Monday, March 18, 2019

Blooming Justice

It’s a long way from working in a flower shop to working in a law office, Erin thinks. But she will find that people are people wherever you go.  Some bully their way in life while others try to help along the way.
This novel is the first in the Keystone Lake series.  Keystone Lake in northeast Oklahoma is a laid-back life for some. But Tulsa is less than a thirty minute-drive and life in the big city is not the same as it is on the lake.
When Erin went to the senior prom with Todd, she wondered why he invited her.  The girls at her school were standing in line to go out with him.  She soon found out the prom was a ruse to embarrass the working-class girl and put on a show for his friends.  She was a pawn in his game of life.  But she endured.  She had a scholarship, a part-time job, and had been accepted to Tulsa University to study law.  Her aunt offered her a grunt job as a law clerk at her firm while she went to school, and life was working out as it should.
Then she ran into Todd on campus. It wasn’t long before rumors started to pop up about women being raped on campus and the rumors kept pointing at Todd. 
Erin, with the help of her aunt, begin to help build a case to put an end to Todd’s behavior and then her best friend went missing.
Keystone Lake is a beautiful part of the state and makes a great backdrop for mystery and intrigue.  Blooming Justice is the beginning of the series and I’m sure there will be many more stories from this part of the country.
Check out Blooming Justice and if you enjoy the story, leave me a review!

Peggy Chambers