Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Blooming Justice

Oklahoma, in the middle of the Great Plains of the United States, is home to more miles of shoreline than the most any state in the union.  We have lots of water especially in the eastern part of the state.  It is aptly called Green Country because of the rolling hills, lakes, rivers and streams. 
            Keystone Lake is located just west of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the second largest city in the state, and its beauty is known far and wide.  It is the perfect backdrop for mystery and intrigue. It is a hydroelectric as well as recreational lake – I’ve boated on it many times.  I grew up part-time on its shores as a kid due to the kindness of a friend’s family, and then later bought property there myself.  And it seemed the perfect place for a story about a young woman coming to adulthood and learning to take care of herself and her friends.  She is smart and she is strong, and she is planning on making a mark in this world.  And she does.  
            A down-to-earth girl, Erin planned to attend the senior prom at her small town of Mannford, Oklahoma with her three best friends. Then she got an invitation from a boy she knew little about.  He was out of her league – rich, handsome, and mysterious.  Why would he invite her?  She soon found out.  The date was an opportunity to embarrass and harass the small-town girl.  But Todd didn’t know who he was dealing with.
            Putting the incident at the senior prom behind her, Erin went off to find herself at Tulsa University and began working in her aunt’s law firm.  But Todd would be back to cause her trouble.  And he wasn’t the only one.  An attorney in the firm didn’t think she belonged there either and did his best to get rid of her.  She would end up fighting for her job and possibly her best friend’s life - no small feat for a freshman in college. But she didn’t come to college to fail.
            Check out Blooming Justice set on beautiful Keystone Lake and if you enjoy the story, leave me a review.   

Peggy Chambers

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Witches’ Cliff

Modern day Wiccans exist. Many people still practice the ancient religion.  In researching Wiccan practices for my novella, Witches’ Cliff, I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before like the use of crystals or minerals in their practices.  Wiccan Gerald Gardner’s Book of Shadows was used in the television show Charmed and is still used today.  Penny finds that original book in Barrett’s Books and Antiquities and is treated poorly after picking it up and carrying it to the front.  It fell from the top of a seldom used bookcase, but the proprietor acted like she was trying to steal it. That was when Penny realized this quaint little town held a lot of secrets it didn’t intend to give up.
            Originally traveling to the Vermont Deerbourne Inn for a weekend get-away from her home in Salem, Massachusetts, Penney encountered people and things she hadn’t planned on. An old woman kept appearing and disappearing telling her to go home.  She never went looking for Liam, the attractive electrician at the inn, or another witch.  But they found her.  It was Halloween and she wanted to contact her ten-times great-grandmother to ask her opinion on a marriage proposal back home.  She got more than she bargained for.
            The village had a dreadful past they didn’t talk about in town. About the same time as the Salem Witch Trials, Willow Springs, Vermont had their own trials.  But instead of burning the witches at the stake, they threw them from the cliffs to their deaths below.  Later the bones of the witches were gathered to make a monument to the ones who went before.  An arch was formed at the entrance to the cliffs as a reminder of those dark days and they could be a help or a hinderance to all who climbed the trail to the top of the cliff.
            Penny came to contact her ancestor on Halloween, the most powerful time of the year for a witch.  But would her grandmother help or hinder Penny in her quest for answers? 
            Check out Witches’ Cliff and leave me a review.  It is only one of the many novellas about the Deerbourne Inn located in the quaint Vermont countryside.  The inn has many stories to tell.         

Peggy Chambers

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