Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Double Dipped, One Scoop or Two


About the Book: Accepting second best is good for her career but first-grade teacher Retta Curt delays signing up for the disappointment. Given two weeks to reconsider the contract renewal, she retreats to her grandmother’s cottage on Moon Lake, the last place Retta felt content. But the cottage is a derelict; her cousins are distant; her childhood beau is bitter and stand-offish; and Sweet Picks, the family ice cream stand, is in danger of folding. A surly newcomer has bought, then neglected properties until nothing remains of the idyllic lakeside community Retta remembers.

        When vandals target Sweet Picks, Retta’s dreams to recapture her happy childhood collapse, and the return to Moon Lake becomes a decision worse than accepting the teaching contract. Can she save the family business and rediscover happiness, or is Retta destined for a second-best future?

Our Review: Double Dipped is a sweet treat for a summer read at the beach or a chilly evening at the lake. Author Terry Korth Fischer knows how to build emotions and hopes, then play on them till you are rooting for more than one of the quirky characters who populate this small lake community. And the ending is not what we expected—and well deserved.

Based on a scale of 1-5, Double Dipped deserves a 6.

Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

Sunday, June 26, 2022

New romance and fiction from The Wild Rose Press


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$5.99To protect her family's reputation, Julia St. John, daughter of a baron, has given up her comfortable life to live in obscurity with an illegitimate child. She has no better future in sight, until Barding's man of business offers a possible solution and a new life.Read More
$5.99The seductiveness of a buxom heiress, a twisted story of an old-country betrothal, and the largest natural disaster in Michigan's history—The Great Thumb Fire of September 5, 1881, challenge their fledgling attraction and ultimate committal.Read More
$5.99Charlotte Saunders has a full life—a rewarding career as a nurse, meaningful volunteer work at a dog shelter, and family, friends and pets she adores. But no matter how hard she tries, she can’t forget the horrible event that’s haunted her for ten years.Read More
$5.99Detective Elijah Black’s enjoyment of his partner, Alvia Sanchez’s, wedding is disrupted by murder. A young woman is found in the shadows of a church, dressed in a costume taken from a children’s book. The victim is left unblemished as if the killer held her in some regard. Did he know her or have regrets?Read More
$3.99A high society widow and a gambler have nothing in common until an odd set of circumstances brings them together as joint owners of a saloon in Willow Bend, Wyoming.Read More
$4.99During a San Francisco visit, photographer Serena Carter sights arresting potential in the hotel bartender and invites him to model. Later, in San Diego, they meet at a beach, and she discovers his personality as fascinating as the images her camera captures.Read More

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Strong Enough by Jana Richards


Love can make you strong enough, if you let it.

About the Book:

Charlotte Saunders has a full life—a rewarding career as a nurse, meaningful volunteer work at a dog shelter, family and friends and pets she adores. But no matter how hard she tries, she can’t forget the horrible event that’s haunted her for the last ten years.

A survivor of child sexual abuse, Damon Greyson now helps others who have suffered trauma. His experience and intuition alerts him to trouble in Charlotte’s past, and he wants to help her, if only she’ll let him.

As they work together to help veterans suffering from PTSD and neglected dogs needing loving homes, their feelings for each other deepen. But when the trauma from Charlotte’s past roars back to life, both are forced to confront their painful histories or die trying.  

 Our Review:

          Just when we thought this author couldn’t get any better, she comes back with a gem like Strong Enough. Richards’ ability to weave issues of long-term effects of PTSD, acquaintance rape, child sexual abuse, and alcoholism into a story that features lasting family ties, enduring friendship and boundless love is enviable. This one’s a beauty—and we are better for it.

Based on a scale of 1-5, Strong Enough deserves a 7.

Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews





Sunday, June 19, 2022

New Romance and Fiction from the Wild Rose Press


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$4.99Newly wed after a whirlwind romance Emma McIntyre couldn't be happier or more in love. Until she wasn't. Working as a full-time nurse, a part-time bar manager, grieving a loved one, and aiding a drug addicted brother, she thought life couldn't be more stressful. Until it was. A small-town murder drives her troubled life into a tailspin of terror and her marriage into a spiral of suspicion.Read More
$4.99Bad Girl Betty is ready to start her new nursing career after her boyfriend overdoses at her feet. Moving in with her sister was supposed to be safe, but now Sluagh and vampires are chasing her instead of unpaid drug dealers and detectives. Sluagh are monsters but the Vampire King is just a bully, and Betty plans to take him down. If only her scheme didn't involve getting close to his prince…Read More
$4.99Marketing analyst Nick Vanderoff, newly retired from his successful career in business, lost his wife last year to cancer. Now he just wants to rest, relax, and repair family relationships. To accomplish this, he's been spending time with his math-genius granddaughter, Holly, and his estranged daughter.Read More
$1.99War has stolen Kirsten’s fiance Shawn from her. After he’s reported missing and presumed dead in Afghanistan, she turns to witchcraft to bring him back. Though she can’t recall him from the dead, magic can grant them one last weekend together for a proper farewell.Read More
$4.99Darrien Andros, a gryphon sworn to protect humans is cursed to live forever, safeguarding the items in the Museum of Cursed Antiquities. His mundane life between the world of the living and turning to stone as the sun rises is disrupted when a thief attempts to steal Hecate's Stone. He cannot eliminate her for her thieving ways. Not when she resembles his dead wife.Read More
$5.99Known as the anything but love girl, Morgan Hart has two passions, traveling and having fun. After convincing her French lover, Marcel, that their relationship will resume unchanged when she returns, she’s ready to begin her Cape Town adventure. But, realizing that her friend Amber is a no-show at the airport, Morgan decides to travel solo until she falls into the lap of widowed single father Dakar Ngosi, whose good looks and charm have her questioning her resolve to live life unattached and carefree.Read More

Monday, June 13, 2022

Dragons Walk Among Us


Shutterbug Allison Lee is trying to survive high school while suffering the popular girl's abuse. Her life is often abysmal, but at least her green hair is savage. Her talent for photography is recognized by the school paper and the judges of a photo contest.

While visiting her friend Joe, a homeless vet, Allison's life irrevocably changes after an attack leaves her blind. All her dreams as a photojournalist are dashed as she realizes she'll never see again. Despair sets in until she is offered an experimental procedure to restore her vision. But there are side effects, or are they hallucinations? She now sees dragons accompanying some of the people she meets. Can she trust her eyes, or has the procedure affected her more than she can see?

Our Review: This remarkable story is perfect for those who have ever suffered abuse simply because they’re different in some way, either by appearance or abilities—or for those who understand the helplessness and despair of watching the young person they love suffer, knowing there is little they can do to make things better. 

 On a scale of 1-5, Dragons Walk Among Us merits a 7.___.

 Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

Sunday, June 12, 2022

New Romance and Fiction from the Wild Rose Press


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$4.99Archaeologist Pauline Marsh is convinced she’s an unlovable freak. Who else in the world shares her ability to locate ancient artifacts without a map, hear their stories, and commune with long-dead artisans? But all that changes when handsome, charismatic Grey Henley persuades her she’s the girl of his dreams.Read More
$5.99Felissina Markhov escaped her anti-matter dimension to avoid marriage to a usurper king. Landing on Earth through a wormhole, she was taken in by the Angels superhero team. Her powers, normal for her people, make her one of the elite heroes on Earth. Since her arrival, she’s been trying to find a way back to her dimension to free her province.Read More
$4.99She's a headstrong Bostonian.When proud and beautiful, Chloe Tanner, inherits her family’s famous distillery—she’s determined to save her legacy from looming disaster. Her troubles can be traced back to one man. The man whose very presence is more intoxicating to her than whiskey.Read More
$5.99When Julia's carefully constructed life takes a sudden, demoralizing nose dive, she flees to the small town of her youth. She finds the perfect landing place—a furnished cottage on a private estate in the Blue Ridge foothills. Then she learns the owner-resident is Jackson Tate—her high school crush and, until recently, the source of her greatest humiliation.Read More
$3.99With the dramatic conclusion of Penny Gothic and Tripp’s self-realization, Penny’s happily ever after should be just around the corner…right? What happens when neither main character is ready to ride off into the sunset? They read another book.The couple meet up in 50s-era teen series Pom Squad Mystery #17Read More
$4.99Helena Marshfield is in hiding. Once the indulged daughter of a baronet, she is now governess/companion to a businessman’s daughters. Her family has been in disgrace since her father’s very public suicide. What if someone discovers she has another secret to hide, that her father had promised her to the revolting Lord Elverton as payment for a wager?Read More

Friday, June 10, 2022

The Student in Classroom 6


About the Book:

Although a faculty member has been killed on campus and the murderer is still at large, English instructor Katherine Holiday never suspects the criminal might be one of her students. In fact, there’s a man in her adult evening class she wishes she could know better.

Seeing no need for a college degree, Tyler McHenry, a partner in his father’s successful tree service, writes fiction for his own pleasure. No one at the University needs to know his personal reasons for enrolling in a first-year composition course. Still, he finds himself fascinated by the pretty teacher, who believes his writing should be published.

 Our Review:

        Set against the University of Georgia’s lush Athens campus, this story keeps the reader on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next victim to succumb to the mystery killer—as well as the big reveal of the identity of the murderer. Author McAlexander skillfully weaves a budding off-limits romance between instructor and adult student while at the same time offering an insider’s view of college level English coursework. It’s always a bonus when we learn new things from the books we read, this one is exceptional in several areas. Well done!

On a scale of 1-5, The Student in Classroom 6 deserves a 6.

Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews