Thursday, September 28, 2006

I just got a cover!

(Sung to the tune of "We just got a letter" from Blues Clues.)

I am so very excited about this book, which will be a Yellow Rose, and released in time for the holidays. I'm also thrilled about being at WRP at such an exciting time. One day we'll be able to say, "Oh, we were with them when they were a brand-new publisher..."

I'm an urbanite myself, but I do love cowboys. Always had a thing for John Wayne, even though he was an old man when I was little. I visited Wyoming as a kid, and was blown away by the beauty of it. I knew, one day, I'd write stories about that place. So here it is, finally! Allison is afraid of love, so she had planned a very logical, rational marriage. When she discovered that her fiance was already planning to cheat, she ran away, into the teeth of a Wyoming blizzard. She winds up snowed in on the Crazy H with hunky rancher CJ Hall, then spends Christmas with his big, crazy family. With the help of interfering relatives, including a ghost, can he convince her to take a chance on love?

This is the first book in the "Love at the Crazy H" series. CJ has two gorgeous younger brothers, who will hopefully meet their matches in 2007.

Happy reading! Cindy

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hi From New Member


I'm a Newbie to blogging and to Wild Rose Press. I'll really appreciate advice for promoting my work. I also welcome referrals, cost, etc. of creating my own website. To those of you who already have websites, which is the best? Do you pay monthly fees, as well? As you see, I am totally clueless.

Still, I'm happy to be part of this exciting publishing venture.

Marilyn Parrish

Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Release by Stacy Dawn


Playing around with ways to let a co-worker know she wants to share more than just ‘the look’ over the staffroom coffeemaker, a nervous newspaper employee inadvertently sends him a made-up classified ad. Will her colossal mistake put her in next week’s gossip column or land her the best deal of her life?

Available now from
The Wild Rose Press

This is a funny story about getting up the nerve to make the first move. I'd love to hear your 'first move' stories. Enter my What's Your First Move? contest and win an Electronic Fortune Teller to help you with your next move!

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Belated Introduction

I've been remiss in popping in over here. I'm one of the early WRP authors, and this blog was barely underway when I signed on, not to mention I was overwhelmed with all the other activities of becoming an author -- writing blurbs, bios, finding pictures, not to mention reading and signing contracts! All new and exciting.

I have three short stories with The Wild Rose Press: "Words" and "Relationships" (my newest) are with the Champagne line, and "Out of Sight" is a Last Rose of Summer.

I've got my own blog, and a website -- again, new stuff for me. I hope you'll visit me in both places.

Drop by my Website--I'm having a contest. No purchase required. :-) And "Contests" is the topic for a 3-part series on my blog.

My website:
My blog: Terry's Place

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


My book Marshal in Petticoats is out in e-book format and soon to be in print. If you go to my website: you can enter my October contest.

Paty Jager

Monday, September 11, 2006

New Release!

First off, I'm so sorry I missed the celebration last night! We're having ISP troubles at home and I couldn't get online - GRRR! It sounds like it was a blast though!

My first release with The Wild Rose Press is out! RETURN TO RIVERCROSS is a Rosette (very short story) about two people who were once in love but allowed lies and mistrust stand between them. But don't worry - there's a happy ending!

I've also contracted with TWRP for a longer short story to be released in the Scarlet Rose line. It was so much fun to write!

You can check out more about me at my website: or my blog: .

Happy Reading!

What A Party!

Last night's cyber fiesta was fabulosa. Such lively conversation from authors, editors and readers. Might I say that everyone looked gorgeous and the crab puffs were divine? Thanks for inviting me. Kudos to everyone who put it together. Dana Mentink

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Join me!

Please join me on September 11 from 5PM-10PM CST at for a loop chat. I'll be posting excerpts, answering questions, and introducing you to my characters. I'll have prizes to give away, just for showing up.Two lucky winners will receive a $5 gift certificate to the Wild Rose Press. All you have to do to be eligible is make one post. That’s it. Stop by, say hi, whatever.Another lucky winner will receive a bag full of goodies and a $5 gift certificate to the Wild Rose Press. However many posts you make will put you in the drawing that many times. If you make one post, you’ll be entered once, 20 posts, you’ll be entered 20 times. Of course, this doesn't mean make a post just to be making posts.I’m also giving away a journal and pen homemade by me.If you can't make it during that time, drop by before then, and I'll see your post when I get there.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hi there, I'm Cindy Spencer Pape, and I write contemporary and paranormal romance. So far. As far as I'm concerned, anything with a happy ending is fair game, so who know's what I'll come up with in the future? My first book with Wild Rose Press, The Cowboy's Christmas Bride, is a contemporary western, with just a touch of something extra. The blurb is already up under the Yellow Rose coming soon page, and on my author page, if you'd like to check it out. This is a very special book for me, one I wrote for my mom. (Who didn't care for all my "spooky sci-fi" stuff.)

Anyway, I was just dropping in to say hello, and let everyone know how happy I am to be part of WRP. Everyone so far has been helpful, professional, and most of all fast! Having waited months if not years, in some cases for rejection letters, getting a contract in a matter of days was quite a thrill. Not to mention having a book coing out for this holiday season!Of course, I was also I really need to get going on that website...

About the picture: As you hopefully guessed, I'm the not-so-furry one. Actually in my spare time (ha!), I teach environmental education programs at a local nature center. The bear is, unfortunately an old recycled specimen and part of an exhibit I was redesigning. I am a huge animal lover, and you will often find them in my books.

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone, from editors to readers, and of course, my fellow authors. I'll be at the Cyber Party on Sunday (Sept. 10, 8 pm EST) and hope to see many of you there. Watch this space and I'll let you know when my website is up and running, meanwhile, you can find me at the WRP site, or at my paranormal blog Sisters Of The Night (

It's gonna be a great fall!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Hit and Run - Now Available for Purchase

I'm so proud and happy to announce that my very first written novel, Hit and Run, is now available for purchase at The Wild Rose Press! In celebration, I'm having a drawing at my website for a free download! Hop on over and sign up now!