Friday, September 24, 2021

Looking for a way to relax? Read a new book from The Wild Rose Press


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Tempting Fate

Carrie Thomas arrives in Las Vegas with one goal in mind: land The Grand Portofino Casino account. So getting stuck, twice in one day, with the hottest man alive puts more than a little crimp in her plans. Especially when she learns the man she's craved since their accidental tryst in the elevator is her new client.

Jack Dillon is at the top of his game. Burned by women in the past and consumed with building his empire, falling in love is the last thing on his agenda. But when Carrie walks into his life, all bets are off. Too bad she's determined to keep their relationship strictly business.

But Jack is used to getting what he wants. And he wants Carrie. Two weeks of giving in to their desires and fun in Sin City. It's an offer she can't refuse. Can they mix business and pleasure, or are they just tempting fate?

Twisted Lies

Athena Cooper's tragic past drives her to seek solace in a bottle. The addiction threatens her legal career, and she risks spiraling out of control. When her dog engineers a meeting with an all-too-handsome hunk, it's lust at first sight…until she discovers his identity.

Businessman Russell Crawford is desperate to find the woman who cheated him out of his inheritance. His shock when she's the gorgeous redhead he'd met briefly is only intensified when she claims his father was a murderer.

Athena and Russ declare a truce and join forces to investigate the mystery of her parents' disappearance from an isolated island off the rugged Northwest Coast of British Columbia. Along the way, they uncover long-buried secrets that rock her very foundation. Can she overcome a lifelong distrust and open her heart to love?

What Happens in Denver

Meet Andi Rigby. She and her husband own a famous bar. Andi can mix a cocktail, change a beer keg, soothe ruffled customers, and drink you under the table. Life is good until the day she finds herself divorced and unemployed. After a suitable period of ice-cream and whiskey infused mourning, she heads to a beer conference in Denver on a mission to rediscover her joy and find a new job.

Between fielding gossip, saving a drunk woman from herself, and dodging a hot but ill-advised boozy hookup, the weekend leads to a few surprises. She ends up employed with an unexpected bonus—a new friend. Oh, and the guy she kissed? Turns out her new job includes selling his brewery's beer. No big deal. Except the bit about him being practically perfect for her at a moment she's determined to focus on her own success.

A story of new friends, fresh starts, and a side order of romance served up with a nice cold pint.

Redeemed by Fire
The Fire Chronicles


Cassanne Thomas returns to New Orleans to start her life over and becomes the target of a supernatural serial killer. Escaping her close call with death, Casi is the only witness to the crime and finds herself placed in protective custody by a handsome Cajun detective. But with her dark, troubled past, trusting the police is the last thing she wants to do.

Detective Lucas Avery, the top homicide detective in NOLA, is unaware of the supernatural world surrounding him. With the killer stalking the streets, he vows to shield the beautiful, enigmatic Casi with his life while fighting his growing attraction to her. He's been burned before.

Danger chases Lucas and Casi from the streets of the French Quarter to the wilds of the bayou. Will they be able to stop a monster, straight out of a nightmare or become victims themselves?

Tempt Me, Trust Me


Damaged by her past, Morgan Fletcher moved to a quiet cottage in rural Montana wanting solitude and a fresh start. The very last thing on her mind was allowing someone new in.
Ex-convict Nick Evanoff didn't need anyone. After his time in prison all he wanted from life was to train and rescue horses. But the moment he spots Morgan something explodes in him that he never felt before.
Could Nick work the same magic on her as he did the horses he rescues? Could he teach her that it was safe to trust?

No Plans for Tomorrow


How can she make plans for tomorrow when she might not live through today?

Carmen Santiago can't escape her tenacious ex-husband. He tracks her everywhere, even to a small mountain community where she hoped to find some peace.

Local mountain sheriff, James Thomas, vows to protect Carmen to prove good men still exist, but Carmen's dangerous confrontation with her ex at a mountain overlook rocks the very foundation of his growing feelings. She endangered his daughter, and for that, he will never forgive her.

How can Carmen convince James of the truth when her only defense is trapped inside a little girl too afraid to speak?         

Sunday, September 19, 2021

New Romance and Fiction from The Wild Rose Press!


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Beautiful Eyes
In Their Eyes


Entrepreneur Smith MacLean is obsessed with Alessandra Soriano, a woman he met briefly who disappeared six months ago. After a shocking reunion at Club Kink, he insists she stay with him. He means to find out where she's been.

Alessandra walked away from her life after making a mistake that cost everything. Her self-imposed penance is living in poverty and doing questionable things with questionable people. Now she's in Smith's luxurious condo, under his hand, and obeying his rules.

He has thirty days to convince her to come back from limbo. She has thirty days to convince him she needs to be forgotten. Unless the flames of lust consume them first.

Scarlet at Crystal River
The Haunted Shores Mysteries Series


All Darrell Henshaw wanted was to enjoy his honeymoon with his beautiful wife, Erin, in the charming town of Crystal River on the sunny Gulf Coast of Florida. But his carefully laid plans go sideways when they discover a hidden painting of two young Latino children, which turns out to be haunted. Is Darrell willing to derail their entire honeymoon in this perfect, quiet corner of the world to unravel the mystery of the children's deaths?

In From the Cold


Matthew left his family ranch to make it on his own. Alaska seemed far enough away from his brother's wife to heal his broken heart.

The Witch of Rathborne Castle


Lady Jane Lenwood is abandoned and left penniless and alone at Rathborne Castle in the middle of a dark, twisted forest. She yearns to live a normal life and blames her misfortunes on the current duke. But Lady Jane has a secret, a voice in her head warning her of the future, which brings unwanted visitors to her gates.
Wounded, Max Radley is found inside the gates of Rathborne. He is intrigued and drawn to the beautiful red-haired woman the locals call a witch. After spending the winter snowed in, Max must resume his search for a traitor but finds he cannot forget Lady Jane.
Treason, enemies, lies and deception surround them. Jane must give everything to save them both, as well as Rathborne.

Bouncing the Bustle
Victorians Unlaced


Lilwen Jones bounces her bustle down the stairs—she is finally free! But her father has gambled away her plant nursery, her sole livelihood. She has one chance to save her fortunes and her dreams: to seek the legendary white waratah in Australia's wild southern island of Tasmania.

Sawyer Thane is a wildlife hunter, explorer, and a man with secrets. He organizes a luxurious ship journey to remember. He plans their expedition to the last detail. He doesn't lose his temper—not totally—when lovely Lilwen insists on her own way. And he absolutely won't fall for a contrary, plant-loving witch in trousers, as he is not the marrying kind.

As Lilwen and Sawyer scour the wilderness for the elusive plant, rules are optional, danger mounts, and their scorching attraction threatens to set the entire forest ablaze.

Gone But Not Forgotten
PK & Lt. Carson


Officer Bob Carson, a rookie police officer in a small California town, discovers a young woman's body minutes after her murder, and he might have seen the truck involved in the incident. The case becomes an obsession, with Bob wondering if he could have prevented the brutal crime. He follows clues wherever he can find them, even as he advances his career with other police agencies.
When a similar case happens in California, as well as others around the country, Bob identifies a suspect - a long-haul trucker. As he closes in, the suspect vanishes and another trucker similar in appearance is murdered. Bob knows this cannot be a coincidence. The trail leads to a showdown on a rainy day in Portland, Oregon. But can Bob bring the cold-blooded killer to justice and wrap up the case that has haunted him for years?

The Nighthawk Series
The Complete Boxed Set


Storm Rising
Rhythm of Deceit
Cobwebs in the Dark
The Girl in the Painting         

Monday, September 13, 2021

Welcome Raymond Lowrie to the blog!

 Hello Raymond

Thank you for stopping by today.

Tell us about The Elephant's Grip 

I had a general idea about how the story should end, but plot scenes unfolded as they were being written. Most of the ending came about owing to plot developments. I had read several books about how to write a successful novel. That really helped. It has five star reviews on Amazon. And, it was recommended by US Review of Books

Historical figures (Lincoln, Horace Greeley) are used to cement the pre-Civil War era in a reader’s mind, but the principal characters are all fictitious. Members of my family speculated that I might have been the story’s old-time prospector, Roscoe, due to my background and knowledge of mining.

I, like many others, fantasized for years about writing a novel. Upon retirement I had the time. I came to realize that if I was ever going to actually do it I had to sit down and make myself “put pen to paper”. Finally, after much procrastination I worked for two years on a computer and did it. To avoid distractions and to stay on task, the final month was spent alone in a motel out of town.

The title of my book (The Elephant’s Grip) includes the word “elephant”. It’s in the sense of a large and powerful force. The “elephant” is a metaphor for gold, which has a powerful grip swaying the characters in the story. It could just as well have been “gorilla” in the title.


A message of the book is that the lust for gold gripped people in the opening of the American West to the extent that they did unconscionable things to one another and to the indigenous tribes. An attractive Black woman, who had escaped from slavery and become a singer in a cabaret, influences the protagonist, Jeremy, to have more humane and civilized values.


And tell us about you. 


I’ve never given an interview similar to what is done by celebrities or politicians. However, I’ve had many job-related interviews. Some were on live television. Also, an oral life history of my jobs and experiences was recently recorded by my professional society (American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers). It’s soon to be publicly available on the internet. Following such interviews often there was a pleasant and satisfying release of tension.

I enjoy most all drinks: beer, wine, hard liquors included. On the soft side, hot cocoa is hard to beat in the cold of winter. Iced tea with a slice of lemon from a tree in my backyard is best in the summer. A Starbucks latte will do anytime.

I’m a relaxed person with acceptance of a broad range of opinions, differences, and circumstances. Over the years my inner fire has cooled to permit wide tolerance. However, my temper can flare upon provocation.

It wouldn’t be honest or accurate for me to say which season of the year is best. I have different but important feelings about all four. The onset of each has distinct virtues: Spring – new life and regeneration, Summer – freedom and liberation, Fall – crisp and necessary preparation, Winter – release and decline. But skiing in the Colorado mountains made winter close to wonderful.

My favorite book is a professional one titled “SME Mining Reference Handbook”. I was the editor of its 1st edition and oversaw and synthesized the work of thirty-three registered professional engineers. It was published in 2002 and honored as an outstanding academic title by Choice, an entity of the American Library Association. It’s 2nd edition is the single title allowed during a States’ examination of engineers sitting for professional registration.

The Elephant’s Grip was published by The Wild Rose Press in 2016.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

New Romance and Fiction from The Wild Rose Press


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Cherry Red
One Scoop or Two


This summer, ice cream entrepreneur Carly Redd's only focus is expanding her business—until she's coerced into attending her ex's engagement party. Showing up without a date is unthinkable. She reluctantly agrees to be escorted by her brother's co-worker, although doing so breaks her rule of not dating firefighters.
The daughter of the town's fire chief should wear a Do Not Touch sign, but firefighter Noah Harding's interest blazed the moment he saw Carly. Agreeing to be her fake boyfriend is a no-brainer, but convincing Carly to trust him with her heart is harder than extinguishing a fire.
Overstepping the platonic-only rule is as dangerous as fire and ice swirling into a tempting combustion.

Frogman's Response


Matthew Shaw is banned from his school's online counseling forum. Is it a crime his advice posts and anarchy blog are more popular than those on the school website?
Though he's being as sincere as possible, Matthew, posting as "Frogman" online, wreaks havoc at Henry Blake High with advice that causes breakups, instigates a cheerleader fistfight, and turns a school assembly into an angry mob.
When Matthew's private notebook goes missing, he worries not only about blowing his secret identity but about being suspended and ruining his shot to escape Mom's hoarding house.

Keeper of My Dreams


Reid Haliburton, a skilled gunsmith, resolves to keep his revolutionary handgun away from those who would abuse its power. But a vicious pirate decides the gun will be his. The price of refusing is Reid's life and those of his three young sons. Reid's only chance to save his sons is to send them away and face the pirate's wrath alone. Widowed Leena Cullane Adair is stunned to find the three lads hiding in her cart. Although she only met their father a week ago, he has wakened her interest in life and love. He holds her heart and her dreams, and she will do whatever it takes to keep him and his sons alive.

The Duke's Dilemma
Dukes in Danger: A Haversham House Romance


Miss Linea Braddock is passionate about drawing and Avery, Lord Hammond—not necessarily in that order. Avery, heir to the Duke of Easton and a spy in His Majesty's service, is passionate about his work and Miss Braddock—definitely not in that order.

Between fervid kisses and stolen interludes, they talk of marriage, but Avery stubbornly refuses to propose until he can put his family's famous engagement ring on Linney's finger. When Avery leaves suddenly without even saying goodbye, Linney decides to take things into her own hands and show him they belong together now.

But everything changes when an old enemy resurfaces. Napoleon's spymaster wants revenge for the Corsican's defeat, and his ruthless plan is to get even by destroying everyone close to Avery—especially the woman he loves.

Killing Dreams
Spirit Walkers


A serial killer is on the prowl and psychic Jenna Langley is an 'eye' witness to each death. The one man she dares turn to is homicide detective Cole Rainwater. But the last time she saw him was when their teenage love affair ended in tragedy.

Cole would give everything to forget he ever knew Jenna. Until she strolls back into his life after ten years and rapidly becomes the center of a horrific set of murders which have rocked the small community he calls home.

With a maniac on the loose, and innocent lives at stake, Jenna must decide if helping Cole bring a killer to justice is worth exposing the secret she's kept all these years.

A Pride of Brothers: Aiden


Lexi Buckley wants answers about her younger sister's death. The police have labeled it a suicide, but Lexi doesn't believe it. Stymied in her investigation, she doesn't know where to turn next. After a chance encounter with a private investigator, she thinks her prayers have been answered.

Aiden Keane has never been an answer to a prayer before, but he agrees to help Lexi. A quirky combo of brains and beauty, the pixie blonde makes him feel things no professional ever should for a client.

When their investigation puts Lexi's life in jeopardy, her safety becomes his number one priority. The hard part is not falling for her. 

Sunday, September 05, 2021

Enjoy the weekend with a new book!


New Romance and Fiction In The Garden

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Coming Home
The Sheffields


Returning to her Ohio hometown was the last thing Emma Sheffield ever expected. Following her husband's tragic death, which leaves her alone with two young kids, she needs the love and support only her family can provide.
Antonio Mendez moved to Smithview to rebuild his broken relationship with his son, and they are finally closer than ever. But the absence of a warm family life draws him to a devastatingly lonely woman. Too bad Emma's the sister of his ex-wife's husband who hates his guts.
Emma's instant attraction to Antonio warns her to stay away. He offers her a job using her long-neglected passion for interior design, and she's more thrilled than she should be to spend time with him. Before long, temptation consumes them. Will a startling discovery force them together…or apart?

Past Imperfect


It is two years since the wife of best-selling author Max Reilly died in a car crash along with her lover. Max is still recovering from her death and deception, but when he meets Emma — who is awaiting divorce from her violent husband — he quickly becomes attracted to her. Emma is cautious and keen to hold back. Max is determined but needs to keep his secrets from her. This becomes increasingly difficult for Max when he finds himself facing his past and one secret in particular involving violence, murder and betrayal.

Secrets Unveiled


Peter Harper swore he'd never return to prison, but when his friend Otto requested a visit, curiosity won out. A box filled with a life-altering puzzle leads Peter and Otto's daughter, Felicity, to join forces while peeling back layers of evidence about a growing mystery.

When Peter discovers his old nemesis is secretly involved, consequences ratchet up. He encounters deception at every turn. Could he be in over his head? The high stakes are a challenge, but his stubborn streak, and a dependable group of friends, gives Peter confidence. Success means he could finally live the life he deserves. But endangering the lives of those he loves isn't an option. Failure is off the table. Otto's secrets are turning this caper into a race against time.

Phoenix Rising
The Wild Realms of Véneanár


Banished and raised in the barracks of Til-Garrion, Tannin is trained to lead armies, not rule a kingdom never meant to be his. Yet he is compelled to accept the royal mantle and join forces with the Elves—ancient enemies of his people. His life is solitary, he's not looking for a mate—that is until he meets Faëlwyn.

Faëlwyn, a fierce elven princess, finds more than blood and war in the ancestral lands of her people. She finds a man who fascinates her with his attitude and tantalizes her with kisses. Now she must make an impossible choice. Take a chance on love with the human king or forever cling to the love she lost?

As war creeps closer, Tannin and Fae hatch a cunning plan to strike at their enemies. Old ideals crumble and new alliances arise from ashes in a tale of love, war, and betrayal.

And the Devil Walks Away


Helen Lipscomb seemingly has nowhere to go but down. Cashiered from the force, ostracized by most of her former acquaintances, and with no real connections left to the community, she's been getting by as a sort of unofficial investigator, doing piecework for various lawyers and bail bondsmen. Her former life as a homicide detective seems far behind her until a notorious serial killer, locked away and facing the death penalty, offers her the challenge of a lifetime. Not to prove his innocence, but to prove him guilty of even more murders than the authorities suspect, murders for which another convicted man, several states away, is taking credit.

Butter Brickle Beach
One Scoop or Two


Independence Day celebrations on Butter Brickle Beach are legendary. Ice cream, fireworks, and dancing beneath the stars make it a week to remember.

But the stars went out of Chloe Greene's eyes two years ago, when her fiancé, Colin Thompkins, disappeared right before their wedding.

When he shows up on Brickle Beach two years later, will she find room in her heart to forgive him? Or strangle him with the wedding gown he left her holding?

There Was an Old Woman


They make an unlikely trio: a grandmother—she's sixty-six; her granddaughter—she's fourteen; and her grandson—he's ten. When up against a horrific home invasion, what chance do they have against three masked gunmen?         

Saturday, September 04, 2021

Forever Wyld Laura Strickland - Reviewed by Kim Roller

 Retired Sheriff Earl Hanson isn’t enjoying retirement like he thought he would. Loneliness and lack of anything to do has him coming to town from his cabin in the woods. Earl is also being pursued by the most annoying woman in Wylder who wants him for a husband. Spinster Victoria Major has just arrived in Wylder and about to start her new job playing piano at the rowdiest saloon in town. She’s running from a scandal at her last job. Victoria is looking to start over. When Earl Hanson meets Victoria Major sparks fly and danger lurks. When they make a pact it just may lead them to become Forever Wylder. 

 Forever Wylder is the ninth book in the Wylder, Wyoming series and the second book written for the Wylder West series by Laura Strickland. . Laura Strickland takes a the much beloved sheriff of Wylder, Wyoming and gives him his own story that will have the reader seeing a different side of this loved character and that he’ll get his happily ever after. If you’re a fan of older character that show heart, and a little humor then this is a wonderful read for any historical western fan. This series brings together authors from the Wild Rose Press family to write a Multi-author series. This series revolves around the citizens in the booming western town that has growing pains. Wylder, Wyoming. The books bring new people to town and brings them together with the local citizens. These western historical romances will take you to 1800’s Wyoming where these characters face danger, passion, the weather conditions, wild horses, all type of conditions imaginable and their pasts to try and find true love. These stories can be read as a stand-alone book. So, welcome to Wylder, Wyoming where anything may happen, and love abounds. I very much enjoyed these stories. Take a trip to Wylder, Wyoming to fall in love with these wonderful characters and a unique town in the wild west. I’m anxiously awaiting my return to Wylder, Wyoming and finding the next group of citizens and maybe newcomers to fall in love with and who will be next to find true love.

5 Stars!!

(reposted with permission from the reviewer)