Monday, December 31, 2007

Excerpt from No Second Chance

Someone was watching her.

Hope Farrier’s nerves pinged as her mount skittered across the riding ring. The prickle of awareness that slid across the back of her neck wasn’t going away.

She glanced over at the dense hardwood forest that bordered her farm. Nothing unusual there.

The thin chestnut snorted and tossed his head up, tugging the reins from her hands. “Easy, Jocko,” she crooned. “It’s all right.”

Someone was out there. She was sure of it. After another lap around the ring she had Jocko at a slow trot and risked another glance at the perimeter. No one by the woods, but a tall man in a dark business suit stood by the barn.

A business suit. Old fears resurfaced. Men in suits came from foster care. From funeral homes.
From foreclosing banks. Men in suits were bad news.

He raised a hand in greeting.

She shivered. Who was he? What did he want at Second Chance Farm?

Maggie Toussaint

Sunday, December 30, 2007

5 Angels for Only in Her Dreams

I'm thrilled share that I've received my very first review on my very first book Only in Her Dreams. Fallen Angel Reviews gave me 5 Angels. This is what they had to say:

Only in Her Dreams by Rayna Vause is a cute paranormal romance with an element of suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters of Rachel and Jack appear to be polar opposites both in personality and in lifestyle choices, so how could they possibly end up together. Also, each of them have been wounded in love before and want nothing to do with it. Ms. Vause does a marvelous job of bringing the two characters together through the strange situations they encounter as the battle of the sexes rages on between them. Are you looking for the action of a suspense story, the amazing elements of psychic predictions, and the entertainment value of a romance between extreme opposites; then read Only in Her Dreams.

To read the full review click here


Rayna Vause

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Coming soon - No Second Chance!

My latest romantic suspense, No Second Chance, releases this Friday, Dec. 28. This story of a horse rescue farm and a corporation undergoing a hostile takeover is a must read for your holidays.

Here's the blurb for the story:

Hope Farrier rescues unwanted horses, but she’s saddled with debt. Without help she’ll lose Second Chance Farm, the first home she’s ever known. An endowment brings the promise of future relief and the presence of shrewd business manager, Devlin Temple.

Trouble is, Devlin has his dreamy blue eyes on more than her bottom line.

Playboy Devlin Temple lays a trap for the thief that’s fleecing his company. When his cousin sets his cap for Devlin’s job, Devlin knows he needs Hope’s help to secure the CEO position. In her arms he finds the solace and support he craves, but their blossoming romance prompts the thief to raise the stakes.

Will Devlin and Hope pay the ultimate price for love?

I'll be back to post an excerpt tomorrow!

Happy reading,

Maggie Toussaint

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Night Before Christmas

Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house, nothing is stirring except this writer's mouse.

It's not too late to buy the perfect presents for the readers on your gift list ... even the ones who don't have a clue how to use the computer.

Just purchase rosettes (short stories) from The Wild Rose Press. Download and print on pretty colored paper. You can even embellish the corners with fancy cutouts or seals. Roll up and tie with ribbon or yarn and tuck in those Christmas stockings with LOVE and with care.

Ever so busy Santa will appreciate the help.

Susanne Rose "The Christmas Promise," a Wild Rose Press Champagne RosetteKeep the spirit of the holidays going strong and take advantage of this bonus offer: Just send an e-mail to the author: with "The Christmas Promise" in the Subject Line. You'll have to read the story first so you can identify the secret recipe when you send your e-mail. Santa will send you a copy of the secret recipe. "Lucki In Love," a Wild Rose Press Champagne Rosette "Forever Love," a Wild Rose Press Champagne Rosette

Friday, December 21, 2007

Seasons Greetings!

Just wanted to drop by and wish EVERYONE a BLESSED and Happy Holiday Season with a poem or two.....

From My Heart to Yours
In this season of giving and good cheer, I've a message for all to hear!
Good news and glad tidings sent to all men, for a Savior was born in the town of Bethlehem.
Christ the Lord came down to earth, born in a manger, from holy to lowly by birth.
Throughout His life He chose to live right, to be and example of God's power and might.
To die on a cross in just a few years, but never FEAR!
For in victory He rose from that awful grave.
To give Life to all those He came to save.
So in this time of giving and season of cheer...Remember, Christ is to be praised all through the year.
MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year!

The Gift
No gift ever given, great or small
can compare to greatest Treasure of all.

Born in a manger in the town of Bethlehem
Christ the Lord, who died for all men.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Pearl of Great Price’
God so loved the world that He sent His Son to die
- the perfect sacrifice.

So please remember in this season of cheer
God is to be honored and praised
each day of the year.

This simple poem is my humble gift
to wish you Merry Christmas!

Holidays are Holy Days!
As we journey through this special time of year
We give Thanks, share Joy and spread lots of Cheer
Let us keep in mind that life is a gift and offer God praise
And always remember to keep the holidays, Holy Days.

Okay, that's three LOL!
Regardless of what you believe or how you celebrate, please remember to keep your holidays, Holy Days!

"Inspirational with an Edge!"

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Sundial" On Sale Today

Hello! Just stopping by to announce that my short story "Sundial" is on sale! "Sundial" is the fourth of the four "Through the Garden Gate" winners to be published here at The Wild Rose Press. It's a Vintage miniature and a steal at only $3. Cute boy from the 80s, Vespas, a gorgeous Italian setting, and a to-die-for romantic ending--can't ask for more! I hope you treat yourself today!

"...Well done and inventive and the very end is quite romantic." ~ Historical Romance Club

And if you haven't voted for my cover, please do.

All the best, and happy holidays!



Terror balled Amber's nerves, tying her stomach into a nauseous knot. She turned in a circle, one foot stuck to the cobblestones and the other chop, chopping around. Eyes wide, she searched for familiar sights but found a panorama of Mediterranean architecture, palm trees, and awnings colored like bright, exotic fish.

"Megan!" Her sister's name clawed from her throat. "Where are you? Answer me!"

Some people ignored her. Most stared as if she stood there naked. She dipped her chin but found everything in place. Jeans. A faded Pearl Jam t-shirt. She looked the same, felt the same, but this--this place was a dream. A nightmare dressed up as a village paradise.


"She's not here," said a bored voice. An American.

She twirled. The soles of her trainers squeaked. Although the air scarcely moved, a young man stood hunched as if battling a fierce wind. The shade of a canvas awning jaundiced his skin and made a ripe peach of his pale linen suit. His posture revealed a crippling shyness, but his gaze thrust into hers, diving, diving deeper.

Amber bundled her chaos and aimed it at him. "Where's Megan? Where am I?"

"Shut up. Right now."

She recoiled. His hard words injected her tongue with Novocain.

The Yank pulled his hands free of his trouser pockets. Straightening, stepping clear of the awning, he gained three inches and something like a decade of maturity. His sharp face blanked, then assumed the amiable friendliness he used to address curious passersby. "Non importa, gente."

Italian? She grasped at the vocabulary, cranking old gears despite the rust.

"Queste ragazze Americane," he said, his grin nonchalant. "Sono matte!"

"I'm not American. And I'm not crazy."

He did a double take but quickly masked the reaction. "I know. But if you keep spazzing, you'll get us in trouble."

Curious stares waned as people lost interest. The stranger lit a cigarette and watched them disperse, his expression one of pleasant apology.

"Let's go." He turned and didn't bother to look back. Amber stared after him, noticing the odd set of his shoulders--cocky, but stiff too. Fatigued. Helpless to do otherwise, she followed him. The need for answers dragged her like a phantom hand at the scruff of her neck.

They walked down a steep path toward a marina. Sharp cliffs plunged several hundred feet to the sea's bottomless blue. The confusion, the sudden vertigo of the cliffs--her stomach twisted. Amber gripped a handrail, doubled over, threw up. Her bones evaporated like steam. She staggered clear of her mess and crumpled along the footpath.

The stranger ignored her nausea and the view. He knelt, propping a lean shoulder against the railing. "I'm Mark Lacey. Who're you?"

"Amber Schulman," she said weakly.

"What's the last thing you remember?"

She smeared trembling fingers over her mouth. "I was with my sister, visiting a cottage in Lancashire County. In England. I went to the gardens, and--here I am. How's that possible?"

"When? What year?"

"What year?" She gave him a bright but careful smile, a mother indulging a child's make-believe. "Right."

"I'm serious." His voice rumbled with the low menace of a storm.

"No, you're mad. It's 2007."

His hand stalled midway to his mouth. A frown sliced between his dark brows. She enjoyed rumpling the smug confidence he wore like a tailored jacket, although she had no idea how she'd managed it.

Gathering hysteria amped her voice to ten. "Now tell me where we are."

"Sorrento, Italy."


"That's not the hard part." He took a deep drag, the steel blue smoke riding on breezes fat with salt. "The year is 1958."

One Dependable Man- January 4, '08

Saddle up and ride on over to The Wild Rose Press for the Jan. 4, '08 release of One Dependable Man. Yeah, yeah, I KNOW...that after holiday sugar rush is winding down. It's cold. We're all tired from the stressful, busy holiday season but tell me. Truthfully. Who DOESN'T want to curl up with a hot Texas cowboy on a cold winter's night?

This yellow rose is my second release in the Garden and I can tell you right now, I'm danged happy to be hanging out at the Yellow Rose Corral with the other talented authors here.

Sunny Forester is a sassy, independant Texas lady who's had it up to HERE with undependable men. Hmmm. Haven't we all?

Here's a little blurb. Hope you like the sound of this story and I always promise my readers a sexy-as-all-get-out hero and I pulled out all the stop with Matt McBride.

Sunny Forester gave up her dream of finding a dependable man a long time ago After spending most of her life cleaning up the messes of lazy, shiftless Forester men she’s convinced that such an animal doesn't exist. When hunky rancher Matt McBride two-steps his way into her diner, though, all her preconceived notions about men begin to change. Vowing to repay a debt he owes to her dead brother, Matt McBride sweeps into the old diner and straight into Sunny's heart. He serves up a hefty helping of Texas-style lovin' with a side of spice for dessert, proving to this stubborn Texas woman that there is such a thing as a dependable man.


I'm dancing on the table to celebrate the release of Bridge of Hope. And the cover is my favorite of all times. Thank you Nicola Martinez. Great job.


When Cyn Jenks loses her husband in Iraq, she considers suicide until Peter's spirit comes to her aid. He not only stops her from jumping off a bridge, he asks Major Mike Spencer to watch over her. A stunned Mike complies, only to find himself falling in love with Cyn. As she heals and begins to move forward, she's worried about her strong attraction to Mike. Is she relying on him rather than herself, or is she ready to give her heart to another military man?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Rose for the Vintage Rose Line- One Enchanted Summer

Hi everyone,
I just recieved my blog invite so figured I'd drop by. I haven't really used blogger in a while, since I mostly blog @ my my space page, but I love being a member of a group blog. So I'll drop by when I can :-).
My recently contracted tale, One Enchanted Summer, was orginally an entry in the Through the Garden Gate contest. Almost made it in. Anna D'Arclon told me I would have won second place if there were a second place prize and asked me to revise the beginning for publication on it's own since she loved Deana and Tristan so much. I loved that since I wanted to do more with Tristan's family and my villain, the evil spy Sascha. So I worked on my revisions, resubmitted, and then my sweet and lovely editor, Miranda King, sent me an early Christmas gift- A contract!
Here's an excerpt and blurb from my vintage rose time travel romance. Hope you'll enjoy it and I'm thrilled to be member of the garden.
Deana Curtis, a young law-school student vacationing in Manchester, England is shocked to find herself in 1962, when she makes a wish on a golden amulet to meet her childhood crush- Tristan Wallace. Armed with the knowledge of Tristan’s bleak future, can she stop the sexy spy/ rock star from mysteriously disappearing?
A part of Tristan wants to believe that the golden haired pixie is telling the truth, but her story sounds insane. Could she truly be a time-traveler who made a wish to help him? As he grows closer to Deana, he not only believes her, but worries that he cannot protect her from his evil enemy- a communist spy named Sascha Pope.

Deana smiled as Tristan packed three fully loaded bags into the trunk of his Ferrari. “I cannot thank you enough for buying me an entire wardrobe.” She didn’t exactly count on time-traveling and leaving her purse and traveler’s checks inside the manor in 2007. However, Tristan was a true gentleman and had offered to pay for everything. “If I can find a way to pay you back, I will.”
“Don’t bother yourself over it. I rather enjoyed the way you modeled each dress for me as you stepped out of the fitting room. You looked prettier than a summer’s day with each one you tried on.”
Her jaw dropped. He actually complimented her? The man she had gawked at every day when she looked at her mother’s Acid Moon album cover had just said the sweetest thing to her. Maybe Tristan wasn’t really such a grouch after all.
“T-thank y-you. You have no idea how much that means to me coming from you.”
He shut the trunk and turned to face her. She melted and dove straight into those pools of blue when his gaze met with hers. “I mean it, Deana. I might think you are a bit daft, but you are the prettiest girl I’ve seen in a long time.”
She couldn’t breathe. Oh God, he leaned his head and his lips were so close. Her knees wobbled and she wondered if she could kiss him without passing out. Then it struck her that he’d just called her crazy.
“I don’t know if you should kiss a daft woman.” She turned her head.
He gently stroked her cheek, forcing her to face him. “I only said you were a little daft. That’s not a bad thing. Even my mum acts like a bit of a loon from time to time. I like it- makes you spirited and fun to be with. I want to kiss the slightly daft, very beautiful woman standing before me.”
She laughed. “Since you put it that—”
He cut her off with his mouth. Tristan pulled her close enough that she could feel the hardness of his chest and inhale his spicy, woodsy scent. He was lean and hard all over, just the way a real man should be. His kissing technique surpassed every expectation. He knew just how to duel with her tongue and he tasted like peppermint. Her wish really had come true, until the sudden blast of gunfire broke the spell and a bullet whizzed by just inches away from both of them.
“Bloody hell ...” Tristan pushed her away. “Go. Get into the car. Now!”
Not wanting to argue at a moment like this, she jumped into his Ferrari without even opening the door. In a flash, he took his seat and gripped his keys.
Her heart pounded in her chest and her fingers trembled as she touched his shoulder. “D-do y-you think ... whoever shot at us ... are they still here?”
“I don’t know. I don’t intend to stay here and find out.” He started up the car and slammed his foot on the gas, peeling out of the parking lot as fast as he could.

Monday, December 17, 2007

"Love of My Heart" Print Release

I'm proud to announce that "Love of My Heart" is now available in print from all the usual booksellers at,, etc. In addition, you can view the book trailer at
Bess McBride

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Congratulations to LOVE SONGS

The Dirk A. Wolf Honorable Mention Award for Excellence in eBook Cover Artwork in the Contemporary / Suspense / Mystery / Historical Romance category went to LOVE SONGS by MG Braden with cover art by Nicola Martinez.
Congratulations on a job well done!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

See No Evil, My Pretty Lady

Who hasn't heard of Jack the Ripper? What if you lived in Victorian London, the time of the infamous killer? What if you were one of the women he attacked, yet you managed to escape? And what if he knew he needed to find you and silence you before you identified him?

My Miniature Rose from the English Tea Rose line, "See No Evil, My Pretty Lady", available from The Wild Rose Press on January 16, 2008 has Dorcy Edwards asking these same questions. Determined to capture the prey who'd eluded him, Jack pursues her to an isolated island. Through the orders of a Writ, she's secluded with five strangers in a cold, gloomy manor. She knows one member of the party must be the madman, but who? The man who claims to be a police inspector? Or the unhappily wed aristocrat? Maybe the mysterious man who wears an eye patch and black gloves? As Dorcy's drawn into Jack's cat-and-mouse game, she must find a way to evade him once again before she's added as the latest to his list of victims.

Read an excerpt:

Numb with shock, she stood unmoving as the air erupted with noise. Hooves clattering against the cobble-stoned street signaled an approaching rider. Through a parting in the shifting fog she stared toward the corner gas lamp. Beneath its arcing light trotted a snorting gelding, a shrunken visage of a man hunched over the animal’s neck.
“A body’s been found in Mitre Square.” Raising his prune wrinkled face, the old man shrilled out his warning. “Lock yer doors. Stay inside.”
He spurred the horse down the street and the pair disappeared into the mist. His high, thin cry merged with the fading echo of the steed’s departing hoof beats.
Dorcy inhaled a shuddering breath, the sudden odor of human body sweat alerting her to someone’s presence. A deep, unfamiliar voice said, “Madame, I have some business with you.”
Gasping, she whirled to flee. But a strong hand gripped her arm and flung her against the wall of the house. Knocked breathless, she opened her mouth to scream.
“Oh no, my pretty lady.” Vise-like fingers clamped on her throat, preventing sound. “I think you’ll be telling no one that you saw me.”
Available January 16, 2008.

You Are Invited to a Wedding!

Hello everyone!

Chad Applegate and Robin Harmon, my great characters from THE DADDY SPELL, are getting married and you can attend their wedding. Visit my website at and read their FREE short story, Christmas Magic, and see what surprises are in store for Boo and Lindy.

Visitors to my site can sign the guestbook for a chance to win! I’m giving away two print copies and three e-book copies in your choice of format of THE DADDY SPELL to five lucky wedding guests. Winners will be announced December 24th!

Visit to get your copy of THE DADDY SPELL! Also on my website, I have available an additional Lindy and Boo scene and a deleted epilogue plus lots of Echo Falls extras – recipes, town news, and maps!

Here’s the blurb:

Five-year-old twins, Boo and Lindy, want a daddy and anything goes in their quest, including a cleverly-devised spell. Later, on a lonely country road, their mother, Robin Harmon and handsome pumpkin farmer, Chad Applegate, work together to rescue a wounded dog. Chad is captivated by Robin's stubborn independence and breathtaking curves, but the twins fascination with Chad's tales of pumpkin magic are what truly threaten to melt his heart.
Despite Chad's courtesy, attention and tender kisses, Robin refuses to believe in his happy-ever-after promise. Experience has proven to her those kinds of dreams don't come true. Will Robin deny the possibility of forever and refuse to see beyond her past, or will her daughters' daddy spell work its magic?

Here’s a excerpt from the book:

“What are we going to do?” Boo tossed a piece of bread crust at Lindy. “As soon as Mommy’s done with that man, we’re goin’ back to the other house.”
“I know.” Lindy pitched a potato chip Boo’s way.
“I don’t want to go away from Mr. Chad and I don’t want to leave Bessie and Rover or the puppies or Tic and Tac.”
“I don’t want to go either. I don’t get it. The magic was working so well. Then it messed up.” Lindy crunched down on an apple slice and frowned across the table.
Boo slid off her chair and took her empty plate to the sink. On her way back, she checked down the hall for their mom. She heard their muted conversation about the furniture.
“It’s time to give up on that old spell and to do something ourselves.”
“Yeah, but what?”
“Run away.”
Lindy’s mouth dropped in shock. “We can’t do that. Mommy will get real mad.”
Tears flooded Boo’s eyes. “I don’t care. I’m not leaving Mr. Chad. I’m taking a blanket and going out to make a fort in the pumpkin patch.”
“It’s cold outside, Boo.”
“We’ll wear lots of shirts and socks and a coat and take a blanket. Let’s go!”
“Oh Boo! We’re not supposed to go past the gate without Mr. Chad or Mommy.”
“Do you want to stay on the farm with Mr. Chad?”
“Do you think Mommy will go home without us?”
Lindy wrinkled her nose, thinking over what Boo was saying. “Nope.”
“We need some food and some blankets. And we’ll take the wagon. But we gotta go while Mommy is busy and Mr. Chad isn’t here, because if anybody sees us it won’t work.”
Opening the refrigerator, Boo took two apples, some cheese, and some juice boxes from the shelves.
“Go put on a couple more shirts, Lindy, and some socks.”
Running to the family room, Boo shoved the extra food under the tents and started out to find some extra clothes for herself.
“Are you girls done with lunch?”
Boo froze, her eyes widening with terror. Throwing Lindy’s blankie over the pile of food, she peeked out the opening on the tent.
“Yes, Mommy. We’re getting ready for a nap. Can we sleep under here?”
Her mom wiped the table with a sponge.
“As long as you settle down and sleep. No talking.”
Relieved when her mom went back down the hall, she pulled another shirt from the laundry pile on the sofa and threw it to Lindy.
“Boy, she almost caught us.” Lindy crawled in the tent, Boo behind her. She sat and pulled on another pair of socks.
“We’ll lie down and wait until Mommy checks. We’ll pretend we’re asleep. Then we’ll sneak out to the wagon and go.”
“Go where?” Lindy gave in to the need to put her thumb in her mouth.
“I don’t know exactly where, but we’ll find a place.”
“This had better work or we won’t be watching TV ever again.”
Boo lay down, tugged Lindy beside her, and covered up. A short time later, she heard her mother’s footsteps and whispered to Lindy to close her eyes. Pretending to be sound asleep was harder than Boo thought. Nerves and excitement made it hard to lay still. Mommy had to believe, though. For a moment, she felt really bad for lying, but then she remembered how much worse it would be to leave Mr. Chad. He was supposed to be their daddy and nothing was going to stop that. Not even Mommy.

Friday, December 14, 2007

New Review for Choices!

Hey Friends!

I just received a "google alert" that a review for my short story, Choices is up at Huntress Reviews! If you get a moment, check it out.

Hope you're having a BLESSED day!

Until later remember....God has set before you life & death, therefore....choose life!

A White Rose, Rosette...coming Jan 08 from The Wild Rose Press!
Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!"

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My story Lab Partners reviews, two of them.

I have two reviews out there on my short romance story Lab Partners. The websites are as follows: and and needless to say I'm happy for the reading of the reviewers from these two sources. Thanks to Lisa for making me aware of cocktails review and Authorsden for Long and Short review.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Maggie Toussaint interview

Swing on over to Long and Short Reviews for a fabulous interterview with -- ME! I'm talking about my upcoming romantic suspense release from The Wild Rose Press, No Second Chance. Here's the link:

While you're there, enter for a chance to win my book. It releases Dec. 28. This book is especially geared for horse lovers!

Maggie Toussaint

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who Do You Love a Latte?

Wow! December seems to starting out with a bang--there are some fantastic books coming out (but when it comes to The Wild Rose Press, aren't all the books wonderful?).

Tomorrow is the launch of my Christmas short story, I Love You a Latte:

Annie Langdon: coffee diva extraordinaire, with the curves of Marilyn Monroe and wavy hair the color of the setting sun. At least, that’s what she tells herself every morning as she squeezes into control-top pantyhose, and bleary-eyed, navigates the roads of St. Paul to open her café for her six o’clock regulars.

Quotes from Oprah, Kierkegaard, and Einstein cover the walls of her office. But when it comes to men, chocolate, and belts, Annie has one rule: stay away from anything that goes to her hips! The day that Devon McMaster walks into her café, however, Annie’s mantra hits the garbage faster than yesterday’s grounds.

His flirtatious charm, like the aromatic scent of freshly brewed coffee, tempt Annie’s heart from its slumber. But still suffering the emotional burns inflicted by her cheating ex-husband and unwilling to be humiliated again, Annie keeps her feelings under the tight wraps of “I’ll Never Make That Mistake Again.” Lucky for her, Devon’s smoldering sexiness and kind heart are equally matched by his intelligence.

He gets the message and begins to date other women, much to Annie’s relief…right? His emotional withdrawal forces Annie to take action. Dumping her sweats for flattering jeans and trashing her “I’m not worth it,” attitude in favor of “Go get him!” philosophy, she sets out to win his heart and free her own.

Will she succeed, or will her heart be left to percolate on its own?

Diana, from Night Owl Romance , gave the story 4 out of 5 and said:

“I thought this was a very enjoyable and absorbing read. You can easily fall in love with both Annie and Devon and can only hope that things work out for the both of them. I felt the pain they were both experiencing for they both had lost a spouse, though through two different means. Your heart went out to both of them as they were struggling to get back into the dating world and felt so lost in the process of doing so. I would definitely recommend this story to others and look forward to reading more stories by this author.”

For the full review, go here. Now, for the fun stuff: The Contest!

For your chance to snag a travel-size packet of Starbucks coffee, calendar magnets, a book from
Kat Henry Doran, candles and a whole whack of other stuff, email me at and tell me: Who do you love a latte?

The winner will be announced on December 12th, on my blog. And on that day, you can head over to The Wild Rose Press and purchase your e-copy.

Happy Holidays, everyone! May Santa bring you everything your heart desires!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Psssst . . .

There's a Cyber Launch Party going on at my blog, The Gina Channel. I'm celebrating the release of my first book, The Raven's Revenge. It came out last Friday and is now #5 on The Wild Rose Press Bestseller list!

Every day I'm randomly picking from the comments. Today's prize is a Raven's Revenge Notebook. Tomorrow is . . . we'll, you'll have to stop by and see!

The Raven's Revenge got 4-1/2 hearts and a lovely review from The Romance Studio.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Another Contract!

Hey Folks!

Just gotta share, I've received, completed and mailed off another contract--this one from The Wild Rose press for another short story!

A Hero for Jessica will be released sometime early 2008!
Check out this gorgeous cover tho!

Isn't that just BEAUTIFUL?!

I think so too.

Here's the Blurb:
Anthony Paul Seville is known as the ‘most eligible bachelor’ in New Orleans, possibly even the entire state of Louisiana, but finds himself alone—completely and explicitly alone. Jessica Aucoin is a writer on her way to fame and fortune, but is haunted by a man from her past. Will the “champion” lawyer and the author of romantic suspense find love written in their cards? Find out in... A Hero for Jessica by Pamela S Thibodeaux--Coming in 2008 from The Wild Rose Press!

Until later remember...there are Angels among us and if you make the right Choices, God will set you apart for an Inheritance (and possibly a Hero of your own!)

Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!

Friday, December 07, 2007

5 Angels Review for Avenue Of Dreams!

Just received this great review and 5 angels!!!! for my short story, Avenue Of Dreams!

Avenue of Dreams is a quaint read that grabs hold of the reader. Molly and Sebastian are delightful characters that I immediately took a liking to. The interaction with the animals made the storyline even more enlightening. I found the read toasty and romantic with just the right amount of seasoning to make me want to read more about this likeable couple.
Anne Whitfield creates stories that touch the heart and gives the reader a feeling they are in the center of the action. She makes her characters, along with this story, leap from the pages. Reviewed by: Linda L.
Fallen Angels Reviews.

Full review here

Regards, Anne.~
Historical & Contemporary author

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Besides learning the East Coast Swing….right, left, ball change…

I’ve been doing the Minnesota Swing…
Shovel, one, two, three…

And looking forward to December 12th....when

Christmas Mischief will be released...

Monday, December 03, 2007

5 Angels for Cathy's Angel!

Hello Friends!

Just had to drop in and let everyone know that my short story, Cathy's Angel has received a 5-Angel review from Fallen Angel Reviews!


Marlene said...."Pamela S. Thibodeaux has written a fast-paced, contemporary short story whose characters are both realistic and inspirational...."

Read the entire review here.

Until later remember....there ARE Angels among us!

Available Now from The Wild Rose Press!
Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!"

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The *First* Climbing Rose Christmas Story!

I am SO excited to announce the upcoming release (*December 5th*) of "The Noel Bandit", the first Young Adult Christmas Story from The Wild Rose Press.

Two days before Christmas, seventeen year-old Melinda Kent is bound for New York when a prankster hits her home, the Lucky Lake Ranch. Soon the welcome sign reads ‘ucky ake Ranch’ and other signs have been tampered with, including the ‘adies room’, the ‘riding trai s’, and the ‘stab es’, thus dubbing the thief, "the No-L Bandit".

This crook doesn't just steal ‘L's, but the spirit of the holidays. Melinda, with the help of the stable hand, Kyle, is on a quest to find who is responsible.

If only their attraction for each other didn’t get in the way...

So mark your calendars, The Noel Bandit is sure to steal your heart, too!


It's December already?

Time flies. I only wish I could say its because I've been having fun...

Okay, someone tell me--why does time speed up as you get older?

I've been up for a bit doing some studying already. I'm taking a break early this afternoon to head over to the BODIES...The Exhibition with some friends.

My brother and his wife saw it and they thought it was well worth the trip. If I like it as much as I expect to, I'm actually already thinking about going again with my parents. My dad is a retired Biology professor who taught a wide variety of courses, including Anatomy and Physiology, Cytotechnology, and others. My mother has a nursing background as well. When I was growing up, there was no shortage of interesting reading in our home. My Dad used to take me into the lab and let me play around with the microscopes and look at all kinds of cool stuff. No wonder I ended up with a career where two of the departments that use microscopes (Hematology and Blood Bank) are my favorite, lol. I'd never really thought of that before. :) My Dad was one of those sneaky educators. *gg*

Anyway, I'm hoping all the great reviews Bodies...The Exhibit have already garnered will bode well for my experience today. (Can you tell I'm looking forward to it?)

Before I dash out this morning, I thought I'd share an interesting survey I was tagged with. Some of the questions made me think. I've really enjoyed reading through the answers from my friends. The answers span from funny to tearful, and I was touched by many. In lieu of tagging all my friends, though, I'll simply post my answers here and you can take the survey yourself if you're interested.

How many keys are on your keychain? 4

If you were given a canvas and watercolors, what would you paint? The canvas

What do you consider the greatest threat to mankind? People

What are you thankful you are not doing right now? My Statistics final exam. It really scares me. I’ve never felt more stupid in my life than I have in that class. *sigh*

What is your favorite flower? Lilacs.

What are your favorite things about the beach? An early morning walk, the solitude, the rising/setting sun, the twilight.

What are your favorite things about the mountains? The silence, the crisp clean smell, taking a walk and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurts? Yes.

What is your favorite fruit? Mango

What do you need to get right now at the drug store? My thyroid meds.

What song do you keep hearing over and over again? Give me a little more you, Little Big Town.

What was the happiest age of your life? 18, 21, 36. The age I was when my children were born.

What is your favorite piece of clothing that you own? my bathrobe.

What two words describe your lifestyle? Loving, naïve.

On a scale of 1-10; how religious are you? 8

What historical figure would you most like to have a discussion with? God. For real, not just in my prayers.

What color looks best on you? Earth tones.

What is your favorite thing about being sick? I get TLC—sometimes.

What commercial do you find most annoying? The cave men. I just don’t get it. *shrug*

If you had to spend the rest of your life in one place, where would it be? Anywhere with the man I love, as friends, partners, and lovers.

Fill in the blank; I am so much smarter than: I used to be

Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been? Pawley’s Island, SC.

What body part aches you the most right now? my back.

When is the angriest you have ever been? I choose to forget

On a scale of 1-10; how much do you trust people? I’m working hard to change it from 10 to, oh, say five. I’m sooo gullible. Grrrrr.

What aspect of your personality could use a little work? I'm sometimes too sensitive.

What movies make you smile? Because I Said So, Sweet Home Alabama, lots more.

What movies make you cry? A Beautiful Mind, The Bangor Sisters, lots more.

What time do you usually fall asleep? Around midnight.

What hobby have you always wanted to pick up? Race car driving. Got the bug from my old 69 camaro some twenty something years ago—300/350 4sp, and I could catch rubber in all four gears. Ooooh yeeahhh. *what?* *blinks innocently* ...Okay, these days, I just wish I was better at my oil painting.

Have a wonderful Sunday,