Courting Trouble--Regency Historical--A Wild Rose Press Bestseller!
5 Angels..."Courting Trouble simmers with emotion."--Fallen Angel Reviews

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Love of My Heart by Bess McBride

Every now and then, something thrilling happens in the writing world. No, I didn't get THE CALL from one of the big NY houses. But I did get an impromptu, totally unsolicited, lovely, heartfelt comment from a fellow author about my first book, LOVE OF MY HEART, and I'd like to share it with you. Apparently, it was in answer to a loop question like "What was the last The Wild Rose Press book you read?"

And I quote:

"My last TWRP read was Love of My Heart by Bess McBride.

This is a wonderful Faery Rose blending old and new. Bess weaves a tale of a therapist who falls for a client and they soon find out they have a tangled past - not their past but someone else's.

This book haunts me and I find I'm thinking of it at the oddest times. When I finished reading it, sighed heavily not only that it was over but it that turned out so well.

Victoria Pitts-Caine
Alvarado Gold (White Rose)
In The Shadow of My Heart (American Rose)"

How wonderful is that? "Haunts me." "Thinking of it at the oddest times." And I didn't have to pay her either! It helps that as a writer, she is wonderfully articulate in her comments. And what it told me was that someone really does like my writing...and if that someone does, others will as well. :-)

Thanks for letting me boast all! Ya just gotta have someone to share wonderful stories like these with. Here's a quick blurb and excerpt from LOVE OF MY HEART!

What happens when a mental health therapist falls in love with her client and dreams of a man in Victorian clothing?

Blurb: Aggie has done what no mental health therapist should do. She’s fallen in love with her mysterious client, Bill.

Aggie has recently purchased an old Victorian house on a hillside overlooking Commencement Bay in Tacoma, Washington; where she finds an old photograph of a Victorian era couple and a love letter written in 1885. The letter speaks of another love that can never be—that of Louise, the daughter of a wealthy English family, and her Irish lover, William. Heartbroken, Aggie soon begins to dream of the forbidden love between Louise and William, but in her dreams, William’s face mirrors that of her beloved, Bill.

Bill is in love with Aggie, and he can’t figure out how to get close to her. If only he hadn’t entered her professional doors as a client. How is he going to fix this?

This was silly! It was just her foolish imagination running away with her common sense. The chances that she found a photograph and letter from an ancestor of her client, Bill, in her home were astronomical...remote...ridiculous.
She peered at the photograph again. Certainly, the warm broad smile was the same. They appeared to be of the same height and build—tall and slim. What hair was visible beneath the cap looked as dark as Bill’s. But she was sure the resemblance ended there.
She just had Bill on her mind, that’s all. She’d been thinking about him ever since their session today, and this was a perfect example of why she needed to end their counseling relationship. She was obviously obsessed and could think of nothing else besides him—even to the point of seeing his face in a photograph that looked like it might have been taken in the 1800s.
She turned the photograph over. The year 1885 was written on the back in pencil. She was disappointed to find no names. Were they William and Louise?
She began to read the letter. It was dated 20 November 1885. The handwriting was neat and clear, but some of the characters were difficult to decipher.

Dear Louise,
I am writing to you once again to beg you to reconsider. If you would but consent to see me, I know that I could convince you to shine your loving light on me once again. If I could hold your soft hands in mine, I could make you believe how much I love you and how much I miss you.
I have come daily to your home, but your mother and father have turned me away. They say that you do not want to see me. Is this true, my darling? I had hoped that it was your parents who prevented me from seeing you, because I knew that you and I would find a way to be together despite their objections. We have successfully done so in the past.
But, my dearest, if it is your choice not to see me, what can I say to change your mind? What can a man do when the love of his life turns from him and locks herself away in an inaccessible and forbidding tower? I do not know.
I have loved you for so long that I do not know how I shall continue. I cannot imagine a world without you by my side. My life stretches endlessly before me now—devoid of the warmth and joy of your love.
My beloved Louise, if this letter reaches you, please consent to see me. Give me a chance to prove my love. Put a single candle in your bedroom window at 7 o’clock in the evening for the next three nights, and I will come to you on the third night. I will know that you still love me, and I will knock on the door and demand to be allowed to see you.
I miss you terribly, darling, and I long to be with you once again.
With all my love, William”
As Aggie looked at the letter with a tear rolling down her face, she felt inexplicably exhausted. Her arms and legs were heavy, and it seemed too much effort even to sit up. She crawled up to her bed, dragging the cigar box, letter and photograph with her.
She lay down, feeling drained, and she studied the letter and photograph once again. What had gone wrong between the couple? Had Louise lived in this house? Was this her bedroom? Had she ever gotten the letter? Did her parents intercept it? How had it come to be hidden in the cupboard?
Aggie’s heart ached for the heartbroken man who wrote the letter. She knew it was probably because he shared the same name as her own dear Bill, but logic was playing very little part in her emotions tonight. Bill. She murmured the name again and again as her eyelids grew heavy and the brief moment between wakefulness and sleep passed quietly.

Buy Links:

The Wild Rose Press

Bess McBride

Another nice review! Check my website for more:

Title: Déjà Vu Lover
Author: Phoebe Matthews
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Recent historical Vintage Rose
Length: 264 pages Sensual
ISBN: 1-60154-342-5
Blurb: He broke her heart in another lifetime and now he's back. April's startling visions of 1920s Hollywood include silent film stars, roadsters, glamorous people and places, plus a handsome actor who pursues her. April's best friends think she is delusional. And then she meets the actor's charming lookalike in present-day Seattle. Torn between her memories and her new love, April is terrified that she will repeat her past mistakes. Is that her destiny, to love him and lose him throughout eternity?
Review: From the start, Ms Matthews pulls you into a story that is interesting and well written. Her clever plotting makes the novel plausible and she develops interesting and exciting characters. I like the chemistry between April and her three friends who all play an important part throughout. Great natural dialogue helps to give the reader a real feel for the people and events.
Ms Matthews gives us two love stories, one through flashbacks from the 1920s and the other in the present. She does this successfully and keeps the reader guessing as to the outcomes of both and how they impact April’s decisions.... This story is a little bit different in so much as it wasn’t clear to me from the beginning exactly who the hero was. The focus is on April and the impact of her previous life experience on her choices. It is about the consequences of those choices.
This is an original, memorable read.
Reviewed by Vasiliki Scurfield, BETWEEN THE LINES

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I got my release date from my editor, Cindy.


March 4, 2009

One and the Same is a spicy contemporary romance being release by The Wild Rose Press, Champagne Rosebud.

Life has been kicking my butt again lately. (When isn't it?) This news came at just the right time. It tells me I may not be able to do much of anything else, but I do know how to write.

Here's a short blurb of the story.

Ex-actress Kate Williams visits with her friend to discuss a possible acting role.

High powered executive, Matthew Hunter, thinks she's in town for more than just a discussion. He thinks she's the newest means the show's producers are using to get him to financially back the show.

This time their plan might work. After all he had been half in love with the former actress for years.

Matt thinks all Kate wants from him is his money.

Kate thinks all Matt wants from her is her body.

Will they ever be able to get past their beliefs?

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Have you taken part in -- Relationship Rescue?

Relationship Rescue, a White Rosette, has been the number one best seller in the Inspirational line since it released last month. Here's a sneak peak.

Two blind dates: one was stood up and the other one wishes she was. Have they both been set up in more ways than one?

After Mitchell Regan and Robynn Hartley broke off their engagement, they remained friends and continued attending the same church. They've attempted to keep their unhappiness a secret from each other and everyone else but they can't fool their close friends, Marina and Chad Anthony, who decide enough is enough. It's time for a Relationship Rescue.

Cindy K. Green has crafted a bittersweet story of failed love and second chances. Sometimes touching, sometimes funny, this short, sweet read will warm your heart. ~ Kara Lynn Russell, author of the Orchard Hill series of Inspirational romances.


“You know, Robynn, I think we’ve been set-up.”

“Set-up? Yes, I was set-up. It was a blind date, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why Marina and Chad thought I would have gotten along with Norman Clark.”

“That’s my point. Marina and Chad set me up on a blind date that never showed. You had the date from a sitcom episode.”

Robynn sat up straight. “We were set-up!”

Mitch glanced at the counter again. Robynn turned around to look as well, her face close to his, sending his pulse racing. As he glanced down, she turned her eyes up to him and they locked onto each other. The pull to kiss her here and now was intense. “Robynn, I think they were hoping we might bump into each other tonight and talk just like we have.”

Realization entered her eyes. She began to nod her head as she spoke. “I know Marina was terribly disappointed when we didn’t get married.” She swallowed hard on the last word, her eyes glistening again.

“I think there were several people disappointed about that but maybe we don’t have disappoint them tonight.”

“What do you mean?” A stony expression entered her hooded eyes as she deeply assessed him. She didn’t trust him any further than she could throw him and he couldn’t blame her.

After taking her hand firmly into his, they sat back into the couch. It seemed like an eternity since he’d held her hand so intimately. It gave him the courage to go on. “Come take a walk with me…

Now Available at The Wild Rose Press ($1.50).

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The Kissing Book Contest

In celebration of my upcoming release, See Megan Run, I've got a contest going on my blog. It's the trivia to end all trivia of The Princess Bride. Answer a question or just leave a comment.

But of course make sure you tell all your friends.

And, the picture below is just for a chuckle. It has nothing to do with the contest or my book.

~Melissa Blue and I'm out~

The Kissing Book Contest

In celebration of my upcoming release, See Megan Run, I've got a contest going on my blog. It's the trivia to end all trivia of The Princess Bride. Answer a question or just leave a comment.

But of course make sure you tell all your friends.

And, the picture below is just for a chuckle. It has nothing to do with the contest or my book.

~Melissa Blue and I'm out~

4 Star Review for Informally Yours

I'm happy to say that Informally Yours received a 4 Star Review from Stevie B. at Manic Readers.

"Informally Yours is a cute, funny, light hearted Halloween tale...I enjoyed this story and like that it is a light touch to a werewolf tale. I don’t always wish to read scary stories for Halloween...I had never read a book by Beth Caudill before but I like her quirky sense of humor and I intend to look for her other books."

For the complete review of Informally Yours, click here.

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Such a nice review! Check my website for more:


April Didrickson is an unemployed college drop out with three great friends. When she starts to have visions from a past life, they give all the help they can. April believes that she is the reincarnation of a 1920's silent film extra called Silver. It is Silver's life she is seeing.

April is determined to find out about the earlier life she had and the love she lost. When she finds the man who appears to be her lost lover, April struggles to separate the two men. Unsure as to where her feelings are coming from, April follows where she thinks her heart is leading her. But is she just repeating past mistakes?...I enjoyed the idea of learning from your past self not just your past mistakes. April and her friends are a happy and loyal group, it is a pleasure to see people as close as these. I enjoyed the mixture of an unusual story line and the strength of her characters. Ms. Matthews has written a new and amazing story that takes historical romance into a new area.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


By Roberta C.M. DeCaprio

I am a reader . . . always was and always will be. As a child, what I read within the pages of a book, took me on adventures my physical ability denied me. Getting lost in a book on a summer’s day took the sting out of the fact my walking disability didn't allow me to ride a bike or roller skate like the other neighborhood children were able to do. It passed the time, appeased an active imagination and later on in years fueled a writing career.
Now that I am a writer and published author, I read books differently. Grant you, getting caught up in the plot is still first and foremost, but I like examining sentence structure, how the writer moves the characters within the scene, and especially how the character’s point of view is expressed in dialogue, thought and action. Studying the facets that make a good novel has helped me to polish and fine tune my own writing….but so does watching television.
Watching the boob tube lately is not as lame as one might think. I don’t sit and watch television all day (if I did I’d never get any writing done), but I do tune in to a few shows that have stimulated my imagination and given me many ideas.
Television shows throughout the decades seem to go in themes.
During the late 50’s and early 60’s the westerns ruled. I remember watching such shows as Gunsmoke, Maverick, Cheyenne, Rifleman, Wagon Train and Bonanza with my father on the weeknights. On Saturday mornings the children’s old west line up were such shows as Roy Rogers and Dale Evens, The Lone Ranger, Wild Bill Hickcock, Hop-a-long Cassidy and Annie Oakley. I was in love with Fess Parker’s portrayal of Davy Crockett and had a Davy Crockett coon-skin hat, with fringe and a watch I wore constantly. Recently I found a vintage Davy Crockett watch on Ebay and bought it…keeping alive a childhood memory. Remembering the way the characters dressed, how they lived, the Indian and cowboy conflict and even the way they rode their horses across the sandy desert, have all helped me in writing my first historical western, The Golden Lady . . . recently contracted by The Wild Rose Press. I smile doing the edits, because it has taken 25 years for an editor (thank you Patricia Tanner) to enjoy and see the potential in a western romance.
During the middle 60’s medical shows took over the air waves. I remember watching Ben Casey, Doctor Kildare, Medical Center, Marcus Welby, M.D., and Trapper John, M.D. These male characters….strong, intelligent, gentle, caring and wanting love have been the catalyst for many of my heroes.
The 70’s brought sit-coms like Happy Days, Lavern and Shirley and All in the Family. These were light hearted, feel good shows that made you laugh as well as drive home a motto here and there. These shows have well seasoned the dialogue I use between friends or the funny moments I place my lovers in from time to time.
In the 80’s we had the night soap operas like Dallas, Knots Landing and Dynasty. I loved the characters, the way they dressed and their ever-scheming points of view. A treasure chest of plots came from these shows. Everyone was so wonderfully dysfunctional and diabolical.
The 90’s gave way for the many legal, crime scene investigation and drama type shows, challenging us to think. Oh, the wonderful villains they helped me to create.
Currently we have tons of reality shows, but paranormals are sweeping the time slots too. With such shows as Lost, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural, Moonlight, Journeyman, Smallville, The Sara Connor Chronicles, New Amsterdam; and now Fringe, Life On Mars, and The Mentalist, we’ve got quite a pick.
The motion picture industry has also cashed in on the paranormal craze. Within the last few years alone, either in a theater or rented on DVD, I’ve seen What Lies Beneath, The Witches of Eastwick, Death Becomes Her, Lord of the Rings series, Stardust, The Legend of the Water Horse, The Lady in the Water, Signs, Sixth Sense, The Village, The Golden Compass, The Chronicles of Nardia (The Witch, the Lion & the Wardrobe), all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies….love that Johnny Depp, Beowulf, War of the Worlds, I Am Legend, Premonition, Lake House, Harry Potter series, Spiderwick, Jump and coming November 21st, Stephenie Meyers first book of her Twilight series, entitled the same.
It seems demons, time travel, aliens and visitors from beyond the grave make for fascinating amusement. Looking back I realize paranormal shows were always of great entertainment and peppered throughout the decades.
The first one that comes to my mind is Topper….the story of a man who was constantly being visited by his deceased relatives and their dead dog. I loved The Outer Limits and the ingenious minds of Rod Serling (Twilight Zone) and Alfred Hitchcock. These shows added suspense and horror to the paranormal twist.
The science fiction and fantasy shows like Lost in Space, Its About Time, I Dream of Jeanne, Star Trek, Batman and Quantum Leap opened up a wealth of legends, myths, mystical enchantment, magical scenes and special effects to draw from in just about every aspect of the supernatural realm.
Walt Disney made his fortune from the enchanted with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and Beauty and the Beast. His theme parks all over the world do nothing but cater to the fantasy realm.
So don’t feel guilty to turn on your television. And you don’t need kids or grandkids to take in paranormal movies….just the desire to be swept away.
Look, listen, and learn, then go to your computer and write!

Friday, October 17, 2008

In celebration of Paranormal Month...

Hey all you ghosts and goblins out there! Happy Paranormal Month and Halloween! My new full-length Faery Rose will be released on November 9th. So, I'm just barely missing Paranormal Month, but hey that's okay because it is a holiday story. Holiday as in mistletoe, not jack o lanterns.

Anyway, I want to participate in this fun, spooky month with my fellow Faery Roses so here is a little teaser...

Do You Hear What I Hear? A Faery Rose by Teri Wilson
Book One of the Hoofbeats & Heartstrings Series
Coming on November 7th!!!!!

As a child, Simone Littleton adores the European folktale that animals are given the gift of speech at midnight on Christmas Eve. She makes a wish to talk to animals “forever and ever” and, when her pet Dalmatian asks her for a biscuit, she discovers her wish has been granted. Now Simone is all grown up and she uses her unique gift to rehabilitate unwanted horses. When race horse trainer Chet Wallace rolls into San Antonio, with chocolate eyes and dimples blazing beneath his black Stetson, romantic sparks fly. He is immediately drawn to the beautiful woman who has a mesmerizing affect on both his horses and his dog, but his less than enthusiastic response to Simone’s claims threatens their budding romance. It takes a scheming Jack Russell terrier and a dose of Christmas magic to convince Chet she just may be telling the truth.

For more information, please visit my website at

Happy Halloween, um, or Merry Christmas. Whichever you prefer!

A Forever Kind of Thing called "A Keeper"

I am thrilled to announce that Long and Short Reviews gave my paranormal romance, A Forever Kind of Thing, 5 stars, calling it "a keeper".

The novel has it all—heart-wrenching moments and intrigue that kept me
avidly reading until I had to force myself to stop. Even then I couldn’t stop
thinking about what would happen next.

Well-developed characters you can’t help falling in love with, and at the
same time identifying with.

Do yourself a favor and grab this one for your own keeper shelf!

You can read the whole review here.


Mikael Giovanni, King of the Giovanni gypsy tribe, has been cursed to live forever. Jaded and bitter with the life he’d been dealt, he meets Allie Tremont, a woman with her own demons to battle.

Allie’s life is threatened when Mikael’s considerable past catches up to him, thrusting her in the middle of a centuries old gypsy feud. Facing the possibility of eternity without the love it took centuries to find, Mikael must confront the past before it destroys his last chance at a forever kind of thing.

Buy ebook
Buy Print
Buy Kindle

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A Daughter's Promise Release


I'm thrilled to announce that my debut book "A Daughter's Promise" is being released tomorrow, Oct. 17 from the Wild Rose Press.

Thank you so much to my editor Nan Swanson! You were such an incredible support and helped me make this book the best it could be!! And thank you Rae Monet! The cover is so gorgeous. Everyone at TWRP have been so supportive. What an awesome experience meeting the other authors too. You rock, roses!

Here is an excerpt:

Serene’s heart pounded as she peered around the silent restaurant, alive hours earlier but now masked with an eerie paleness. This room and her life would never again be the same. She whisked off the wetness around her eyes, sucked in a daunted breath, and remembered her purpose.

“Are you all right?” She hoped her English was still understandable.

No response from the American.

Leaning a little closer, she gently placed her hand beneath his, finding it warm and moist with life.“Can you hear me?”

Still nothing.

“If you can hear me, squeeze my hand.”

Serene checked behind her. She unbuttoned his coat, soaked in warm blood, and slid her hand inside, relieved to feel at least a slight rise and fall to his chest.

“I want to help you, but not now. I have to go, but I’ll be back. Can you hear me? I’ll be back.”

Halten Sie!” Boots clicked toward her on the stone floor.

As she let go of the American’s hand, the slightest pressure passed her fingertips.

He had heard her.

Thank you for letting me share!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bewitching You cover

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting. I couldn't resist showing off my new cover. The cover artist is Tamra Westberry. Thanks Tamra, for the gorgeous cover! I love it!

Here's a blurb:

An interfering ghost, a nosy mind-reading grandmother, a psychic man-hating mother, and a spell gone wrong are only a few dilemmas Sofia Good has to deal with in order to find love.

It’s not easy having control of your own destiny when you can’t even remember what you put on that morning, even worse when you’re given a “gift” of precognition to save people’s lives, and you have no clue how to use it.

Grayson Phillips lost his brother in a senseless accident, and now he’s trying to gain back control by maintaining a safe and uneventful life plan. But after sexy, quirky Sofia crash lands into his world he’s forced to rethink his strategy.

When Sofia’s grandmother casts a love spell, it successfully maneuvers Sofia and Grayson into her home in secluded Amish country. Time will tell if the love spell helps or destroys Sofia’s only chance at love.

Thanks for letting me share!


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Halloween Contest

I'm guest blogging today at Dayana Knight's blog about my favorite creatures of the night, vampires. I'll also be talking about my short vampire story, Eternity Waits, as well as a brand new vampire story I'm finishing up.

I'm also giving away a prize to one lucky commenter on my post.So, hop on over to and join in the fun. She's having a month-long Halloween celebration and giving away lots of prizes.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Informally Yours - Released Today

Yeah! I'm happy to announce Informally Yours released today. This is my 3rd short story with The Wild Rose Press and my first Black Rosette. And given it's Paranormal month at the TWRP store, you can get it on sale. (And my two other stories since they are Faery rosettes.)


Everyday Melinda Jenson goes to work at Formally Yours, a high-end formal wear store, unaware the customers and owner are members of the local supernatural community. On Halloween night, Melinda's boss asks her to make a simple delivery. Unwilling to disappoint her niece and nephew, she arrives late and has an unexpected encounter with a wolf. Now she’s chasing cute, furry forest creatures, and mated to a man she barely knows. “May you live in interesting times,” just took on a whole new meaning.