Tuesday, April 29, 2008

LASR Review for Second Chance Rose

I'm out of town, and have very limited time or access to email, but I did get a very positive review for Second Chance Rose from Long and Short Reviews.

Read it here

And a reminder -- there's still a chance to make a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (no cost to you) if you buy the short story, or any of my other ones. Details on my website

The trials of making a book trailer

The last few days have been a real learning experience for me. I've spend hours making a video, trying to get everything just right.

First my timing messed up so my tiles overlapped.

Then there is the music. Where do you find the perfect song to add for the background? When you find it, how do you cut it to end with the video?

And pictures. I searched a lot of the free royalty image sites, but when I get ready to download there is the mention of credits. I have no credits. How do I get them? Money of course. I admit there are a few sites where they are actually free, but I couldn't find everything I needed there.I got an account at fotolia. A dollar a picture. That's not bad. So, with my paypal account I buy 30 credits. I download six pictures and notice I only have 4 credits left. How can that be? For the smallest size, they're all a dollar each, right? I double check and the cowboy I downloaded was 20 credits. TWENTY DOLLARS!!! And he needs a shave and a haircut. My husband and son have made rude remarks about him all week.As a last resort, I went through my personal picture files and found three pictures I'd taken myself. From now on I plan to have my camera with me in case I see something I might someday want in a video. I tried to get my son to dress up like a cowboy for a picture, but he wasn't interested.
I've trashed two trailers. Last night I made the third and hope it's a charm. Good luck out there making yours. Thank you Michele and everyone else who've offered advice, recommended sites, etc. Hopefully some of your tech savvy will wear off on me. Check out trailer at www.myspace.com/lindalaroqueauthor


Monday, April 28, 2008


I am thrilled to announce my cover for PASSION IN PARADISE, Champagne Line, has been released. This is my first Novel for The Wild Rose Press and I'm so, so, excited.

I just love the cover. What do you think?

Here is the blurb, I'm sure you'll find it engaging.

Jacqueline Ryan's love belongs to only one man, Michele Ranieri, who left her with a broken heart. Five years later he's back, and she's determined to lay old feelings to rest. She wants closure on something she thinks is puppy love. But when she confronts him it escalates into full-blown love.
Michele Ranieri has always reserved a special place in his heart for Jacqueline. When stranded on a deserted island with her and having amnesia, he questions why they weren't more than friends.

A kiss in a freshwater stream has her reassessing her situation. Finding temptation at close range impossible to refuse, she forgets about her life back home. When rescued, reality hits. How can she explain she has a fiancé? How can he explain he's married with a son?

You can find the exerpt on my website: http://www.suzannebrandyn.com

New Releases From Bronwyn Storm

Hello everyone!!
Just wanted to update everyone on my latest releases:
Ethan's Chase is coming out on May 16th. It's a full length Champagne:

From downed networks to binary coding, Chase Logan can handle just about anything. Except her sexy new client, Ethan Phillips. His sculpted looks have Chase’s libido spinning faster than a Pentium 4 processor, but his aloof attitude freezes her in an instant. Five years after charging his ex-fiancĂ©e with fraud and sending her to jail, advertising executive Ethan Phillips’s emotions remain in the ‘off’ position. But Chase’s laugh, her candor and delicious figure, are booting up his feelings and turning on his heart. Though both Chase and Ethan believe their emotions are safe behind their respective firewalls, their mutual attraction renders their logical programming inactive, and they're about to find out that when it comes to love, there are no defenses that can protect the heart.
This is what people are saying about it:
I liked this story, it had my attention until the end, and made me think that what Chase experienced could happen to anyone of us at any time. Ms. Storm did an excellent job with the characters of this story. The plot and scenes were well done, a nice love story. (from Margo Arthur, reviewer for The Romance Studio, who gave Ethan's Chase 4.5/5).
To view the trailer, go to this link.*
My second release is The Genie's Curse, a short Faery romance:
Agnes Frump has spent every moment of her thirty-one years outrunning her horrendous moniker. But push-up bras and hip music producing jobs can't undo her orphan Annie red hair and Alfalfa freckles--nor can they make her best friend, Dillon McKenzie see her as anything but his buddy.
A midnight walk, a fateful fall, the discovery of a magic lamp, and Aggie's priorities shift. In her efforts to help Ebony, the kitten-genie and undo the curse of Aladdin's lamp, she makes a fateful mistake--an inadvertent, "I wish I was in Dillon's arms," and Aggie wakes up in his arms, all right--as a stray dog.
Will Aggie and her genie figure out how to undo a wish gone wrong, or is she doomed to a life of Milk Bones, flea baths and loving Dillon from the foot of her doggy bed?
You can view the trailer here.*
I'll be holding two contests on my blog, one from May 1-16th for Ethan's Chase and the other from June 1-18. You can enter to win a copy of the respective story, as well as other goodies from authors like Kat Henry Doran, Stacy Dawn and Johanna Riley.
*If you have trouble viewing the trailers, they're also available on You Tube and my blog.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Official Release for Broken Hero!

Broken Hero is officially released in paperback! Woohoo!!
Go directly to Amazon, do not collect $200 as you pass 'GO', well ok, I'll let you just this once.
Or if Amazon doesn't tickle your fancy then try Barnes & Noble.

Go people, buy this book and enjoy Audrey and Jake's story, they are waiting to share it with you!

Regards, Anne.~ http://www.annewhitfield.com
Broken Hero out now! Check website for details.
Her Shadowed Heart and Woodland Daughter released soon!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Three Moon Station

Hi, everyone! I'm a brand-new TWRP author for the futuristic romance Three Moon Station. If anyone has any advice or helpful hints they'd like to give me, at this stage, I'm looking forward to hearing them!

Fueled By Instinct

My Closet Muse

A long time ago, someone brought up the discussion of muses on one of the lists. Silly, I thought. I deal in reality. Right…with my vampire, werewolf, fae, and--you name it-- stories….reality. So why does a writer who loves fantasy and the paranormal not have a muse? Because I’m the one who works hard to think this stuff up. No way am I going to give credit to some fantastical entity. No way.

And then one day one of my critique partners asked our group about everyone’s muse. She’d been to an RWA workshop, and felt like I did. She didn’t have a muse, didn’t want to think about it. Silly. But she really got into it, described her muse, and had a lot of fun doing it.

So for the first time, I began to think of my muse. She’s my height, same coloration, beautiful--just like me--only she’s thinner, younger, wears fairy-like clothes and hides in the closet.

And that’s why I don’t have a muse. What good is a closet muse? About that time I was having one of those, I refuse to call it writer’s block, but you know, something like that…when the words just won’t jump out of my fingers onto the keys and appear on the paper. I’m usually really annoyed with myself when I have this…this frustratingly annoying non-creative, non-productive period. Until I latched onto that muse and realized the problem. It was all her fault! She refused to come out of the closet.

I also had to blame my critique partner, because if she hadn’t introduced me to my muse, I wouldn’t have ever blamed anyone but myself for not getting back to my writing.

The good news is I’m busily at work again, despite the fact I have a closet muse. So remember, whether you have a muse or not, writing is an important part of a writer’s life and nothing should stop that natural drive, even if it has to be given a nudge every once in a while.

Sometimes I go months without thinking about my muse. It just happens. The idea comes to me, the words get written, the story is completed. I’m a writer. Other times, I have to drag the words out of the gray matter, hash and rehash the words on paper, and finally, with a great deal of effort, finish the story. I’m still a writer. Does my muse help?

You’d have to ask her. She won’t come out of the closet to speak to me.

Do you have a creative muse? What is she/he like?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Christmas in April!

Ooooh! Merry Christmas to me ~ my holiday romance Do You Hear What I Hear? was contracted this week by The Wild Rose Press. It is my first full-length novel and I couldn't be more thrilled.

The best news is it will be part of a series called Hoofbeats and Heartstrings, a series of romance novels celebrating love, miracles and the beauty of horses. And you know... there will be a hunky cowboy in each and every one!

Come visit me at http://www.teriwilson.net/ to learn more.

In the meantime, here is a small taste of what's to come this year in your Christmas stocking:

Do You Hear What I Hear?, a Faery Rose Hoofbeats & Heartstrings Romance by Teri Wilson

As a child, Simone Doolittle adores the European folktale that animals are given the gift of speech at midnight on Christmas Eve. She makes a wish to talk to animals “forever and ever” and, when her pet Dalmatian asks her for a biscuit, she discovers her wish has been granted. Now Simone is all grown up and she uses her unique gift to rehabilitate unwanted horses. When race horse trainer Chet Wallace rolls into San Antonio, with chocolate eyes and dimples blazing beneath his black Stetson, romantic sparks fly. He is immediately drawn to the beautiful woman who has a mesmerizing affect on both his horses and his dog, but his less than enthusiastic response to Simone’s claims threatens their budding romance. It takes a scheming Jack Russell terrier and a dose of Christmas magic to convince Chet she just may be telling the truth.

New Inteview Up!

Hey Friends,

My friend and fellow author, Allie Boniface has interviewed me for her "Writer's Wednesday" feature and posted it on her blog!

Check it out.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eternity Waits Is Out Today!

This is my first official Wild Rose blog post and it's a biggie!

My first TWRP release, my short vampire romance story, Eternity Waits is out today!

It's been so long since I've had any kind of release, I feel dizzy. It's a great feeling to see my beautiful cover up on the TWRP website.

Here's the blurb:

Alexandra Ivanov has wandered the night alone for the past three hundred years. The only man she truly loved had been taken from her on a bloody battlefield centuries ago. Now she finds herself drawn to Caleb Weathers, a virile soldier who sets her heart racing.

Caleb, a Confederate soldier stationed in Gettysburg in 1863, is intrigued by the beautiful, exotic woman who calls him by the name Dimitri. When she touches him, she sets his body in fire. But is she the devil in disguise?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

T-Shirt Promotion?

Hi Friends!

I just posted a new entry on my personal blog about T-shirt promotion as well as Upcoming Events and a place where Readers & Writers connect!

Check it out!

Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!"

Monday, April 21, 2008

House Of Lies - double finalist!

Great news. I got the call. Two calls actually! House of Lies, my 2007 romantic suspense release, finalled in best romantic supsense and best first book in the National Reader's Choice Awards.

Here's a blurb from House of Lies:

It’s too late to win her father’s love. Instead, Hannah Montgomery must deal with the remote mountain cottage she inherited. The caretaker of the property, wounded ex-CIA agent Jake Sutherland, promised his dying partner that he’d help Hannah get settled.

But Hannah is very unsettled by the hidden letters from her father, letters which put Jake and Hannah on a collision course. As secrets from her father’s life are revealed, Hannah’s deep-seated quest for the truth challenges Jake’s loyalty and honor.

To make matters worse, the double agent who betrayed Jake and killed her father tracks them down. Caught in a web of deceit, Hannah must make a choice. Will she risk her heart – and her life - to learn the truth about her secretive father?

Maggie Toussaint

Deidre's Secret--new movie book trailer

Still time to make a free donation

I'll be heading out to the Pike's Peak Writer's Conference later this week, and taking the opportunity to hook up with two of my children. If you're not aware of it, one of my daughters is raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society via Team in Training. She's a trainer AND is going to run a half ironman, which never ceases to amaze me. More details and links here. At any rate, I promised her I'd kick in an extra fifty cents for every short story sold until May 1st. All you have to do is forward confirmation of your purchase to my email address. My two newest releases, Hurricane Breeze (Champagne Miniature Rose) and Second Chance Rose (Last Rose of Summer Rosette) might be good places to start. Both are on the WRP best-seller lists. View all my Wild Rose Press titles here.

(And, you can buy them from any participating venue. I'm not reducing my donation if you find them at Fictionwise or AllRomance ebooks. )

Excerpt for Pregnancy Plan

“A pregnancy plan?” Derek’s words came from directly behind her. She could feel his breath on her neck, his eyes boring into her back.

“Yes, a plan on how to get pregnant.” The frustration and anger began to build within her. Jillian gathered her shaking hands around her cup and willed them to be still. “Look, Derek, I don’t mean to sound rude, but it really is none of your business what I do. I’m not involved with Jason.”

She saw his unwillingness to cooperate by the slight narrowing of his eyes. “You can rest assured that I am not going to break up your brother, Jason and Kelly.” Jillian glanced back out the window and took a sip from her drink. “And my plan is none of your concern.”

She jumped when she felt Derek’s hand on her shoulder. “What is it you’re afraid of?”

Jillian turned and pushed past him. She didn’t want nor need his sympathy. Out of space with the door in front of her, she pivoted on the heels of her Nikes. “I’m not afraid of anything. I know what I want and I have come up with a plan to get it.”

Find more information about me and my book on my website www.tinagayle.net
Or become a my friend on myspace www.myspace.com/author_tinagayle

Have an awesome day,

Tina Gayle

Book: "Pregnancy Plan" now available in print form

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hello from Cara Marsi

Hello, fellow Roses. I'm stopping by to say hello. It's been months since I've posted. Congratulations on your good news and reviews. I've gotten some great reviews too for Logan's Redemption and am still actively promoting the book, a Crimson Rose, that will always be dear to my heart. I'm not not been active much online because I've been busy polishing my paranormal that finaled in the Emily and the Sheila. Good luck to all of you. Love the covers that are posted and the excerpts. Wild Rose rocks!!

Carolyn Matkowsky/Cara Marsi

From Phoebe Matthews

I received my new cover illustration today and ohmygosh, clever artist Rae Monet caught the mood of the story so well!

Deja Vu Lover is a Vintage Rose book and moves between comtemporary Seattle and 1920s Hollywood.

The theme: She had her heart broken in another life and now he's back. Is she destined to love him and lose him throughout eternity?

I hope you'll love the story as much as I love the cover.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Deidre's Secret

My cover is now available!!! Isn't it great???

When Deidre Roux has premonitions of danger, watch out! Faced with thwarting bank robbers and protecting others from the high school bully, she must reveal her secret to her new friend, Mark Cummings. Can she convince him that she truly sees a world of imminent danger headed their way before it’s too late?
Not only must Mark deal with his girlfriend’s premonitions, which he has a hard time believing, but his convicted uncle has returned home. Humor, suspense and conflict rule the day as Deidre’s crazy aunt tries to write a true crime story on Mark's uncle. Deidre attempts to keep her out of it before she gets mixed up in a much darker business of robberies and murder—her own, if she’s not careful.
What do you think of the cover? I couldn't be more thrilled!!!

Excellent review for Broken Hero!

A lovely review for my WWII historical romance, Broken Hero.

Review snippet:
'Broken Hero' produces a rich, cohesive view of a few lives during the turbulent war years, and also gives us a hint of life before the war. The writing invites us to read slowly, understand the individuals' histories, and savor the story. Foremost; this is a really beautiful romance.Full review here:

Purchase Broken Hero from Amazon.com (as well as Fictionwise and Barnes & Noble, etc)

Regards, Anne.~ http://www.annewhitfield.com
Broken Hero out now! Check website for details.
Her Shadowed Heart and Woodland Daughter released soon!

Take A Walk on the Dark Side!

Greetings from the Bayou State!

I'm just popping in to introduce myself. I'm Tamelia Tumlin, a romance author from the wonderful state of Louisiana. My first contracted story is now available from The Wild Rose Press.

For Better or For Worse is my paranormal romance and it was such a joy to write! I hope you enjoy it. Here's the video teaser to whet your appetite!


When Kate Wentworth discovers that her fiance, Colten James, is harboring a terrifying secret, she must choose to face her own fears or lose the man she loves forever. Can she convince him that true love can conquer all before it's too late?

Don't forget to stop by my website and sign up for my monthly contest. This month's winner will win a Mother's Day Treat! http://www.freewebs.com/tameliatumlin
Coming Soon from TWRP:
Blind Love by Tamelia Tumlin (short paranormal romance)
Next Door Santa by Tamelia Tumlin ( short contemporary romance)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mother's Day Contest

It's that time of year where mothers are revered. Twelve artists are going the extra step to celebrate for our readers. All you need do to enter to be in the pot to win many fabulous prizes is to visit each of the 12 websites and locate the 12 bouquets of flowers left for entrants to find. We wanted you to at least get flowers for Mother's Day!

Start with my website http://www.kyannwaters.com/

While you're there check out the excerpt for The Cougar Meets Her Master, available from http://www.thewilderroses.com/

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm almost done with See Megan Run. Did you hear my sigh of relief? I started writing this book in October. Around the same time I received my first contract with The Wild Rose Press. Outside of doing my edits on How Much You Want to Bet? I've been writing on this novel. Yup, folks that six straight months on the SAME story.

Long story, short. This will not be a book I'd take with me on a deserted island. But you can still pick it up when it comes out, because frankly it's great.

And you know if you still haven't picked up How Much You Want to Bet? You can get it here.

Aww, come on, you know you saw that one coming.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fear of Failure

I went on a rampage last year and wrote four novels. Now that they've been contracted, I'm finally working on a new novel. But, the process is painful, tortorously so. I'm so worried that now that I've published, everything else I create will never measure up. Even so, I force myself to write at least one page a day, but it's like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip, to use a shopworn line.

Any of you other pubbed authors feel that way?

Jenny Gilliam

Monday, April 14, 2008


I have a special treat on my blog today...pop on over and support a fellow Wild Rose Press Author!
Keeping a Pulse on Life & Romance http://kathleengrieve.blogspot.com

Kathleen Grieve
Future Release from The Wild Rose Press: THE DOCOTR'S DECEPTION
Coming Soon: www.kathleengrieve.com

Broken Hero Contest!

For a chance to win a signed copy of my WWII novel, Broken Hero go to the Unusual historicals blog.

Anne Whitfield

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Life & Times of A Writer

Hello Again Friends!

If you read my post, A Day in the Life of This Writer, you got a glimpse of my daily schedule. I guess you could say this post is an extension of that one.

Every author is encouraged, no-expected, to promote themselves and their work. “People buy authors!” is the chorus of many industry experts.

Some may wonder how to go about promoting oneself. Interviews, guest blogging, and chats are just a few of the means by which I do this. But, once scheduled, how do you let people know what’s happening?

Although I post information in different ways, this question has haunted me. Even if I announce to different Yahoo groups, MySpace, Shoutlife and other venues, it is virtually impossible to let everyone know!

Well, I may have come up with a little better, somewhat more efficient means to let people know what’s happening and where I’ll be.

Today, I want to share with you my new Schedule of Events.

Posted at my personal blog, is a list of interviews, guest blogs, and other events happening in my writing career at sites that may interest you….not just because I’m there LOL! but because these are interesting places to visit.

Well friends, that’s about all for now!

Until later…take care, God Bless and remember….YOU Are somebody’s hero.
A Hero for Jessica available Now from The Wild Rose Press!

Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!"

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Day in the Life

I used to have a typical day as a writer. I'd send my son off to school and then spend my morning working on a fiction project or on an article for the newspaper I work for. Then life interfered big time - in the past six months, my mom became seriously ill and ultimately had to be moved out of our home and into assisted living. My son, who has Asperger's Syndrome, was disturbed by the change in routine and his behavior began to regress. My husband took a temporary promotion at work and he wasn't able to be there as much for me. Writing became a distant memory as I struggled just to get through each crisis-filled day.

Then came the biggest disruption to my routine - the news that The Wild Rose Press was going to buy my chick noir novel, Thirty-Nine Again. That's when writing really became difficult. Because then I started spending all my time working with TWRP's Rae Monet on my sexy and fantastic book cover. She also designed a more professional-looking website for me. I researched romance book review sites and magazines and made a list of their advertising packages, and I printed up bookmarks for a luncheon held by a romance writers' organization to which I belong. And of course, I talked everyone's ear off about how excited I was by the news that I would be published.

Now two months have passed and because of a series of unforeseen circumstances, I've had a couple of editor changes. Currently, I don't even know who my next editor will be - much less when my book will be published. But today I realized this is a good thing. It's going to force me to refocus my mental energy on doing something I haven't been doing much of lately - writing something new. 

Writing is such a solitary occupation, it's easy to go off into tangents. All too often, we say we write when what we really do is surf the net, read emails, and blog. The good thing about being a writer is that every day is different, because every story is different. The bad thing is that it's all too easy to just put that story aside and not write it at all.  So now I'm resolved to get back to that typical day I used to have - a day spent writing. And I don't mean emails. Or even blogs!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

End of a String, my new story, released today Apr 9

My new story, End of a String, released today, April 9. To potential downloaders, the woman on the cover is not the woman in the story. Natalie Adams is a brilliant electrical engineering student, beautiful but initially hateful to Slim Canton. Set in the late 1950s, Slim is on scholastic probation after flunking calculus but he is smitten by Natalie despite her not liking him. So it is to his advantage that Natalie wouldn't give him the time of day so he can concentrate on his studies. However, when she relents and agrees to help him with calculus one evening, his hopes soar. He really wants to pursue a relationship with Natalie. At the end of the help session, Slim takes a desperate step, hoping to see Natalie again on a date. Their mutual interest: roller skating. After several dates at a local roller rink Natalie proclaims to Slim that he is the end of a string of boy friends she's had. Slim couldn't be happier.

My thanks to my editor, Nancy Swanson, for helping me interject more 1950s scenes in this story to make it in keeping with around 1957. I'll post an excerpt in a later blog.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Day in the Life of This Writer

I admire you folks who work so diligently from a schedule. I keep thinking I'll develop one, but as yet, even after seven years of retirement, haven't. Every morning I sit down at the computer, check my emails, my loops, my stat counter, etc. Some days I go from there to writing and get a lot done. Other days, life interferes and I'm running here and there buying groceries, keeping doctor appointments, meeting friends for lunch, and working in the yard. And, I read a lot. Life hasn't always been this way. I taught in public school for thirty years and not being an early riser, my writing was done at night.

Our children are grown, so I don't have to stop work and cook. My husband is easy to please and will eat a sandwich or something from our neighborhood fast food places. I know, I'm very fortunate.

Nothing motivates me more than a note from my editor. I know most people don't like edits, but I enjoy them. Plus, I see them as one step closer to a pub date. My Minature Cactus Rose A Law Of Her Own is my first work with The Wild Rose Press. I don't have a pub date yet, but to read an excerpt, go to my website at http://www.lindalaroque.com/ I've dedicated it to my mother. Her name was Rose and she would have loved this story. I can almost hear her chuckling now.


Monday, April 07, 2008

The Day in the Life of a Writer...

The dream begins at 5 am, I sit down at my pub table with a cup of coffee and work on my latest project… by 7:30 I’m headed out the door to my pesky day job…

Today it was in black shoes, black socks, navy slacks…but I did remember to comb my hair and brush my teeth.

In the evening after a stroll with the neighbor, it’s back to keystrokes…
I love having people read my stories… to me it’s all about entertaining.

If I had nicer legs – I might have been a dancer, but since I can’t hear I beat,
I spin tales…

Want to read more – stop by my blog or better yet … purchase some short stories to tide you over until the “novel” comes out….

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Day in the Life of This Writer

Hello Again!

Everyone tells us writers that readers want to know more than your books; they want to know about your life. So here’s an example of my weekday:

4 am – Get up, make coffee, check email then work on edits, new story or promotion.

7:30 am – Take shower, get dressed and leave house by 8.

8:00 am – 6:00 pm work 8 of those 10 hours at my day job as an Insurance Sales Producer, the other hour is traveling time and of course one hour for lunch (about my only real time to relax!)

6 – 8 or 9 pm Write, edit, promote – take an occasional night off to watch a movie with hubby or read.

Weekends – basically follow above procedures except during 8am – 6pm in lieu of going off to work, I spend the majority of those hours writing, editing or promoting.

I do, however, take time off to spend with hubby and/or granddaughter and when the occasion arises, extended family.

Oh, of course, I take time to attend church services on a semi-regular basis. Prayer time? Unceasingly with occasional spurts during my day for longer conversations with the Lord (hello-I get an hour for lunch). J

Is this crazy or what!?

If you read my last post you’ll see that I’ve been writing for more than 25 years and for that entire time, this has been my routine (even when writing in 5-subject notebooks). The exception was when I worked different shifts at a local hospital…during those years (when on evening shift), I wrote from about 7:30 am until 1pm then got ready in order to be to work @ 2:30.

About the only time I really take a break is when we go off on vacation…and then I still manage to at least check email at least once-a-day.

I’ve often considered purchasing a laptop, however knowing myself so well, if I did, I’d NEVER rest and probably end up a divorced recluse LOL!

Why do we writers put ourselves through this?

As with most authors, that answer is multi-faceted. Though “with an edge,” I write inspirational, therefore I write to glorify God and to get His message of love, hope, faith, trust and forgiveness to a hurting world. But no matter for what other reasons an author may write, they all boil down to one main focus: You – Dear Readers!

So the next time you pick up a book from your favorite author….realize what goes into that story (besides our heart and soul).

Well that's my day in a nutshell.

For more information about my life and writing visit my website and/or blog and sign up for my mailing list!

Until later, take care, God BLESS! and remember...YOU are somebody's hero!
A Hero for Jessica available NOW from The Wild Rose Press!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Garden Magic - Re-Released today

My first short story, Garden Magic, has been re-released today by The Wild Rose Press. Originally available in the Rose Petals Vol. 2 Anthology, now you can get the story as a standalone Faery Rosette.

Check my website for details.

Beth Caudill

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Isanne's Revelation

Hello, tomorrow, The Wild Rose Press will be releasing my inspirational romance, Isanne's Revelation.
Lynda at Simply Romance Reviews did a review of this short story. I hope you'll have a look. Thanks, and take care, everyone. I wish you well. :) -Laura Hogg


Symon de Burgh is a knight in the fourteenth century. His family has taken ill with the Plague, and he is desperate to save them. His faith has been tested, and he carries serious doubts. But God sometimes answers prayers in highly unusual ways. An adventure to the future will lead Symon to a place where his faith or lack of it will make all the difference.


Here's a snippet of the review:
Truly Isanne’s Revelation is a wonderful heartwarming story of faith. The true feelings of the characters are realistic from the deep sorrow that Symon experiences to the angry refusal to forgive that Isanne carries around with her. But with their faith in God they learn that all things are possible.