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Merry Christmas!

Okay...I know I'm not a very consistent blogger. I'm sorry. Sometimes, even though I often have things to say, I don't.

Which is probably a good thing. Trust me on this.

Anyhow, I'm taking a hiatus until January 1st, when my goal is to begin blogging every day! (You'll see...not always a good thing.)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And thanks for reading, when I write.

Ramsey Reviews Gives Moon Shifter 4.5 Stars!



Moon Shifter “Moon Shifter is a delightful read which contains a unique twist to the legend of werewolves. The reader is able to sense the bond and sexual tension between Sydney and Grayson and experience the emotional triumph at the end of the tale. For such a short story, Karen Michelle Nutt has envisioned another enthralling and fascinating tale. I will enjoy recommending this short tale to any reader who has an attraction towards erotic paranormal and a spicy Shape Shifter Romance genres.”

Ramsey’s Book Reviews

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Romance

While the entire story of Sapphire and Gold isn't centered around Christmas, there are several scenes that take place during the Christmas season in Colonial Williamsburg. Here's an excerpt of one:

Alexandra stood at the staircase landing’s large multi-paned window, bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun. She waited and worried. Waited for Derek’s schooner to appear at the plantation’s wharf. Worried about his reaction to her confession.

She placed her hand on her abdomen and wondered if she would look different to him. Within weeks her condition would be apparent to all. Would he turn away from her in disgust? She wouldn’t be able to bear it.


She leaned over the balustrade looped with spruce garlands. “Yes, Mother?”

Laurel stood at the foot of the stairs. “Our guests are arriving.”

“I’ll join you in the ballroom in a few minutes.” With a heavy sigh, she cast one more longing glance out the window then gathered the folds of her burgundy velvet skirt and descended the stairs in slow, unhurried steps. Her brow knitted in concern. Derek had said he would be there. Something terrible must have happened.

“Why, wherever could your husband be, sister dear?”

Alexandra turned to see Jillian emerge from the shadows of the hall. The jubilant expression in the younger woman’s dark gaze put her on guard.

“Do you suppose he has tired of you already?” Jillian shook her head and clucked her tongue. “I can see why. You look a bit dreadful. I fear that color doesn’t suit you. Did you do your own hair? Your secret’s safe with me. I shan’t tell anyone.”

Alexandra resisted the urge to smooth her hair. The slight movement would only serve to reward her sister’s desire for revenge. Instead, she stood confident. Derek had often remarked he liked her hair unbound and he had chosen her dress himself. “I won’t fight with you. Nothing you can say will spoil this day for me.” With quiet dignity, she walked past the younger woman.

“I do believe the purpose of this ball is to celebrate your marriage. Won’t that be a trifle difficult without your roving husband?”

Alexandra’s footsteps faltered for but a moment at the venom in her sister’s voice. Then she squared her shoulders and continued on her way, struggling to shut out the echo of Jillian’s mocking laughter.

“Derek has not left me,” she whispered. “He will come back. He must.” She lifted her chin a notch and entered the ballroom.

Festive splendor greeted her. Christmas finery decked the large room and brought a hint of a smile to her troubled heart. The fragrance of pine and bayberry mingled in the air. Garlands of box and bay added touches of gaiety. Sprigs of holly had been tucked behind the mirrors. In one corner, fiddlers played a romantic ballad that tugged at her already fragile emotions.

She forced back the sudden onslaught of weepiness and moved forward to greet her guests. Many of the prominent planters of the area accompanied their wives in wishing Alexandra well with her marriage and asking after Derek. After each congratulatory offer, the scorching heat of Jillian’s triumphant gaze bored through her back.

Where are you, Derek? Behind her she heard the doors open. The curtains fluttered, then a hush fell over the room.

She turned. There stood Derek.

Dizzying joy swept through her Her husband caught her up against his lean, muscled form. “I claim the right of kissing the fair maiden standing beneath the kissing ball.” He lowered his mouth to hers and stole her breath.

Alexandra entwined her arms around his neck and reveled in the sweet sensations. “I thought you’d never arrive.”

He pressed a final kiss to the tip of her nose. “I always keep my promises. Don’t you know that by now?”

A lump in her throat thickened her speech. “I’m sorry I ever doubted you.” A frown gathered on her forehead and she gave his chest a sharp poke. “Where have you been?”

His eyes alight with a merry twinkle, Derek turned and signaled to a house servant. Within seconds, Polly Taylor and the children swarmed around her, talking and hugging all at once.

The children had come. Tears spilled down her cheeks as she pulled them close, touching each and every one of them to assure herself they were really there. She looked up. Derek stood outside the circle of children, his grin wide. “Is this the pressing matter you had to attend to?”

He nodded. “You are pleased with your Christmas gift?”

“Pleased? I’m more than pleased. It was more than I dared to dream for.” No wonder she loved him so.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Your new fortune cookie -


Deja Vu Lover
by EPPIE winning author
Phoebe Matthews

The Invitation by Scarlett Sanderson

I love Christmas. For me it’s a magical time filled with goodwill to all and a deep seated belief that anything is possible. Looking out of my window here in England we actually have snow! Now, for anyone not in the United Kingdom, I’ll explain why snow five days before Christmas is so exciting. Every year we hope for a white Christmas and all we get is horribly damp, mild weather. The snow usually makes an appearance in January when everyone is back at work and causes chaos.

This is the first time it has snowed before Christmas in many years. I’m thoroughly excited!
As I said...Christmas is a time for believing. It was this belief in the fantastic that made me sit down and write The Invitation — a Christmas fairytale.

I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!! And remember, anything is possible...

Evie Ward lives in her head. As a writer she weaves magical tales of timeless love, things that go bump in the night and seductive, charismatic heroes. When an invitation to the most prestigious Christmas Eve ball in the country arrives, Evie is stunned. Personally signed by the handsome, yet elusive, Gabriel Longthorn, she begins to wonder what a man like him could possibly want with her. Could it be her wildest fantasies of Christmas at Longthorn Manor are finally coming true? Whisked into a fairytale world where everything she can imagine is real, Evie must take a leap of faith this Christmas if she is to change her life forever?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Magic Christmas by Barbara Edwards

Welcome to Rhodes End. I couldn't resist telling this story about wishes coming true.

MAGIC CHRISTMAS by Barbara Edwards
“Is Daddy coming home for Christmas?” Sarah stared out the living room window at a single snowflake. Fluffy as a down feather, it danced and bobbed in the air.
“He wants to, baby, but Afghanistan is thousands of miles from Rhodes End.” When her Mom gave her a quick hug her tummy was a warm mound under Sarah’s cheek. Yesterday she’d felt her baby brother kick. Sarah swallowed a hiccup and turned her head so Mom didn’t see her tears. Mom cried sometimes, too, but thought Sarah didn’t know. She was a strong soldier like her Dad.
“What if we make a wish? Will that help?” She bounced on her toes. If she could catch the first snowflake, her wish would come true.
“A wish can’t hurt.” Mom ruffled her hair and patted her lightly on the shoulder.
“Then I’d better hurry. Tonight is Christmas Eve.” Sarah raced to put on her red winter coat, knit mittens and boots.
The door slammed behind her as she searched the yard. The feathery flake hung near the edge of the woods. Sarah laughed as she ran after it.
The thick grey clouds promised another white Christmas. The holiday was always special here. Tonight the townspeople would sing carols on the Green and there would be a living manger with cows and a burro. Mr. Dickens dressed as one of the Magi and paraded three Llamas to greet the baby Jesus.
The snowflake waited for her. Sarah cupped her hands under the delicate shape. A sunbeam glittered blindingly and she blinked. The snowflake was gone. On her palm sat a winged fairy.
“Oh no,” Sarah wailed. “I must make a wish on the first snowflake. Who are you?”
“My name is Noel, and I’m a Christmas fairy. What do you wish for?” She tilted her head to study Sarah’s face. Gossamer wings fluttered as she crossed her legs.
“My Dad promised to come home for Christmas, but he’s at the other side of the world. Mom said it’s too far, but that a wish might help.”
“Your Mom sounds nice. Does she believe in magic?”
“I don’t think so. She said if wishes were horses then beggars would ride, but I don’t know what that means. Should I ask her?”
“Grown-ups don’t understand magic. Instead, you can take me inside and I’ll watch her.”
“But what about my wish?” Sarah wailed.
Noel didn’t answer. Shimmering, she changed before Sarah’s eyes into a lovely winged doll dressed in white lace.
“Mom! Mom! Look! I found her in the yard.” Sarah shouted. The front door slammed again. “Her name is Noel.”
Mom lifted the doll from Sarah’s grasp. “She’s beautiful. And you already named her? I hope she’d not lost. Someone must miss her very much. She looks like one of those angels used as a Christmas tree topper.”
“I don’t think she’s lost, Mom. Can we take her with us to the carol sing?”
Mom crouched in front of Sarah, Noel between them. “Don’t be surprised if she is lost and someone recognizes her. The whole town will be there.”
Sarah pouted. “Not everyone. Daddy won’t.”
“Oh, Sarah, You know how much he misses us and wants to be home.” Mom stood and pressed her hands to her lower back. Noel’s dress fluttered as if a breeze caught her skirts. Mom turned and stared outside. While they talked an inch of snow had covered the yard. “I wish he could see this.”
“If we wish hard enough, he will.” Sarah took her Mom’s hand and tugged her toward the kitchen. She cradled Noel to her chest with her free arm. “I’ll help pack the cookies for the church social.”
Mom laughed. “I’m already done. All we need to do is dress warmly. By the way its mounting that snow will have the roads closed for Christmas morning.”
Sarah wrapped Noel in a thick baby blanket she kept for her other dolls. She whispered, “Are you cold?” Noel’s blue eyes twinkled and Sarah accepted that as an answer she was okay.
Her Mom slid the driver’s seat all the way back after helping Sarah buckle in. She arranged the cookie containers on the floor so they wouldn’t tip if she had to stop fast.
“Tell me again about the new baby, Mom. Will he come tonight?”
“I hope not,” Mom said and laughed as she backed the car onto the road and turned toward the church. Sarah pressed her nose to the cold glass, her breathe clouding the surface. A kazillion bright lights decorated every house, changing Rhodes End into a glittering fairyland.
“Look, look, there’s the stable,” Sarah pointed at the clumsy structure the CCD class had erected to house the cow and burro during tonight’s Christmas play. The manger and straw bales were dimly lit by an old kerosene lantern. One of the robe-garbed wise men led a harnessed llama past.
A number of cars crowded the streets and parking lots between the Catholic Church and the Congregational Church bracketing the town Green. Hundreds of villagers crowded the Green. Laughter rang like bells and children shrieked with excitement as they scrambled to hit each other with snowballs.
The church elders had arranged a bonfire. A table manned by white-haired old ladies dispensed hot cider. At exactly six o’clock both churches rang their bells and everyone cheered. They gathered in front of the Congregational church steps as the choir director handed out music copies to anyone who didn’t already know the words.
Mom rejoined Sarah after taking the cookies inside. Her hands were cold and she rubbed her back as if it hurt. Everyone sang the old Carols and a few seasonal hymns. Mr. Schmidt led a Hanukkah song. Like every year, the youth group performed the Christmas Story with live animals.
“I wish Daddy could see this,” Sarah whispered as she hugged Noel tight.
“Maybe he will,” Noel’s voice tinkled in her ear.
Mom groaned. Her hand squeezed too tightly and Sarah glanced up at her pale face.
“Looks like your brother might be a Christmas baby after all.” Mom glanced around. “Could you bring Dr. White over here? Tell him my water broke.”
Sarah knew better than to ask questions when Mom sounded like that.
A few minutes later Doc bent close to ask a question, but Mom sank to her knees.
“Too fast,” she cried. “He’s coming too fast.”
Doc called directions and people swirled in a whirlwind of activity around Mom. Sarah couldn’t see. Then Mom laughed. The crowd parted and Sarah saw her naked baby brother cuddled to Mom’s chest. She dropped Noel to hand Mom the fluffy blanket as a gust of snow blew across the Green.
A state plow slowed to a halt and a soldier leaped down.
“Daddy?” Sarah whispered.
“I can’t explain why my squad all got leave.” He explained. “And then a military transport flew right into Harford. It was like my wishes came true.” He gathered them into his arms and Sarah looked for Noel, but saw only a new angel atop the tree.

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Next week's fortune cookie -


Deja Vu Lover
by Award-Winning author Phoebe Matthews

Monday, December 07, 2009

Broken Hero by Anne Whitfield

Broken Hero is my emotional WWII romance set in England.

Audrey Pearson's life changed dramatically when WWII broke out and her large home, Twelve Pines on the East Yorkshire coast, became a convalescence home for wounded soldiers. Her life is no longer lavish with entertainment, beautiful clothes and surrounded by a loving family. Soldiers, physically and mentally wounded now fill her home. The smell of disinfectant replaces her mother's perfume and gone are the friends and acquaintances - instead nurses roam the hallways.
Captain Jake Harding, a doctor training in psychiatry arrives at Twelve Pines. Audrey immediately finds herself attracted to the Captain, but he is remote towards her. Puzzled by his cold behaviour, Audrey tries to learn more about the handsome Captain. He reveals that he's lost a wife and baby in childbirth and refuses to ever remarry. However, despite this, Audrey believes she can change his mind and make him aware he doesn't have to spend his life alone. The ice around Jake's heart begins to melt. For years he has rejected the possibility of finding love again because of the pain it caused him before, but the beautiful Audrey shows him her love and she needs someone to love her in return. Could he honestly walk away from her, from the love that could be his?
From Amazon USA


"From the first pages I was drawn into England during World War II; Ms. Whitfield does an exemplary job of describing the country and the people. The dialogue is relaxed and believable, and it is easy to see both Audrey and Jake longing for each other, yet unable to give freely of themselves. I loved that there were no easy answers for this couple; the tension created between them is palpable and gut wrenching."
Tammy -

Merry Christmas to all!

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Fortune cookie time -

12/7-12/13 According to the Prediction page this is a GREAT WEEKEND FOR NOISY ENTERTAINMENT. Right on! I went to the 5th Ave theater in Seattle for the 50th anniversary and the lighting of the new sign, a copy of the original, with lots of noisy celebrating in the street. Followed by a delightful production of White Christmas, which the heroine of Deja Vu Lover would love!

For this week’s fortune cookie, check the Predictions page at Phoebe’s place.

Deja Vu Lover
by Phoebe Matthews,
author and
2010 EPPIE finalist
and 2009 EPPIE winner

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Claire Ashgrove's New Release for Christmas

Just in time for Christmas!!

All I Want For Christmas... Is Big Blue Eyes releases today from The Wild Rose Press.

Some dreams were never
meant to be...

Renowned architect, Josh McDaniels, spent ten years avoiding his hometown and the unforgettable memories of his youth. But when a former classmate phones him before Christmas with a proposal he can’t refuse, he finds himself back in small-town, Lexington, Missouri, surrounded by holiday festivities and engulfed in memories of a blue-eyed girl.

Amanda Masterson knows three things about Josh. She loves him, he loves her, and he’ll walk out when those feelings terrify him, as he always does. Ten years ago, he abandoned their dreams. Eight years ago, he returned to break her heart again. Now, he’s back once more, and this time, he’s jeopardizing not only her heart but her daughter’s as well.

Can the spirit of Christmas overcome a past riddled with mistakes? Or will fears and doubts destroy the greatest gift of all?

Check out the excerpt!

Available in both electronic format and print format. You can purchase them here.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season, and thank you all for your continued support.


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Is on the news stands. A gorgeous magazine for sf/fantasy readers. IWOFA has its double page ad and looky there, a Vintage Rose cover from the EPPIE award-winning author, Phoebe Matthews! Second row, fourth from the left is Deja Vu Lover. For first chapter and order info,

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New review for vampire romance!

I just got a great review for my short Civil War vampire romance, Sweet Redemption! LASR gave it 4 books!

Reviewer, Fern, said, "I love books that snag your attention from the start and maintain it throughout, and Sweet Redemption didn't disappoint. The writing is wonderful, the pace is nice and brisk, and the romance between Jon and Maddie is set at a believable simmer."

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas ideas -

11/23-11/29 ON MONDAY EVERYBODY’S A GOOD BUDDY. TUESDAY TALK GOES ANALYTICAL. For the rest of this week’s fortune cookie, check the Predictions page at Phoebe’s place.

Barnes&Noble and Sony and probably lots of other retailers are offering new ebook readers in time for the Christmas season. If you have a romantic on your list, you could upload Deja Vu Lover by Phoebe Matthews, a national EPPIE winning author last year. (Phoebe has another book as a finalist in next year's competition! Check out her website for details.)

Christmas anthology is an early bird special!

My latest release, The Christmas Ball, part of the anthology, An American Rose Christmas, is already available in print as an early bird special at The Wild Rose Press!

Includes novellas by Beth Trissel, Carol A. Spradling, Donna Dalton, Lauri Robinson, Tori Anne and myself.

Reclaimed by his wealthy uncle, former Shawnee captive Corwin Whitfield finds life with his adopted people at an end and reluctantly enters the social world of 1764. His one aim is to run back to the colonial frontier at his first opportunity–until he meets Uncle Randolph’s ward, Dimity Scott.

Tory captain Dr. Nicolas Clayton discovers stolen military secrets on a severely injured female spy. When her wounds heal, Holly Masters must decide if she can kill the man who saved her life.

While pretending to be a male soldier, farm girl Sara Brewster falls for a handsome Union army surgeon. When her secret is revealed, will a lavish Christmas Eve ball work in her favor–or will her heart be broken?

Southern belle Marybeth Dawson discovers Santa Claus can’t cross the Mason Dixon line–but handsome Union soldier, Trevor Sulton can.When a strong willed upper class New York girl falls for a dashing, compassionate stable boy, it will take a Christmas miracle to bring them together. Thankfully, true love is on their side.

All reformed prostitute Eva Baird wants for Christmas is to have her daughter back in her arms. But gun-toting outlaws, spiteful in-laws, and a sweet-talking stranger with arresting gray eyes threaten to turn her dream into a lump of coal.

Excerpt from my story, The Christmas Ball

She rose, rubbing her hands over her arms. “You won’t tell on me, will you? My parents depend on the money I send home.”

He sighed. “Not if you don’t want me to, but I don’t think this is a wise idea. You could serve just as well as a civilian nurse.”

She shook her head. “I wouldn’t make near enough money, and I like being a soldier.”

He rose and settled his hand on her shoulder. “I won’t betray your trust, Sara…er, Miss Brewster. I promise.”

Her sharp intake of breath sent his gaze to her face. Her full lips parted and a blush colored her cheeks. He ran his hand down her arm and took her hand. It was work-roughened, the nails broken, but small, making her seem vulnerable and frail. She’d had a hard life by her reckoning. He wanted to do something for her, to help lighten her workload.

To his surprise, she lifted his hand to her face and kissed the back of it. The softness of her lips on his knuckles sent a shiver through him.”Miss Brewster,” he said. “This isn’t a good idea.”

She drew in a deep breath. “Doc Ellison, I’ve longed to do this ever since I first set eyes on you.”
For more info, visit my website.

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Christmas came early

The Christmas anthology, An American Rose Christmas, is available NOW at Filled with stories set during the Revolutionary and Civil War, Redcoats and Sleigh Bells is one of several stories that will fill your holiday with just the right amount of spice.

Blurb from Redcoats and Sleigh Bells

It took more than a bullet wound to stop Holly Masters from completing her intelligence mission. Generals, patrols, and experienced scouts had been her sport, until she met Dr. Nicholas Clayton. Severely injured and now his patient, in order to complete her assignment, she must decide if she can kill the man who saved her life.

Nicholas has healed wounded men for both the Patriots and the Crown, but he never expected to find a wounded woman, dressed in a British military uniform, on the edge of his property. Tucked into her coat sleeve, she holds many secrets that will change the course of the war. As an officer, he has a duty to prevent her from leaving his custody. As a doctor, he has the means to prevent her from revealing what she knows. Trained for every action, nothing has prepared him for what he knows he must do.


The sleigh bells jingled as he bridled the horse. “There isn't time to remove the strap. Grab that cloth over there and wrap them. We can at least muffle the noise. With the information destroyed, there's no proof that you know anything. Promise me, you will keep your mouth closed.”

She didn't know if she should be insulted or proud. “Nicholas, why do you want me to leave now?”

He continued without a proper answer. “Even if you get to the General in time, which you won't, it will be too late.”

“Nicholas, answer me.”

He stopped and looked across the horse's back. “Surely you realize that a soldier will never give accurate information in front of a civilian, even when ordered to do so by his superior. The information the sergeant gave in the barn was incorrect.”

“Are you certain?”

“Quite.” He bent over to tighten the girth. “When he returned, the paper he gave me had the correct information.”

Holly's stomach dropped to her knees and her hands shook. “Nicholas, what did you write in response?”

He refused to acknowledge her and strapped an extra blanket to the back of her saddle.


He didn't need words. His expression spoke for him. Holly held a fist to her stomach and backed away. Her throat closed preventing her from swallowing. She had to sit soon or fall over.

He rushed to her side but she held up her hand, staying him. “Why?” The word, barely audible, was all she could manage.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TWRP 2010 EPIC Award Finalists

Eight books published by the Wild Rose Press have been announced as finalists for 2010 EPIC Awards! EPIC (the Electronically Published Internet Connection) is THE professional organization for electronic publishing. The winners will be announced at EPICon in New Orleans in March.

The TWRP finalists are as follows:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Winner!

The winner of the pdf download of Sweet Redemption on Dariel Raye's blog is... Patsy!

Contact me at so I can send your prize.

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A True Story from One Veteran

Hi, happy Veteran's Day... and thank you to all vets and all active duty military personnel and their families. I have posted a true story from my time in the Army. If you're interested, it's at my blog:


Doralynn Kennedy

Sleeping With Skeletons

Release Day for Sweet Redemption

My latest release, Sweet Redemption is available today at The Wild Rose Press.

And Dariel Raye is interviewing my hero, Jonathan Hackett, on her blog today. If you leave a comment on the interview post, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a pdf copy of the anthology.

On a cold December night, Union infantry captain, Jonathan Hackett is pinned down on the Fredericksburg battlefield trying to escape Confederate fire. But a creature of the night, more dangerous than any enemy soldier, stalks him. Jon must fight for his life as well as his soul. Maddie Emery has lost everything dear to her. Her husband and parents had passed on and her brothers are off fighting in the Confederate Army. She's alone, trying single-handedly to hold onto her family's farm, when a Yankee soldier collapses across her stoop. Maddie and Jon form and bond of love and desire, but as Jon exhibits signs of becoming the creature he fears most, is their love enough to fight off the evil of a centuries old vampire bent on destroying them?

Those knocks were not made by a wolf, but he suspected the wolf had something to do with Reverend Arnwolf. "Is the wolf his minion, or can he transform himself?" he said, under his breath.

"What?" Mrs. Emery moved close. Her scent invaded his thoughts. "Please, tell me what’s going on?"

Jon sighed. "When I said I was attacked by a wild dog, I lied." He moved back to the settee and sat, his hands dangling between his knees.

She sat beside him, but held herself ramrod straight. "What or who attacked you?"

"I was pinned down on the battlefield. Spent the night in the freezing cold. All of my men had died. A man appeared. Claimed to be a minister from Austria." Jon grimaced as he recalled Arnwolf's blood-red eyes and the sharp pierce of his fangs as they entered Jon’s throat. "He offered to help me, but...instead he led me to an abandoned barn and attacked me."

Mrs. Emery gasped. "You're not saying this man--"

"He bit me on the throat." Jon pushed his hand through his hair. "I don't know exactly what he is, but he's not human."

"That's who you believe was at the door?"Jon nodded. "I don't know how, but I now have a connection to him." He fingered the bumps on his throat. "I know things about him I shouldn't possibly know."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New review for Civil War anthology

We just received a new review for the Civil War anthology, Northern Roses and Southern Belles. TwoLips Reviews gave it a 4.5 lip review.

Here's what reviewer, Sal, said about my story: "Ms. Macatee's tale was a bittersweet morsel of a dream and a hope that Kyle and Josie will find one another in time. Angel of My Dreams stole my heart and Ms. Macatee made this story all the more real by using her knowledge of history and creating characters with deep emotions that break your heart."

Read the full review and those for the other stories at TwoLips Reviews.

The Bookshelf Muse: Emotion Thesuarus Entry: Amusement

The Bookshelf Muse: Emotion Thesuarus Entry: Amusement

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Sandra Kay's Musings: Subplot: Another Rescue

Sandra Kay's Musings: Subplot: Another Rescue

Sample a chapter -

My Vintage Rose novel Deja Vu Lover is included in the IWOFA double-page full color ad in the December issue Realms of Fantasy, a beautiful magazine sold in BarnesandNoble as well as most college bookstores. The ad also shows the Sampler, an on-line booklet containing the first chapters of the books in the ad (including mine.) It’s a fun free read found at

Deja Vu Lover, by Phoebe Matthews, received a 5 rating from the ClassicRomance Revival reviewer.

For this week’s fortune cookie, check the Predictions page at Phoebe’s place.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Best book review by LASR

First, I apologize for the sudden influx of posts from me. I normally don't post, but I've had lots of news lately. I just received my first review, and as you can see from the title of this post, it was a good one. I wanted to share this. As many of you know, it's a long road to getting published, and there's a lot of anxiety once you do. For me, my two biggest fears have been poor sales and bad reviews. I don't know anything about sales yet, but at least for now, one fear has been lessened.

Here's the link:

Thanks. I hope you can take a minute to check it out.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

$1,165.53 ... huh?

The Internet is the wackiest place on the planet. I just discovered that someone is selling my novel, Sleeping With Skeletons, for $1,165.53 at Amazon!

Good luck with that, buddy! Heck, he couldn't get that even if I came with it.

(I've included the screen shot for proof, but you'll need a magnifying glass to see it.)

Talk about a day maker. I thought that was funny enough that it deserved a post.


Monday, October 26, 2009


Hadn’t know I’d created one until I read the new December Realms of Fantasy magazine. There’s a great article by SatyrPhil Brucato, and isn’t that a great name? He traces demon lovers from historical figures to modern fiction, Lord Byron to Edward Cullen. Easy to recognize Graham in
DEJA VU LOVER fitting right in with that group.

The fifth Mudflat book, my current work-in-progress, also has a demon lover, and this time I knew that’s what he was but I wasn’t sure how to describe him. Or how he would react to events. Again, ROF to the rescue!

Deja Vu Lover
Vintage Rose
Phoebe Matthews

For this week’s fortune cookie, check the Predictions page at Phoebe’s place.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Magic isn't the only thing in the air...

You know it, that moment. That moment when your eyes fall upon your true hearts desire and you know you'll be forever changed...
Come visit my blog to hear about my husband's true love...and it isn't me.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Win a free book!

I’m a sucker for a nail biting suspense with a love story woven in. Good think I’m lucky enough to know some talented writers who can help me feed my helpless addiction. *Grin* Please help me give a warm welcome to Romantic Suspense Author Misty Evans as she as she guest blogs today on my site.

Leave us a comment, you could win a free book :)


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New review for Civil War romance anthology!

We have a new review for our Civil War romance anthology, Northern Roses and Southern Belles. Long and Short Romance Reviews gave our book 4.5 books!

To quote the reviewer, "I think all of the authors did a great job with this anthology and so did the editors. I felt like I was involved in every story, I felt like I could smell the flowers and taste the crisp air. I felt the emotions the characters were feeling. It's a great anthology that any historical fan will love."

Read the full review at Long and Short Romance Reviews.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New review in my inbox today!

Romance Junkies gave my historical romance, Confederate Rose, 4 ribbons!

To quote reviewer, Suzie Housley, "... Blended with a well developed romance, this historical is one that will grab hold of your heart and tear at your emotions. I highly recommend this charming historical..."

Read full review at Romance Junkies.

Book Fair in Bellevue, Washinton -

The organizers of the Emerald City Writer Conference and Book Fair in Bellevue, WA, ordered books and set up tables for 50 authors last weekend! Amazing! I sat next to Rosemary Jones, author of Forgotten Realms titles: City of the Dead and Crypt of the Moaning Diamond. I signed my book, Deja Vu Lover. An editor of TheWildRosePress was there and took my picture with my book. Wow! Felt like a celebrity!

There were a few left over, so I signed the remaining copies of
Deja Vu Lover and they will be available at University Book Store, Bellevue branch, 888-335-7323 -- they ship anywhere. Also, I tucked a matching bookmark into each copy. Want a bookmark? Check out my webpage for my email address.

Deja Vu Lover
Phoebe Matthews
Vintage Rose

Friday, October 09, 2009

Blogging news from Susan St.Thomas

This Saturday 10/10 I'll be visiting my Dallas buddy Vicki Batman's blog all day, beginning 10 am. Stop by to chat about books, handbags, your kids chemistry homework (just kidding) and of course, writing.

And Next Saturday 10/17, I'll be interviewed by Book talk and giving away two e-book copies of MELTDOWN at BOOK TALK.
I hope you can stop by. I'll be discussing my writing process and the sequel to MELTDOWN, LOVE LIKE YOU'RE DYING, and other crazy stuff. See you then.
Love and Peace,

Monday, October 05, 2009

A Canadian Editor

Greetings from the frozen North!

Well, not totally frozen yet, though we have had a couple of overnight frosts. Past time to bring the tomatoes in; we had two red ones this year. Whoo-hoo! I'm afraid that's more a comment on my gardening skills than the climate. Lucky for us, I put more time into my editing than into the garden.

I'm a grammar-, spelling-, punctuation-Nazi from way back. I have to constantly remind myself that not everyone shares my passion for the minutiae and arcana of the English language. I feel incredibly privileged to be allowed to indulge my editing vocation and paranormal avocation at the same time. Talk about a dream job!

This month the Black Rose editors and authors are dispatching from the dark side. Stay tuned for everything you ever wanted to know about spooky beasties, All Hallows Eve traditions, and how to ward off the fangity critters out there. As well as garlic and silver, I've heard that rowan berries and red thread are helpful. But I've yet to learn how to tie up a werewolf with the red thread. Or maybe it's for flossing those fangs?


Sunday, October 04, 2009

This week's fortune cookie -

For the rest of the week, check out the Prediction page.

Phoebe Matthews
2009 EPPIE winner
See me at the IWOFA
ad in Realms of Fantasy

Deja Vu Lover
Vintage Rose

Saturday, October 03, 2009

It's Haunting Month Again

It's October and that means all paranormal books and stories at The Wild Rose Press will be discounted the whole month. And that includes my Civil War vampire story, Eternity Waits. If you haven't already read this story, here's the opening scene.

North of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
July 1, 1863

Caleb Weathers tensed at a rustle behind him. He swung his Enfield rifle in the general direction. A hoot, followed by the flutter of wings left him staring into the wide-eyed gaze of a Barn owl. When the bird took flight, he breathed a sigh of relief. The scents of pine and fetid soil calmed him a bit.
The thickness of the forest made him all too aware of how vulnerable he was to attack despite the weight of his weapon. Caleb sensed a presence behind him. He broke into a sweat and the hairs on the nape of his neck rose. He whirled and aimed the barrel at the form that appeared out of nowhere.
“Who are you?” he asked. “Where’d ya come from?”
The woman smiled. Blood-red lips and luminous blue eyes captured his gaze. Her raven hair glinted in the moonlight.
“I am Alexandra.” Her low, throaty voice held a guttural accent.
What is a beautiful woman doing in camp alone in the dead of night? She couldn’t be up to any good. And yet, as he watched her, a thrill of anticipation raced through him. Something about her seemed familiar. A memory he couldn’t quite reach.

He swallowed. “You’d best skedaddle, ma’am. You can’t come through camp without a pass.”
“I came for you, my darling.” With one fluid motion, she moved closer.
He cocked his rifle. “Stop right there.”
Her exquisite lips drew into a pout. “I would never harm you, Dimitri.”
At the sound of the name an eerie sensation swept over him.
“Who the hell is Dimitri?” he asked. “My name’s Caleb.”

And to learn more about my upcoming Civil War vampire story, Sweet Redemption, here's the link to my website.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Seduction's Stakes Released Today!

Well, today's the big day! Seduction's Stakes is available in digital and print format through The Wild Rose Press

Pick your favorite and place your bets. Study the odds. Choose your wager wisely. One thing's for certain... someone has to lose.

You can purchase Seduction's Stakes here.

Starting Monday, I'll be busy at my blog with contests, contests, contests. But polish up on your racing knowledge if you want to play along! I'm keeping score as well -- the person with the most correct answers at the end of the week will win an autographed copy.


McCleery Racing didn’t become a Thoroughbred racing powerhouse by betting on longshots. Maddie McCleery made it a multi-million dollar player through hard work, logical decisions, and a commitment to never involve herself with men who lived on the sport of kings. But when she sets her sights on a two-year-old colt her rival owns, she never imagines the lengths she’ll go to, to bring the future champion home.

Riley Jennings wants unobtainable Maddie almost more than the Triple Crown. After his Kentucky Derby win, however, he sees a way to sure-fire victory. His proposed wager stacks the odds in his favor – if her horse wins the Preakness, he’ll accept her terms. If his horse comes in first, they’ll negotiate his way.

When the dust settles on the wire, will love claim final victory, or will unexpected tragedy stop them in the gates?


The smoldering look behind those bright green eyes had nothing to do with any horse and everything to do with passion.

At length, Riley began to chuckle. “Maddie, Maddie, Maddie.” He shook his head, amused despite his painful discomfort. “I can’t sell him for three hundred thousand. And, while I promise you, making love to you would be worth three times that, I’m not going to sell him that way.”

Her look of disappointment only further provoked his humor. He leaned forward, sampling her mouth again. It took less than a heartbeat to bring her back into his arms and elicit her fiery response. Horse or no horse, Maddie McCleery wanted him. As much as he wanted her.

Sliding his lips closer to that tempting earring once more, he murmured, “You like a good wager, don’t you?”

Her throaty laugh sent another rush of desire racing through his veins. “Of course.”

Suckling at her dainty earlobe, he took it between his teeth and tugged gently, desperately trying to ignore the catch in her breathing. “I’ll make you a bet then.”

She spread her hand across his abdomen, sliding it upward to flatten it against his chest. “What kind of bet?”

"The kind where we both win in one way or the other."

Claire Ashgrove
Seduction's Stakes -- October 2009
All I Want For Christmas... Is Big Blue Eyes -- Dec 2009
Timeless Valentine -- February 2010

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pumpkinnapper is Here!

The time has come! The Wild Rose Press has released my Regency Halloween comedy novella, Pumpkinnapper.

Buy link here. Note, depending on your location, the link may not yet be active.

Join the fun as Henry the man and Henry the goose spar over heroine Emily's affections while they try to capture the foul pumpkin thieves.

The day's events (September 30):

3-5 PM Eastern time: I'll be at the Classic Romance Revival loop
9-10 PM Eastern time: I'll be at The Wild Rose Press loop. I'll drop in all day, but I'll be there for sure at this time.

You must join the loops in order to post.

And enter my CONTEST--Find Me a Hero! Prize is a PDF copy of Pumpkinnapper. Contest runs through October 31. Details on my Contest page.


Pumpkin thieves, a youthful love rekindled and a jealous goose. Oh my.

Last night someone tried to steal the widowed Mrs. Emily Metcalfe's pumpkins. She's certain the culprit is her old childhood nemesis and the secret love of her youth, Henry, nicknamed Hank, whom she hasn't seen in ten years.

Henry, Baron Grey, who's never forgotten the girl he loved but couldn’t pursue so long ago, decides to catch Emily's would-be thief. Even after she reveals his childhood nickname--the one he would rather forget. And even after her jealous pet goose bites him in an embarrassing place.

Oh, the things a man does for love.


"Emily, even with Henry, formidable as he is--" Hank glared at the goose. The goose glared back "--you need protection. I will send over some footmen to guard the place."

"No. Turnip Cottage belongs to Charlotte's husband. What will the townspeople think, with Lord Grey's servants about my house?"

Her refusal increased his fury. The sight of her hand on that damned goose's head didn't improve his mood, either. He balled his fists as his patience thinned and something else thickened. "I'll find you a guard dog. You must have some protection out here all alone."

"But I have Henry." She patted the goose's head and the bird snuggled into her hand. Again.

Heat flooded Hank, part desire for Emily's touch, and part desire to murder that damned goose, who was where he wanted to be. His insides groaned. "Very well, then, you leave me no choice. I will help you catch the culprits."


He changed his voice to the voice that either melted a woman or earned him a slap in the face. "Who knows, mayhap we would enjoy ourselves as I lie in wait with you." I would love to lie with you.

Her eyes widened. Had she understood the innuendo?

"I cannot stay alone with you, and you know it," she said, her voice severe.

"You are a widow in your own home and no one will see. I will make sure of it."

"No." She marched back into her cottage and slammed the door. Henry smirked and waddled away.

Hank grinned. He would be back, whether she liked it or not.

Thank you all,


Linda Banche

Regency romance--most with humor, some with fantasy, and occasionally a paranormal

Lady of the Stars--4 stars from Romantic Times, Regency time travel available from The Wild Rose Press

Pumpkinnapper--Regency Halloween comedy, available from The Wild Rose Press

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