Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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$2.99In February 1944, the girls of the Air Transport Auxiliary Mystery Club face the devastating personal loss of one of their own in a tragic crash. At the same time, another member is blackmailed, whilst honeymoon plans of a third are threatened by a puzzling mystery.Read More
$5.99If returning home without a job wasn’t bad enough, learning her arch-nemesis and brother’s best friend, Dax Moore, is the cover model for the town’s calendar certainly was. Determined to protect her heart from the very man who broke it, Ellen Jordan vows to keep her distance. However, the longer she remains, the harder it becomes for her to remember why she stayed away.Read More
$4.99Caught up in a prophecy...Only by the hand of Princess Tannith of Ellenroh can the last part of the famed talisman, the Cross of Tarlis be joined to restore peace to the world. With her companions, a bastard prince, a white tiger, her bodyguard, a tiny warrior faerie, and an ancient mage, she continues the quest to uncover the remains of the only relic that can rival the Dark Sorcerer, Sernon’s power.Read More
$5.99Six months after jailing mobsters, Andy Miller starts a new life unsuccessfully avoiding investigating crime. When Christiaan Johannson asks her to help recover stolen emeralds in Madrid, she's hesitant to forgive the months of radio silence.Read More
$3.99Renee Tate needs to spread her grandmother’s ashes around a special tree in the small town of Garland Falls, MN. Her grandmother’s ghost decided to tag along and do some matchmaking. There, Renee meets a tall, quiet man with a gift for gardening. What would he think if he knew she could see and talk to ghosts?Read More

Monday, September 26, 2022

Forging Forgiveness by C.B. Clark


When small-town college instructor Candace Cooper discovers bloody, bare footprints in the snow while running in a state park deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, it brings back the horrific nightmare of her past.

Detective Aiden Farrell is determined to redeem himself in his new position in Colorado, even if that means ignoring his growing feelings for the beautiful professor he meets during an investigation. His fear that the footprints she saw are connected to a recent spate of missing teens intensifies when Candace is assaulted on campus.

Aiden and Candace join forces, but as they start unraveling the truth, they get closer to each other—and to a killer who'll stop at nothing to achieve his nefarious goal. 

Caught between duty and love, Aiden fights in a race against time to save the woman he loves.

 Our Review: With complex and intricate plotting, author Clark takes the reader on a wild ride through the glorious Colorado Rockies. While the suspense and mystery is clearly evident, this is also a story of redemption and forgiveness of self. As well, the plight of the families and loved ones of the ‘missing’ is always there, raising our awareness of the many forms of evil in this world.

 On a scale of 1-5, Forging Forgiveness deserves a 5.

 Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

Sunday, September 25, 2022

New Romance and Fiction from the Wild Rose Press


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$4.99By-the-book ER nurse Alicia Stone can spot trouble a mile away. The sex-in-combat-boots bleeding all over her porch radiates with it. Her plan to bandage him up and show him the door goes awry when a blizzard traps them in her cozy mountain cabin.Read More
$4.99Sister Bridget Ann Rincón-Keller is known as the crime-fighting nun of East Austin's Latino Community. But her heartstrings may be pulled beyond their limit when she finds a newborn by the statue of the Virgin Mary.Read More
$4.99Cass Brennan makes her living scavenging artifacts and searching for her lost parents, while piloting her spacecraft. When she discovers an ancient ship, everyone rushes to steal her prize. Along with her godfather, and Zack Anderson, who she admires for his expertise with engines, gentle manner, and handsome features, Cass refuses to go down without a fight.Read More
$4.99In A CURSE ON THE WIND, a would-be actress, a good-looking gravedigger, and a cemetery haunted by an invisible power collide with the unintended consequences of a curse. This YA historical fantasy features 17-year-old Gethsemane, who gives in during a weak moment and casts a dramatic curse against someone who wronged her.Read More
$5.99Tex McKenna’s junior year of high school is just as bad as his sophomore year. Maybe worse. Olivia’s dumped him. He's caught up between two warring teen gangs and gone “undercover” with the Modern Gangstas to unmask a murderer. All this poor Witch Boy and supernatural trouble magnet wants to do is end the school year alive. And maybe find out who the mysterious ghostly girl is and how she knows all his secrets.Read More
$5.99Sloan Picard, a Special Forces sniper on medical leave, treks to Boothbay Harbor, Maine, to bury his sister. Unease over her demise prompts him to accept a pilot’s job with New England Air where Julia Connelly, the owner’s daughter and office manager, becomes his enigma and obsession.Read More
$5.99When a tormented man begs 17-year-old Elisabeth London to travel back in time to save his life, she reluctantly agrees. Assuming Scotland is the destination, she ends up in Ancient Rome instead.Read More
$4.99Maat Ferris, a retired werewolf hunter, and her lover Xavier have raced west across a barren post-apocalypse country carrying the controls to activate—or destroy—the last nuclear missiles on earth. Pursued by a dictator and the terrifying vampire who controls him, they have delivered their prize to Salvaje.Read More
$0.99Katie needed the money. Lee needed a date. It was supposed to be for one night only. But one night was not enough. Not when Lee wanted more from Katie. Lee burned for Katie, but how could he break the contract he had with her without scaring Katie away?Read More

Saturday, September 17, 2022

New Romance and Fiction from The Wild Rose Press


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$4.99Sadie Layne, a creative and motivated high school drama teacher, is grateful for second chances. After surviving breast cancer, she embarks on a celebratory trip to LA with her two best friends. Sadie never expected to run into the handsome and charming Vince De Carlo in the hotel lobby.Read More
$5.99Angus McCraggan sacrificed his life to break the Celtic curse laid upon his people in the Bronze Age. He failed. Millennia later, he returns to modern Ireland to find his people have become feral, vengeful shadows. With his hollow hill now a tourist attraction, he uses his power to keep his past hidden.Read More
$5.99Adrian de Soules, exiled Templar in clandestine service to Robert the Bruce, finds himself drawn to flame-haired Kendra Claremont—niece of the Earl of Pembroke and granddaughter of an arch-enemy of the secret Templar Brotherhood—and knows she’s trouble.Read More
$5.99Riddled with guilt and tormented by desire, Lucy Short keeps notes about newcomers to the village, but why? The misfit with the rescue dog has a mysterious past. She’s been biding her time, plotting and scheming, and now she’s determined to get what she deserves. It won’t be straight forward. Someone is sure to be watching her every move, and there seems to be something more sinister going on.Read More
$1.99After losing her fiance, Tim, to a car accident, Roseanne has one thing to remember him by—a ring with a gemstone made from his cremated remains. Anchored to the jewel, he returns to her from the other world. But the ghost of a love isn't enough.Read More
$0.99When Jack saves Grace from a bad date, he had no idea she was going to captivate him in every way. If only he could make her see he is the right man for her. Grace finds out Jack does not give up once he wants something--and that something is her. The question is, just how long she will make him wait until she is ready?Read More
$5.99When small-town college instructor Candace Cooper discovers bloody, bare footprints in the snow while running in a state park deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, it brings back the horrific nightmare of her past.Read More
$4.99As the Alpha's daughter, Sarah isn't allowed to be in love with Cade. But she is. When they're caught by a suitor some place they shouldn't be, Sarah must claim Lacessere to save Cade's life, but it means they can never be together.Read More
$4.99High-powered billionaire Beverly Hills attorney Trent Nichols takes a three month sabbatical to shake his feeling of career burnout and ends up in the San Juan Islands off Washington State. Right away, he encounters a beautiful, down-to-earth owner of a diner/bar and feels an immediate attraction to her. Read More