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Christmas in July 186+ prizes to win

Bored with the hot days of summer? Wishing for the good cheer and fun of the holidays? Then come join the fun! Each day, during the month of July, Anna Kathryn and friends will pick a winner from each of their blogs. All you need to do is visit the blogs and leave a message. With six participating author’s, you have a chance to win 186 prizes throughout the month.

Anna Kathryn

Skhye Moncrief

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Crystal Atkins

I'll be interviewing more than 12 authors during the month, so stop by and learn about other writers, not just me. Here's the tentative schedule:

Skhye Moncrief July 2
Patti Shenberger July 5
Michele Hart July 6
Stacey Joy Netzel July 8
Sloan Seymour July 9
Meagan Hatfield July10
P. L. Parker July 11
Jannine Corti-Petski July 15
Victoria Trout & Penny West July 17
Margaret Tanner July 19
Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter July 20
Anna Marie Norvack July 23
Renee Knowles July 25
Ginger Simpson July 27
Lily Stone July 29
Phyllis Campbell July 30

For more information and links to the blogs - viist my website and click on 'contest' page.

~ Anna Kathryn

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Hop on over to my blog, KEEPING A PULSE ON LIFE & ROMANCE and check out the interview with the hero of THE DOCTOR'S DECEPTION, Dr. Stone Lassiter.

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Anyone who can email me at and tell me when Stone and Faith share their first kiss, will get a bag of Hershey's kisses! Be sure to include your home address so that I can mail them to you. I will run this contest until the Fourth of July!

Faith moved her stethoscope over Mrs. Humphrey's heart, listening to her the steady beat. She prayed the tone wouldn't be muffled, an indication of fluid build-up around the heart. She heard a "squeaky" sound with every beat and released a sigh of relief. Mrs. Humphrey had the same "rub" she'd had an hour ago when she'd returned from her open heart surgery. A clue that the extra blood around Mrs. Humphrey's heart was still minor. Faith would have to make sure the rub didn't worsen.

Faith assessed the blood draining from the tubes placed in her patient's chest during surgery. Everything appeared to be in order. Mrs. Humphrey aroused to her name and followed commands when questioned, but drifted back off to sleep from the anesthesia still in her system. When she woke up a little more and stayed awake, Faith would work with the respiratory therapist to pull her breathing tube and withdraw the respirator.

Charting her findings on the bedside clipboard, Faith's mind drifted back to Dr. Lassiter. She wished she'd had a camera to capture the look on his face when she'd pulled the short straw out of her pocket. Talk about priceless! A chuckle escaped and turned into an all-out belly laugh.

"What's so funny?" Dr. Lassiter asked.

Faith stiffened and her amusement died. Damn. She'd hoped to be at lunch when he arrived to check on Mrs. Humphrey. Fate was definitely against her today.

Turning, she came face to face with him. She stepped back and bumped the rail of the bed. "Nothing. Just thinking about something that happened earlier. It kind of tickled my funny bone, that's all."

"Why don't you tell me what's so amusing?"

"I'm not in a particularly sharing kind of mood." His scent crossed the inches of space he'd left between them, teasing her senses. He smelled of lemons and spice.

Hmmmm. His own brand of lemonade.

What was she thinking? Holy cow! Stay away from those thoughts in connection with Robo Doc.

Sidestepping, she moved around him and her arm brushed his, tingling from the brief contact. The urge to rub the spot was strong, and feeling his gaze on her, Faith fought the tug-of-war roiling inside her.

Her brain told her he was off limits. But her body's reaction to him said something altogether different. Disturbed, she placed the bedside clipboard on the counter by the sink and started to wash her hands.

"Why not? I like a good joke now and again."

Drying her hands with the paper towels from the dispenser, Faith turned and rested a hip against the sink. "Are you serious? You haven't cracked a smile in the year I've known you—not even to your patients." She pinned him with a suspicious stare. "What's this all about?"

He shrugged his broad shoulders and the material of his green surgical scrub top tightened against his chest, leaving little to her imagination. Dr. Lassiter certainly seemed to have muscles in all the right places. The sight of golden chest hair teased her from the vee in his top.

Her throat went dry. What was wrong with her? Her admiration of his particular brand of eye candy had died after his first day on the unit. Why was she reacting to him now?

"What do you mean? I smile." Dr. Lassiter said with an almost cheery quality to his voice.

His lighthearted tone surprised her. Her gaze flew to his face, and she realized by the smug look in his deep brown eyes that he'd caught her staring at his chest. Faith frowned. What was with him anyway? He definitely wasn't acting his usual sour self.

"You. Are you trying to be nice or are you coming down with a terminal disease and feel the need to earn your way into heaven?"

He rubbed his jaw and stared at her like she was a jigsaw puzzle he couldn't put together. "No. I'm not sick." Dropping his hand, he turned toward Mrs. Humphrey. "How's she doing?"

Faith grabbed the clipboard and handed it to him, glad for the change in subject. It was none of her business what was wrong with him. "She's doing great. She's waking up nicely, and I think we'll be able to extubate her soon."

"You know I don't like my patients on the vent too long after surgery," he said, studying the patient's bedside nursing chart.

"Yes, Dr. Lassiter, I know," she said with exaggerated sweetness. Jekyll and Hyde apparently showed up to the hospital today. Not that Faith cared about Dr. Lassiter's dual personality. She preferred his surly attitude—easier for her to keep her distance.

He gave her an odd glance and the silence stretched between them. Only the sound of Mrs. Humphrey's mechanical respirations filled the room with the occasional beep of the heart monitor from the wall above the bed.

"Well, if you don't need anything else, I'm going to have Jolene cover for me so I can grab a quick bite to eat," Faith said, turning to leave.

"Wait." Dr. Lassiter placed a halting hand on her arm, preventing her from leaving.

Faith arched her brow and tugged her arm from his loose grip. Her skin quivered where he'd touched her. "You had another question about Mrs. Humphrey?"

"Ah, yes—I mean no." He shook his head. "No," he said firmly. "I wanted to talk to you about something. I'll tag along for lunch."

The nice quiet study time Faith had envisioned dissolved like quicksand. How could she study for the MCAT with Dr. Lassiter along?

"Well, actually, I do mind. So whatever you have to talk to me about, you can spill here."

Dr. Lassiter gazed at her hesitantly. Faith decided he wasn't going to yell at her after all because he stared, saying nothing. Just as she was about to give up waiting for him to speak, he nodded his head.

"Okay. Have it your way." He shut the door to Mrs. Humphrey's room, effectively closing out the rest of the staff.

He leaned against the door and casually crossed his arms. Faith tried not to notice how sexy he looked. His honey-blonde hair was slightly tousled from the removal of his surgical cap. He could've jumped from the pages of the current medical pin-up calendar that graced the bathroom in the nurses' lounge.

She wished she hadn't been aware of him at all. "Well? What have I done now? Or, is it one of the other nurses? You should know, I'm not the one to complain to today. Cheryl is the charge nurse."

"This isn't about work." He ran his hand through his hair, messing it further. "Come with me to the charity dinner on Saturday."

Whatever she'd been expecting, that hadn't been it. Her mouth dropped open before she could recover herself.

"What?" she said a little too loudly. She glanced over her shoulder at Mrs. Humphrey in the bed to be sure she hadn't disturbed her.

He pushed away from the door and drew closer. "I'd like you to go with me to Deerborne's—"

She held up her hand to maintain the space between them. "I heard you the first time." Faith lowered her voice. "Frankly, I'm surprised by your invitation. I can't go this year. I've already turned down one invite. I've put myself in a self-imposed dating exile, even though it killed me to do it."

He scowled and straightened. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Oh, yeah. Definitely Jekyll/Hyde.

"It means," she said patiently. "That I'm not available. Sorry."

She grabbed the handle and opened the door, leaving him behind. Walking past the nurses' station, she spied Jolene. "I'm going to grab lunch. I'll be in the lounge if you need me. Respiratory is supposed to come and put Mrs. Humphrey on CPAP mode on the ventilator. If you hear the alarm, have them change her back. She's probably ready for the spontaneous breathing trial, but just keep an ear out for me."

"Sure thing, Faith."

Heart pounding, she fled to the lounge. Dr. Lassiter had asked her out. If she were dating, would she have said yes?

Nah. Doctor Uptight wouldn't know how to have a good time. But wouldn't it be fun to loosen him up?

Kathleen Grieve

The Doctor's Deception Available in
Print/Ebook form on 06/25/08
Print ISBN:1-60154-287-9
Keeping A Pulse on Life & Romance Blog at

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One Enchanted Summer is now out & I'm guest blogging at Marianne Arkin's blog.

I'm so giddy that the wait is over and now is finally out and available here. I adore Tristan and Deana and decided to run a little contest to go along with the release. I'm always interested in comments and reviews on my work so ... I'm running a review contest. All you have to do is purchase One Enchanted Summer, e-mail me @ dana @ (but remove the spaces) a review by July 25th, and the one I like the best I'll choose as the winner. The winner will recieve an enchanted summer fun pack filled with toys and goodies to make your summer fun ;-).

In honor of my release date, I'm also guest blogging at Marianne's Arkin's site. Hope you'll drop by :-).

And congrats to all the other talented authors at TWRP who share a release date with me. I look forward to reading your stuff too.


today because in between snatches of sleep (This is one day I wish I hadn't worked last night)I'll be checking in to see what everyone has been tempted by! LOL.

Anyone who comments on temptation will be entered into a drawing to win a free download of THE DOCTOR'S DECEPTION, plus a gift basket with some of Nurse Faith Daniels favorite things~her guilty pleasures that have nothing to do with the MCAT or studying! LOL. Over at my website, , if you sign up for my mailing list, you'll be entered for a drawing to win Faith's favorite--A two pound box of Godvia Chocolate. Watch my myspace and blog-- Keeping A Pulse on Life & Romance Blog at for information on A FIRST KISS CONTEST, too! Lots of fun things going on this week for the launch of my book! I hope you enjoy!

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Well, the accumulation of a lot of hard work all starts this week! I'm foregoing my regular DIABETES MONDAY FACT today to let everyone know that my book, THE DOCTOR'S DECEPTION will be released on Wednesday, June 25th at WWW.THEWILDROSEPRESS.COM!!

Anyone who comments on temptation over at SIMPLY ROMANCE REVIEW BLOG where I'll be guest blogging on Wednesday, will be entered into a drawing to win a free download of THE DOCTOR'S DECEPTION, plus a gift basket with some of Nurse Faith Daniels favorite things~her guilty pleasures that have nothing to do with the MCAT or studying! LOL.

Over at my website, , if you sign up for my mailing list, you'll be entered for a drawing to win Faith's favorite--A two pound box of Godvia Chocolate. Watch my myspace and check my blog KEEPING A PULSE ON LIFE & ROMANCE for information on A FIRST KISS CONTEST, too! Lots of fun things going on this week for the launch of my book! I hope you enjoy!

Here's more information about THE DOCTOR'S DECEPTION available at on Wednesday, June 25th!

The Doctor's Deception
Kathleen Grieve
Champagne Rosebud
180 Pages Spicy
Print/Ebook _Release Date 06/25/08
Print ISBN:1-60154-287-9

Heart Surgeon Stone Lassiter has successfully transplanted beating hearts. It's his own that is causing him the most agony. With a death bed promise to his fiancée, he's driven to open a transplant center in her hometown, and arrives at Deerborne County General Hospital . Single minded in his focus, he inadvertently alienates the nursing staff he needs to make his dream a success. He sets his stethoscope on intensive care nurse, Faith Daniels, to improve his image.

Nurse of the Year, Faith Daniels has passed every nursing exam, but when faced with the task of the MCAT, she has severe test anxiety. Burned by her ex-husband, who used her while she put him through law school, she has become focused on passing that darn exam, and achieving her own dream to become a doctor in her own right.
Will the white lie Stone tells Faith jeopardize the love they find?


While glancing at her watch, Faith repeatedly pushed the button to call the elevator. Almost eight-thirty. With a groan, she cursed herself again for leaving her study guide in the nurses' lounge. After exiting the parking garage, she'd remembered she didn't have the book with her and had hurried back inside to retrieve it.

Staying after her shift to finish her charting had cost her precious study time. Her patient who'd had the appendectomy had to go back to surgery, but not before she'd had to give him several units of blood to stabilize him. Thank goodness he was going to be okay.

She tapped her toe impatiently. What was taking the elevator so darn long? The evening hours were rapidly dwindling. Her thoughts trailed back to the MCAT. She'd made it a habit to review a portion of the test each night before going to bed, and she hadn't even had dinner yet. All she wanted was someone to rub her aching feet and feed her

Was that so much to ask?

She sighed, and her stomach rumbled loudly while she waited for the elevator that would take her back to the parking garage.
Chinese sounded good. Should she call ahead and order take out to pick up on the way home? There was a book full of to-go menus in the nurses' lounge where she could easily find what she needed. She glanced up at the lights outside the closed elevator doors. Still stuck on floor nine.

Decision made, she turned and ran straight into a solid wall of muscle. Knocked back from the impact, her purse went in one direction and her MCAT book flew in another. Strong arms enveloped her in a secure grip, keeping her from falling on the floor.

Pressed to the man's chest, the familiar lemony scent hit her first. Dread roiled in the pit of her stomach. Faith knew who held her. She forced herself to tilt her head back and peer into eyes reminiscent of a block of hardened deep chocolate.

Doctor Stone Lassiter.

Her earlier thought returned. What would it be like to melt that chocolate? Too bad she didn't even own a fondu pot.

Warmth crept up her neck and into her cheeks. "Sorry. I'm in a rush."

His eyes narrowed, but he made no move to release her. "Are you late for a date?"

Faith had difficulty concentrating on his words. Heat burned through her scrubs and settled low in her belly. "Wh-what?"

"You know? A date? Where two people go to share a meal or a movie?"

The deep timber of his voice slid up her spine, and she shivered. "A date?"

"You're not usually this dense, Faith."

The sardonic expression on his face snapped her out of the fugue-like state and sparked her temper. "Gee, thanks for the confidence booster. You can let go of me now, Dr. Lassiter. I'm in no danger of falling any longer."

Surprise lit his eyes and he released her. Bending, he picked up her book and purse from the floor. He glimpsed the cover of the study guide and appeared puzzled. "The MCAT? You're studying to get into med school?"

Faith snatched the book out of his hands. "That's none of your business." Her gaze touched on her handbag. "I'll take my purse. Like I said, I'm in a hurry."

He retained her purse and stared at her with penetrating eyes. "Have you eaten?"

"No. I was going to pick something up on my way home. Why?" she asked warily.

"Because I have a proposition for you. We'll talk about it over dinner."

Let's see. Dinner with the self-important Greek Adonis or study? Cozying up with her study guide for the night seemed to hold even larger appeal all of a sudden.

Faith laughed. "Oh, that's rich. I may have appeared dense to you a few minutes ago Dr. Lassiter, but I'm not stupid. There is nothing you could possibly have to say outside of work that would interest me in the least."

He grabbed the book from her unsuspecting hands.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

"This is what we have to discuss, Faith." He smiled without humor and jiggled the book in front of her, just out of her grasp.

Hands on her hips, Faith stared at him. Dr. Lassiter was acting completely out of character for the second time that day. "I think I like your snide, arrogant persona better. I wasn't aware you belonged on the fourth floor with the other psych patients when you were off duty."

He scowled, smoothed his red tie, and buttoned his navy suit jacket. "I'm not snide or arrogant."

Faith chuckled. "It's rather interesting, don't you think, you didn't deny you belonged on the psych ward." Sobering, she held out her hand. "Really, I'd love to stay and exchange insults with you all day, but I have to get home. My stuff, please."

He started to hand it over to her, then pulled it just beyond her reach. "I heard the nurses talking in the med room a while ago. They said you froze up while taking the exam. Is that true, Faith? Do you have test anxiety?"

Her amusement died. She felt the color drain from her face. Damn gossips. She stiffened her spine and straightened to her full height of five-foot-eight inches.

"So what if I do," she admitted, hating the defensive tone that had crept into her voice. "Lots of people have trouble taking tests."

"Then it appears we have something important to discuss, after all." He gave her an engaging smile. "I'm even willing to overlook the fact you called me arrogant and snide and pay for dinner. I can help you with your problem if you help me with a little problem of my own."

Faith opened her mouth to make another sarcastic comment. What kind of problems did this guy have? He seemed to have everything. She had several suggestions for his "little problem".

He held up a finger, halting her before she spoke. "Ah, I'd watch it, Faith. I'm only going to make this offer once. How badly do you want to score high marks on the entrance exam? Or better yet, how bad do you want to get into med school?"

Now, that was a loaded question. Damn him. He played dirty. It was just like him to use her dream to get what he wanted. Faith expected no less from the conceited jerk. She'd give everything she had and more, and he knew it. Her dreams had been put on hold long enough. The only thing standing between her and med school was the damn test.

Maybe he could help her. After all, he was a doctor and had taken the exam. What could it hurt to hear what he had to say? Dubious about his intentions, but curious all the same, Faith nodded. She was starving. "All right, Dr. Lassiter. Do you like Chinese?"

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Book Release!

My latest release, The Genie’s Curse, is out today. Simply Romance Reviews gave it a B+ and said, “The Genie’s Curse by Bronwyn Storm is a light romance and comedy all rolled into one…Check out The Genie’s Curse for a fun, sweet romance about people who are just meant to be.”

Click here to buy!

One more week until my release date for One Enchanted Summer

One more week until you can go back in time to with Deana to the summer of 1962. The summer before the Beatles made the big time and changed the world with their music. The summer when the Berlin Wall was first built. An enchanted summer when one girl makes her greatest wish come true and attempts to save the man she's always had a crush on. I can't wait :-). Tristan Wallace is one of my favorite heroes and he'll soon be featured on Allison Knight's It's my turn to talk blog Tristan didn't have much to say about his top secret spy work, but he had plenty to say about Deana, the love of his life. I really hope you'll going back in time with Tristan & Deana in One Enchanted Summer ;-).

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Cover for Lady Of The Stars

I have to show off the gorgeous cover for my upcoming Regency time travel story, Lady of the Stars, a Miniature Rose in the English Tea Rose line.

Lady of the Stars is my first published story, and will make a grand entrance with this stunning cover from Nicola Martinez.

Here's my back cover blurb and an excerpt.

My blurb:

Caroline knew something was wrong the instant she stepped into that unusual gazebo with two doors. But when a man she never thought to see again appeared outside, she flung caution aside and plunged through the back door, crashing into an unknown man--and 1817.

Time travel? Impossible. Richard refused to believe the strange woman's outlandish tale. Still, she's lost and alone, and he helps the stranded wayfarer.

But as attraction blooms between these two lonely people, Richard's family legend grinds to its inexorable conclusion--will it bring them together, or tear them apart forever?

My excerpt:

Caroline followed him into the room she knew was the kitchen and he stepped up to the banked fire.

Fire? Where were the stove and refrigerator? And all the chrome and stainless steel of the ultramodern kitchen she had seen only this morning? This kitchen contained a scarred wood trestle table with several chairs pushed under it. Pots and pans hung on wall racks and reflected the dim firelight. A cupboard stood against the far wall, next to a sink with a pump. A pump?

With shaking hands, she set the lantern on the table and pulled out one of the chairs. She was in trouble, very deep trouble.

As she sank into the chair, she turned her stunned attention to her host.

He turned, and for the first time she fully took in his face. She gasped. Had she seen a ghost through the gazebo's back door? "Richard?"

Puzzlement spread over those chiseled features she now saw only in her memories. "How do you know my name?"

I don’t have a release date yet, so I'll end with--Lady of the Stars, Regency time travel, coming soon from The Wild Rose Press.


Linda Banche

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Release Date for Unique Transformation

It has been a long wait, but I finally have a release date for Unique Transformation, which will be coming out through the Black Rose line of TWRP. It is a sensual paranormal romance.

I have been extremely pleased with the editor working with me on this, Zanoni Rose, and want to express my appreciation for all of her help and hard work.
She is truly a rose among roses. So thank you, Zanoni!

I also want to thank Rae Monet for the beautiful cover work she did for this story. She is one gifted lady.

Drum roll, please....dum ta ta tum...

I am now pleased to announce that the long-awaited release date for Unique Transformation is August 27, 2008.

It is the story of the wealthy, brilliant Christine Mattison. She has everything going for her, except a close-knit, loving family. Bored with her socialite status, she breaks tradition by volunteering to help young cancer patients, knowing her controlling mother will never approve, unaware that aliens from another world are watching her every move.

When the ruler of Planet Diama invades her life, intent on making her his queen, Christine is unable to resist his every effort to have her.

But, she wonders, will her people accept this lizard king as she has? Or will they destroy the strange alien being she has fallen hopelessly, helplessly in love with, despite his magnificent, scaly appearance?


"He pulled her against him, sampling her mouth with his own and shocking her when his serpent-like tongue suddenly slipped inside her mouth, exploring there. Tears dropped from Christine’s eyes then, at the wonder of his kiss, and she clung to him, wanting him to do it all over again. Everything.

"When he finally released her, she was unwilling yet to let him go and snatched him to her in a possessive manner. At her expression of affection, the alien smiled in his own way, then embraced her in similar fashion.

* * * * * * * *

"Yes, he decided. He had chosen well. From this point on, this woman would be his. His woman."

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Pub date for A Law of Her Own

I'm thrilled to have a pub date for A Law of Her Own, a Minature Cactus Rose. It will be out August 27, 2008. For a blurb, excerpt, and author comments, see below.

She won't let an innocent man hang—

When Charity Dawson resigns her father's corporate law firm to pursue a career as a trial lawyer she gets more of a change than she wanted. She finds herself transported to 1888 Texas in the middle of a murder trial.

Turner Reardon is on trial for the murder of his mistress. He's given up all hope when an oddly dressed young woman disrupts his trial claiming she's a lawyer and can prove his innocence. Her testimony is brilliant but, his optimism is short lived when she claims to be a lawyer.

Charity doesn't know how she arrived in Prairie, and no one believes she actually went to law school. Her evidence is tossed out and Turner is sentenced to hang. She has only one chance to save an innocent man's life and find the real killer.


“Ruby, it’s not like me and the boys sat on that jury yesterday when they sentenced Turner. We’re just following the law,” said the sheriff.

“Elijah, you should be ashamed of yourself. You were Turner’s daddy’s best friend. If you were a true friend, you’d be gettin’ this boy out of here until the real killer could be caught.”

“Aunt Ruby, leave him alone. He’s just doing his job. Come here now and let me kiss your cheek one last time.”

Elijah stepped between them. “Can’t let you do that, Turner.”

“Why the hell not?”

“You know why, she could pass you something, a weapon.”

“Hell, she just passed me a whole pie”

Elijah had the grace to look embarrassed. “We sliced it for you to make sure there wasn’t anything planted inside.” He cleared his throat. “We didn’t want to search Ruby.”

Turner hid his smile at the expression of outrage on his aunt’s face. She poked Elijah in the chest with one of her bony fingers. It hurt. He aughta know because she’d done it to him enough times.

“It’s a good thing too, young man. I’m not a helpless old woman and can still take a plug outta your hide.”

“Yes, Ma’am, I know.” He put his arms around her shoulders and turned her toward the door. “Now it’s getting dark out, visitation is over. You can see Turner in the morning.”

She wailed, “Yeah, hanging by a rope.


Question: What do you get when you cross a New York lawyer with an old fashioned cowboy?

Answer: A rollicking good read with sparks the size of Texas. Linda LaRoque hits the bulls eye dead on in this fast paced story that’s sure to please.

Elaine Cantrell Author of Purple Heart

A Law of Her Own is a wonderful, fun read. It keeps moving and keeps you rooting for her engaging heroine and compelling hero. Another great tale from Linda LaRoque.

Kristin Lawrence ~ The Vicar's Vixen


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Here it is! MY COVER!

Be still my heart! When I saw my cover I just about fell out of my chair! Love it ... love it ... love it. Thanks Tamra ... again.

Synopsis: Strange dreams plague Ianna Ward as she sleeps, images of war and the vision of smiling aqua eyes that haunt her when she wakes. The feeling that she's forgotten someone is always with her, as are the memories of a love so strong that it filters through time. However, the memories aren't hers - or are they?When a mysterious parcel arrives, the strange contents baffle her, except for the basket hilt sword with the name Regan Shay engraved into the shining blade. Somehow, she knows the sword ... and the name ignites feelings that she has long forgotten.

Spirited away to a time long forgotten and a place that once existed in her dreams, Ianna comes face to face with the sparkling eyes and dimpled smile of Regan Shay. She also learns that her destiny is somehow entwined with his. But is she strong enough to battle an evil queen and save Regan from what the Fates have bestowed upon him?

With the help of unicorns, dragons, and a cheeky Pegusus named Mercury, Ianna fights for the man she was born to love. Is her love powerful enough to change destiny and make Regan hers forever?

Keep an eye out for the release date.


Danger In Her Arms - in print!!!

WOO-HOO! I love announcements like this. My romantic suspense, Danger In Her Arms, from The Wild Rose Press is now available in PRINT. You can order it at . I got my author copies the other day and the cover is gorgeous! Ahhhhh....

Taylor Marshal and her daughter need protecting, yet the bodyguard assigned is the one man she fears the most.

Three years earlier, Taylor gave her heart and body to stranger. After a whirlwind affair of unbridled passion, her hopes were crushed when she finds out her lover, Cory Ross, is a hit man. When she witnesses him take another man’s life then watches her new found love fall from a cliff after being shot, her heart shatters. The only thing left to soothe Taylor’s broken soul is the little life growing inside her. The last thing she expects to find is Cory Ross alive – and back in her life as her own personal bodyguard.

Cory thought his luck had changed after his near death experience in the Bahamas. But when he looks into the eyes of the woman who he suspected had something to do with his accident, he realizes his new assignment to protect Taylor and her young daughter will be pure hell. But to fall in love all over again with Taylor Marshall will be sheer torture.


Cory took a step toward her until the heat from his body connected with hers. Invisible sparks ignited between them, making Taylor’s heart hammer faster.

“How did Zack kiss you?” His deep voice sent shivers over her body.

“I...I can’t remember.” She shrugged. “Open mouth, I guess.”

Cory drew nearer and dropped his gaze to her lips. “Did his tongue sweep across your lips?” His hand lifted to her face, his fingers breezed over her skin and down her neck. “Did his caress excite you?”

A magnetic pull lulled her to lean into his hand as it traveled inch-by-incredible-inch toward her breast. She closed her eyes and tilted her head, her heart beating in an erratic rhythm. The words denying his questions were on the tip of her tongue. Although she wanted to tell him Zack had never stirred desire in her body, she worried she might tell Cory that his touch had always made her melt.

His hot breath stroked her ear. “Did he?” he whispered, his hand slipping further over the curve of her breast. Against her bra, her nipples puckered in remembrance of his fascinating touch.

Although she tried to stop it, a moan escaped her throat. Keeping her eyes closed, she leaned into him until his lips touched her ear. She rubbed her cheek against his and held onto his arms to stop from dissolving to the floor in a heap of gooey passion.


“Tell me.”

“No.” She turned her face to his, her lips touching the day’s growth of whiskers he used to love to tickle her naked body with. “He never made me feel that way. Never.”


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Just wanted to remind everyone in case you haven't seen the "Latest Release" page on Wild Rose's site...Hidden Shadows, a great suspense read is for sale in e-book!!
You can go to my website for more information, including an excerpt and trailer. I hope you all enjoy it and let me know what you think!
Good luck and congratulations to everyone with a new release!


COST OF FREEDOM is on the top 10 list for best sellers at The Wild Rose Press.

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Crystal's Book Reviews has reviewed THE DOCTOR'S DECEPTION!

Here is part of the review:

A quirky tale of love, friendship, dreams, trust and betrayal in the ranks, dragging you down the halls of your local hospital and settling you into one big daydream you'll have the book finished in no time. Its like having an episode of ER in your hands and playing in your head. I'd recommend this book to anyone over the age of 18 years and older. An excellent read sure to have you turning page after page in a single sitting unwilling to take a break. Definitely something to curl up with on a cold night or rainy day with a glass of wine or a tub of ice cream before bed and capable of lifting anyone’s spirits.

I give this book a hearty (lol) 4 out of 5 stars.

By R.N. Hadley

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THANK YOU SO MUCH Ms. Hadley! I am so thrilled that THE DOCTOR'S DECEPTION has been well received so far! THE DOCTOR'S DECEPTION makes its debut on 6/25/08 from THE WILD ROSE PRESS!

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Topping the Best Seller List at the Wild Rose Press

Romance and suspense await you in The Lake Placid Cure, today's Number One Bestseller at the Wild Rose Press!

After Sandra Blake catches her husband in flagrante delicto with a younger woman, she checks into a spa/clinic in Lake Placid which promises to cure her life’s ills. Little does she know that the secluded spa hides suspicious activities and characters. Chief of Police Doug Harrington has seen a lot of strange things among the rich and famous in his little resort town, but even he’s surprised by the events at the ritzy medical spa. The last thing Sandra wants is another charming man in her life. The last thing Doug expects to find is a woman who matches him in intellect, integrity, and compassion. After joining forces to protect a young girl who witnessed her mother’s brutal murder, each discovers miracles can happen, once again, in Lake Placid.

Happy reading!

Sharon Buchbinder

Friday, June 06, 2008

Edits Recieved!

Happy Friday, everyone - and I couldn't be happier...I'm beginning the next round of edits for my current manuscript, All or Nothing. My lovely editor, Elizabeth West, returned it to me yesterday. Granted, it was bleeding, riddled with questions and comments each one of which I will intensively review and work out to both our satisfaction. Why does the time suddenly seem to be moving so quickly???

Still, I just wanted to give a cheer to the editors at TWRP - for their sage advice, and for keeping us honest - I've blogged about this today, as I'm doing my best to remember this roller-coaster process of bringing my labor of love to print.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Coming Soon...
Tessa Takes a Chance, Summer, 2008
All or Nothing, Spring, 2009
The Wild Rose Press

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy Hookers! Engaging the Reader from Start to Finish

Celtic Hearts Romance Writers Academy is proud to announce an upcoming online workshop for June/July.
Workshop Title: Happy Hookers! Engaging the Reader from Start to Finish
Presenter: Terry Spear
Date: June 16 - July 14Description: Slow starts and sleepy endings to scenes and chapters can ruin a manuscript's chance of being published.Conversely, solid hooks can make the sale - as workshop instructor Terry Spear demonstrates,with six publishers currently hooked for six manuscripts. Setting such practical matters aside, what author wouldn't be thrilled to hear someone say, "I couldn't put the book down"? Strong hooks are a vital ingredient in strong writing. In this online class, which features lectures, discussion, practical exercises, and handouts, she'll teach students how to captivate readers with great openings, scene hooks, chapter cliff hangers, and intriguing back cover blurbs. Participants will master the hook in all its environments, from the query letter through the novel.
About the presenter: Terry Spear has published in many genres, including romantic suspense, historical, contemporary, paranormal, and writes under the name Terry Lee Wilde for young adult paranormal and fantasyromances.She's the author of Winning The Highlander's Heart (Vintage)and one of the debut paranormal books with Sourcebooks, Heart of the Wolf, April '08, Don't Cry Wolf, Spring '09, and Deadly Liaisons(Samhain), Relative Danger, Deidre's Secret (Wild Rose Press).A young adult book is available at stores August 26, The Vampire...In My Dreams. She also writes nonfiction for numerous genealogy, WWII, teen, and family magazines, and has had romantic fiction published in True Confessions and True Romance.
Her website is: http://www.%20terryspear.%20com/
Deadline to sign up for this workshop: June 13.
Fee: $10 CHRW members; $15 non-members.
RWA Membership isn't required; anyone can take our courses. Celtic Hearts members receive 2 free workshops a year.
Where to sign up: http://www.%20celtichearts.%20org/chwksp.%20html
Please fill out the online form.
Thank you for considering our workshops!!
Vonda Sinclair Celtic Hearts Education Coordinator

Monday, June 02, 2008

And the fun begins

I'm new to The Wild Roses Press and extremely new to blogging. I had to ask my teenage daughter all about it and she's like "Mum! You do this and this and then that ..." Hmmm. I think of myself as pretty up to date with technology but blogging just stumps me.

I'm currently up to day three of 50k's in 30 days, the Australian version of NaNoRiMo where I've challenged myself to write 50 000 words in 30 days. It's no mean feat! My hero won't behave ... he keeps sneaking in unauthorised touches and kisses and the heroine is aghast! He's also meant to be dead but you try telling him that. Plus my cat makes covert dashes across my keyboard trying to attack my fingers as I type. If he's not doing that, he's sitting in front of the screen and I can't see a thing ... or pressing the tab key ... He's a naughty boy!

I'm very excited about being signed to The Wild Roses Press and I can't wait to see my book cover and all those other good things. Keep an eye out for it - Illusions of Destiny.