Thursday, March 26, 2020

New Releases from the Wild Rose Press

Reeling from loss and heartbreak, Stella King is desperate to escape painful memories. The position of nanny on an isolated ranch in British Columbia's rugged Chilcotin Plateau seems the answer to her prayers.

Cattle rancher, Dawson Wheeler, has worked hard to overcome grief and build a predictable world for his young daughter. The last thing he needs is the all-too-attractive Stella disrupting the smooth running of his ranch, especially now that disturbing incidents are happening on his property.

Defending his land against those who want to gut it will be a challenge, but the biggest threat of all may be to his heart.
Natasha Peterhoff is the luckiest vampire in the world. Having pined over the sexy, but aloof Vladimir Starikovich for centuries, her feelings are reciprocated when the pair are drawn to each other the night of her brother's wedding. Unfortunately, the stark light of day dawns, and the couple parts ways.

Back in Siberia, Vlad is overcome by doubts. Not only will Natasha's brother kill him, but his own past is reason enough to keep her away. He vows to do everything in his power to keep her safe, even it if means never seeing her again.

With so many reasons to stay apart, will the ties that bind be strong enough to pull them together?
Some secrets are deadly, and ghost-blogger Jillian Winchester and her photographer boyfriend discover it's true when they set out to investigate an Australian family who disappeared without a trace in the 1880s.

An abandoned sheep station rumored to be haunted by the Kinsley family with ghosts instead of dead bodies or clues is one challenge. The other is the beautiful but deadly Outback.

As Jillian probes deeper into the mystery, one thing becomes clear: She might not make it out of this quest alive.
After one concussion too many, Ben Leit is done as the NFL's golden boy quarterback. Then his father, who was about to expose a bombshell sports scandal, is murdered.

Mimi Fitzroy, CIO for Rex Sports International, panics as she discovers thousands of stolen emails that prove Rex is breaking federal laws—big time. As Ben and Mimi work together to find a killer, they also find a connection they weren't expecting and didn't want.

They are headed for an explosive showdown in Seattle...and not everyone will walk away.
I wanted one thing—to never fall in love again. But the universe had other plans. One look into Tom Wright's olive-green eyes, and I free-fell crazy in love with the one man destined to break my heart. I know, because I've yet to learn my lesson. The past never dies, and mine is ready to rear its ugly head. Question is, will I be strong enough to survive the fallout?

She wasn't supposed to happen. I'd vowed to never let anyone in, but with one curve of her lips, Sara Hart bulldozed through my heart. I'm happier than I've ever been, yet scared as hell of how much I love her. Despite my best intentions, I haven't been one-hundred percent honest. My biggest torment still lurks within, threatening to unwind the strings holding us together. And if I lose her now, it might as well be the end of me.         

Friday, March 20, 2020

New From the Wild Rose Press

Ireland Jacobson is desperately trying to survive the death of her fiancé, one day at a time, one breath at a time, while working for her cold, controlling mother. When a shocking secret about Ireland's father comes to light, she makes an impromptu trip to find answers.

But rather than finding answers, Ireland stirs up painful complications with the man's current family. Ireland returns home and attempts to resume life as it was before. With her job and security on the line, she must make difficult choices, rely on people she has just met and hurt those she has known for years in order to heal, forgive and find her own personal inner strength.
Caryn Orlane has law enforcement in her blood; her father was a cop, and his father, too. She's a federal agent in northwest Montana, protecting the old forests and keeping the peace.
Levi Bradshaw also believes in protecting the forests, but has a very different MO. He's the leader of a group of eco-warriors, determined to save the trees of the Bitterroot by legal—and illegal—means.
When they meet in the woods at gunpoint, their encounter ignites a spark of interest, despite operating on opposite sides of the law. When their worlds turn on them, they only grow closer. If they don't work together, can either survive?
Roanne O'Casey has no desire to wed…but is under the control of an ancient prophecy. Fate takes away her choice when the fiercely independent Irishwoman is forced to marry the enemy, an Englishman…and is swept off her feet.

Simon Lancaster never intends to wed, but he agrees to marry the redhead in the rollicking Irish pub, in front of her rowdy brothers, as an amusing lark. His attraction for Roanne grows until he learns of his brother's death, and evidence points to one of her brothers.

When Roanne accompanies her husband to England, she walks into a trap for a killer. How can she solve the murder and win Simon's heart?
At the top of her game as a prestigious attorney, Evangeline Zanipolo walked away from it all. Despite an obvious lack of skill, she tries her hand as a massage therapist. But professional success is not her goal. All she wants is love, marriage, and babies with the two men she's engaged to marry. Then both men dump her, and she's left questioning her life's decisions. Just when she's ready to throw in the towel and try a traditional relationship, three forever-bachelors walk into her life prepared to give her everything she's ever dreamed of...if they can iron out all the kinks.

Sexy businessman Brice Loffiten has always kept his lovers at arm's length, but Evangeline has snuck past his barriers and secured her spot inside his heart. He wants her all to himself, but her insatiable desires have him doubting he'll be enough.

Power attorney, Dylan Russo is back in town and ready to assert control—in the bedroom. But Evangeline might not be ready to surrender to his type of dominance.

Champion Jerry Wynn needs to be number one in a relationship. With him at the helm, the four could conquer anything. But can the other men in Evangeline's life accept him as the head of the household?
Christopher Flemming is flung into a trap—two hundred years in the past.
His fiancĂ©e Arianna Miller is shocked when Christopher's time-traveling device returns home empty—except for a letter declaring his love for another woman. Arianna struggles through stages of grief, but it's difficult to fight a betrayal haunting her from two centuries ago. The only way for her to discover the truth is to face the dangers of traveling back in time herself.
Doing so might save Christopher's life—or Arianna might find herself tumbling into a deadly time trap as well.
Small town teacher, Lily Wheeler, is plunged into a world of violent extremes when one of her students becomes the target of a vicious gang member.

Disgraced model, Kate Logan, is looking for redemption but what she finds is a man determined to destroy her.

When a body is discovered in the woods, Grace Bighill's search for answers promises to unravel the family she's fought to keep together.         

Thursday, March 12, 2020

New releases from The Wild Rose Press

When Maddie MacGillicuddy loses her job, she's desperate to find another. Though good jobs are available at the stables, only men are hired. A big, strapping girl, she becomes Matty in her brother's clothing. Complications arise when a city magnate, assembling a tournament hockey team, admires Matty's skating skills and recruits "him," with real money and the city's reputation on the line.

Huritt Gilbert is used to battling his way through life. At the stables, he routinely endures racial slurs, sometimes striking back. He's never met a woman like Maddie and would do anything for her, including accept the dangerous position of goalie for her team. But when competition heats up, loyalties get twisted. Will Gilbert and Maddie play for glory, or love?
Charlie McKay couldn't be happier with her life. Taking care of her daughter and everyone else around her is a labor of love. But the truth she's buried lurks beneath the surface and letting the oh-so-tempting Craig Sutton into her world is the last thing she needs.
Purchasing the small-town bar is only one of the reasons Craig Sutton moved to Blue Creek. Despite having his own agenda, Craig is unable to resist getting involved with the McKays. And the closer he gets to Charlie, the more entangled he wants to become.
But secrets in this town run deep, and someone is dead set on exposing Charlie's. She isn't the only one with something to hide, and deception threatens their happily ever after. The danger increases, and Charlie must come to grips with the past that haunts her or lose everything.
Detective Jesse Aaron has no leads in the murder of Rosa Logan when pretty blonde Sariah Brennan claims to have seen the killer—in a vision. Unfortunately the man she identifies is dead—or is he?

Sariah is an unsophisticated small town girl, but her background and her motives are mysterious, and she seems to be hiding something. Jesse is increasingly convinced she has guilty knowledge of the crime, even as he finds himself more and more attracted to her. How can he unravel the web of secrets, without putting Sariah at risk, before the killer strikes again?
A grisly murder...a Dom with plenty to lose.

My name is Jordan Caldera, and that's me, the Dom with everything to lose. Yes, I hated the woman who threatened to expose the passionate BDSM lifestyle I share with my wife, Angel. But contrary to what the evidence implies, I didn't kill her and my alibi is solid.

Unfortunately, I was indulging a few powerful clients, administering to their dark desires, and they would sooner see me imprisoned than to publicly reveal their misunderstood cravings. My choices are simple—put my life and high-profile career at risk by exposing the truth or go to jail for a crime I didn't commit.
Elon loved traveling the world. The complexity of being a Marine from Texas and of the sixties generation stirred a curiosity that led him to Taiwan, a small Chinese island. Life in a country that spoke a language he would never understand, one with an exotic history and culture, where he found himself broke and needing a job while surviving a near-death experience, fit the bill for his adventurous spirit.

But nothing enticed him like meeting Brigitte, the Belgian model and agent, a survivor herself, who took him under her wing and successfully promoted his talents. Their experiences together seemed a destiny. "I will survive" was the life they took for granted.         

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Are you a Plotter, Pantser or Plantser?

Originally Posted on Dalia Dupris Writes

These are terms that refer to the way a writer approaches her craft. Are you someone who prefers to outline every detail, from the beginning to the end? Are you excited about the prospect of utilizing storyboards, graphs, charts, and grids to calculate your story timelines, characters’ birthdates, eye and hair colors? Is it important for you to know what kind of music a character would buy or their favorite television show? Writing without an outline would feel like going on a trip, with no particular destination in mind, which isn't something you would ever do. You plan where you are going, down to where you'll be dining and every sight you'll be seeing. If this sounds like you, most likely, you are a Plotter.

However, if you prefer your story to happen more organically and to be surprised by your characters’ actions and various plot twists, you are a Pantser. Otherwise known as a writer who likes to ‘fly by the seat of their pants.’ You probably feel that detailed plotting would stifle your creativity when you prefer to go with the flow. Planning out every detail would rob you of the fun of discovering minute by minute how your story will evolve. You enjoy the process of discovering what will happen as you are writing, not before.

Perhaps your technique is more like mine and you utilize a combination of the two methods described above. In that case, you are a Plantser. Most of my planning is done in my head. Generally, I know something about the beginning and the end, but how the characters arrive at their destinations is sometimes a bit of a mystery. I may or may not develop a concrete story outline, but I definitely don’t fill in all of the details in advance. I don’t plan exactly how my characters will react to events, even though I have a strong idea of who they are before sitting down at my desk.
Embracing your strategy can save you time, energy and frustration. Follow the path which works best for you and helps you to get those words on the page.

Friday, March 06, 2020

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She's Pallas Mulroney, a financial genius and top-notch poker player, in Lake Tahoe to win the money to buy a partnership in her chosen career. Her second agenda, to find out why her father was banned from gambling casinos in Tahoe twenty years ago.

Danny Tarantino's new club is his whole life, and someone's out to destroy it. This threatens Pallas's plans as much as her attraction to Danny threatens her peace of mind. He has enough to handle without worrying about the redhead he can't get out of his thoughts—especially when she's determined to get involved.
True "TJ" Bannister, haunted by his past, abandons the world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll to live a peaceful life as a bookstore owner on Cape Cod. The reformed bad boy thinks no "nice" girl will ever see beyond his tormented soul.
Innocent Sara Storm barges into TJ's shop, and his life, with her sunshine personality. Her dream is to be a singer—she's come to Cape Cod to further her goal at a local concert venue and escape comparisons with her successful siblings.
TJ and Sarah are drawn to each other, but will his past and desire for a calmer life and her aspirations as a recording artist doom their romance before the last note is sung?
Dr. Dana Null awakens in a deserted alley bleeding and with no memory. Lost, alone, and desperate after her pleas for help go unanswered she physically accosts a Baltimore PD detective.
Detective Lance Barnes recognizes her distress and takes on her case. His investigation brings more questions than answers. He finds himself drawn to the beautiful doctor and struggles to maintain his moral code of conduct.
Dana has her own struggles besides Lance's magnetic pull. Someone still wants her dead, and Dana must trust the one man determined to uncover the truth before her assailant strikes again.
Pets that touch our lives are no less loved than friends and family. Here are stories of unique dogs, precocious pot-bellied pigs, savvy cats, horses, and other animals beloved by humans who have created memorials in loving tribute to their companions.
A chance encounter with a roguish, kilt-wearing lord at a historical Highland reenactment has Tara Holder dreaming of a better life. When she discovers her summer job involves working with the sexy Scot who literally swept her off her feet, she's torn between wanting to remain professional or to shag him for all he's worth.

Andy Campbell has big plans for the family castle, ones that will once and for all prove he's worthy of being in charge. He doesn't need interference from the new castle manger his mother hired. When he realizes the manager is none other than the lovely wisp of a woman he "married" and kissed at the fair, he's suspicious of his matchmaking mother's attempt to find him a real bride. He's determined to keep his distance despite being plagued with dreams of the alluring lass wearing his plaid...and nothing else.