Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I've been tagged by Clover Autrey to tell you 8 things about me you never knew before. So, here goes:
1. My middle name is Patrice.

2. I'm extremely allergic to strawberries, apples, plums and other soft fruit- so I could be murdered with fruit, and my death would still be attributed to natural causes! (Ha-Ha!)

3. I've a warped sense of humour (- see nr.2)

4. I'm afraid of heights.

5. October 2000, I stood at the top of the World Trade Centre in NY with my hubby and innocently commented, as I watched helicopters circle below us: what if one of those should crash into the building... a year later... Go figure.

6. I've a black belt in taekwon-do (2nd Dan)

7. I need my space. Can't have too many people around me, all the time.

8. I grew up in Bury, Lancashire, the setting of the Wild Rose Press' Historical Contest.

In case I tag you, here are the rules:
1) Each player starts with 8 random facts or habits about themselves.
2) People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their 8 things with a copy of these rules.
3) At the end of your blog you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.
4) Don't forget to leave them a note saying they've been tagged.

Tag you're it!
I tag Wild Rose Press Authors: Kathleen M. Basi, Teresa Reasor, Pamella Roller, Diana Bold, Leslie Dicken, tarah Scott, Catherine Cairns, Janet Halpin- my apologies if you've already been tagged.

Michelle Chambers

Don't forget... Ripples in the Water out now! Available as ebook from the Wild Rose Press, or

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hello, Everyone

I just signed up for the Wild Rose Press Blog even though I accepted a contract several months ago. I am thrilled to be part of TheWild Rose garden. My first book with TWRP, Logan's Redemption, a romantic suspense, has a tentative release date of July for the ebook. I've been busy all Memorial Day weekend working on my edits. Revisions are hard work but I'm impressed with the edits I've gotten from my editor Ally. She's going to make me a better writer. I can't wait until my book is released. I cried while writing Logan's Redemption because it's also a book about family and the redeeming power of love.

Cara Marsi

Doing a happy dance!

Hi all,

I'm excited to be here and be a part of the Wild Rose Press family! My first book with Wild Rose will be coming out in February 2008 for Valentine's Day. It's called, Cupid's Dilemma and I had a blast writing this one. I love Valentine's and wanted to write something that was sweet and romantic in celebration of it. I'll be posting a contest when it gets close to the publication date and hope you all will keep checking back here on the blog for more news!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Runnin' 'Shine

Bootlegger's Bride - Legacy Of The Celtic Brooch Book 4

56 pages - Rating: HOT (Hey, I've never been HOT before!)

Buckle your seat-belt. Grace McAfee Currie is on a mission--to make up for lost time, and lost love. Hoping to escape her controlling family and rekindle a romance all at the same time, she sets in motion a chain of events that spiral out of her control. WWI veteran Aidan Palmer is jolted back into life when he reconnects with Grace, the one woman he can’t resist. In order to be together, this socialite and would-be preacher must outwit her ambitious brother, out-maneuver competing bootleggers, and drive into an uncertain sunset in an exciting new world.

One lucky winner will receive a FREE copy of Bootlegger's Bride - simply join my newsletter and you're entered to win! Click the link below to join:

To see a preview of my upcoming Vintage novel, All in Good Time, visit BEBO.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Burn Baby Burn

My new release, Burn Baby Burn, came out just last week. I’m thrilled to have Wild Rose Press publish this short erotic ebook.

Marisa Carter wants to photograph Ethan for a local charity calendar of sexy firefighters. Ethan McCafferty wants something far different. Stripping his shirt off for a picture isn’t enough. He wants to take it all off and convince Marisa they’re perfect together--in and out of the sheets. But having been burned once, is Marisa willing to risk getting too close to the sexy fireman? After all, Ethan is her cheating ex-husband's best friend.

If you like your romance hot, you’ll love Marisa and Ethan’s journey. I’d love to post an excerpt but it’s just too darn steamy.

Lynne Logan

Reviews and Google

I love Google Alerts. I just found a new review for "Love In Shadow" in my inbox this morning from Romance Reviews Today:

"With well-defined characters and setting, this short read encompasses the feeling of a much longer story and makes an excellent fantasy romance."

They gave it their highest rating of 5! Yay! Check it out!

Wondering how to set up your own Google Alerts? Check out this article at!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Reviews

Yesterday I found two reviews for Rose Petals -- Coffee Time reviewed the entire anthology, and Cocktail Reviews reviewed my contribution, Second Chance Rose. Wilga at Cocktail Reviews said:

Here is my favourite line:

…who’d want a portrait of a forty-two year old woman with boring brown eyes and plain brown hair with strands of grey popping out like dandelions?

I saw and felt so much more than these words actually said. Her insecurity, low self-esteem; the image she has of herself as not worthy for sketching. The mention of dandelions—akin to weeds—brings a richness to that sentence; that the grey is growing fast these days. Excellent and touching, in my opinion.

Rose finds the past repeating itself, but wonders how this could be so. After all, hadn’t she “had her turn” at the game of love with Doug?

A touching story that I enjoyed very much. I wish it had been longer.

For May, I'm giving away one of my short stories. Visit my website for details. Terry

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our Rose Garden Family Tree

by Maggie Toussaint

Something Terry Odell said on the loop has stuck with me. She said we ought to get together a list of our TWRP family tree. I thought this was a really great idea!

Here's what Terry posted: "I was looking at the author list, and see (at least) the following authors who I've sent to the garden: Diane Burke, Dara Edmondson, Kelsy George, Maggie Toussaint, and Catherine Kean (brand new, just offered a contract)"

I followed Terry's lead and was successful in getting picked up here. I told others. My friends Marilyn Trent and JL Wilson are under contract, and two more friends have since subbed here.
I thought that it might be fun if our roses posted how they learned of TWRP. Add your "tree branch" to the comments of this post!
Maggie Toussaint, here by way of Terry Odell
House of Lies, on sale now at Fictionwise

Monday, May 21, 2007

Bay Leaves and Bundles

Last week my latest short story in the American Rose garden, Bay Leaves and Bundles, was released. I loved writing this sweet little story, and I thought I'd take a few minutes and share a bit of it with you. I hope you like it!

A blurb:

Amy had her heart set on becoming Mrs. Ben Warner, the handsomest man in Williamsburg. She wanted to toss his tricorn hat to the ground, run her fingers through his soft, silky curls and press her body to his. She dreamed of hearing his declaration of love, of feeling a delicate gold circle on her finger. But in 1775 romantic young ladies didn’t simply toss, caress and press. They waited for the man to declare.

How, then, to encourage Ben’s declaration of love? Amy has a few ideas…

And an excerpt:

“I have seen my sweetheart—on several occasions,”
insisted Amy, settling her head on the pillowcase with
infinite care. “But it never hurts to have the bay leaves in
place when I dream of him, which I do nightly, I assure

“Then what do you hope to accomplish? If you’ve
already seen him in your dreams there is no need for the
leaves—or the pins,” Martha said, weaving the final
inches of her long blonde hair into a braid.

“I’m simply hoping to…to…oh, I don’t know. Speed
things along, perhaps? You’re lucky; you’ve already got a
date set for your wedding. But me, I have yet to get a man
to propose marriage, let alone set the date.” Lowering her
voice as they heard their parents climb into their creaky
rope bed in the room next to theirs, Amy said,
“Valentine’s Day is next week. I’ve been praying he’ll
come calling, maybe even ask to spend the night. I’ve been
praying, night and day it seems, that my sweetheart
would come to me and then maybe my life could move
forward. Oh, Martha, I’ve been praying!” Amy laced her
fingers together and waved them toward the low-beamed

Martha shook her head as she leaned over and blew
out the candle. Settling herself on her own pillow, she
murmured, “You’d best pray you don’t poke your eye out
with those straight pins.”

Thanks for reading!


Friday, May 18, 2007

Wow Happy Birthday Jenna!

What GREAT news, Jenna!
I know exactly how you feel! My birthday is tomorrow (the 19th) and the closer we get to June 22 the antsier I get with anticipation of the release of the PRINT version of The Inheritance!
Anyway, gotta question for all of you out there in Roseland....ever get everything organized on a daily schedule then have it fall apart?
That's exactly what happened to me this week!
I have 7 (yeah, count 'em 7 - God's perfect number) blogs and of course all of these lovely reader/author loops. So I thought...let's get organized that way I can post once-a-week at each blog and send out regular promos or at least regualr messages to the groups.
Sounds great huh?
Wrong! Had my granddaughter spend the night which meant I had to tend to her two mornings so my 'Schedule' flew out the window LOL!
But hey, there's much more to life than promoting. Right?
Anyway, today is TWRP Friday on my list so here I am and happy to be here!
Once again, Happy Birthday Jenna, and all of you OTHER May people out there. :-)
(oh and Happy Belated Birthday to everyone who has celebrated before May and Happy Birthday early to those to come)
See you next week (hopefully!).
"Inspirational with an Edge!"

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me...and a new release!

It seems Wild Rose Press has released by American Rose Rosette, Treasured, to celebrate by birthday!

Marianne Phillips lost so much in the war – her brother, father, mother. the family plantation, and with it her way of life. Even with so much ripped from her, her pride and self-respect remain firmly in tact. When a man who claims to have admired her from afar proposed marriage, can Marianne trust his intentions, or will her pride get in the way?

This is a sweet short story set after the American civil War. -- Red Roses For Authors


Robert Hannigan was not supposed to propose today,
not the third time she’d seen him, the first time her sister
allowed him to escort her anywhere. Even with her sister
and brother-in-law a few feet away at the town picnic
after church, Miss Marianne Phillips felt as if she and
Robert were the only people in the world. Until he up and

“Miss Phillips, did you hear me?” he asked, his dark
eyes peering up at her from where he lounged on his
elbow. His head tilted so his light brown hair curled over
the collar of his shirt.

“Well, of course I heard you, Mr. Hannigan. But I
don’t believe I heard you correctly. The sun must be
getting to me.” Marianne blinked, fanning herself with
her hand and reaching for her cup of lemonade.

Robert grinned, a sly dimple taunting her from his
left cheek. “Surely you can’t be shocked.”

Monday, May 14, 2007

Romance Jeopardy and Survivor

by Maggie Toussaint

Many of you are probably familiar with the CBS television show Survivor. A few may have heard about the game of Romance Jeopardy at the Washington Romance Writers yearly Retreat, a game where all the material is about Romance publishing. At the start of the yearly game of Romance Jeopardy, everyone must repeat the most important rule of all: this game is not fair! These two games are key elements in my blog today.

We just concluded another season of Survivor, and the several players' integrity were severely tested. One popular player got a raw deal when someone he'd formed an agreement with shafted him. He was voted off and the others went on to the million dollar round. Later it was determined that almost everyone on the jury would have voted for this person. (The person who'd held onto the immunity received no votes in the final round, the woman who couldn't swim received no votes, and the other survivor won.)

What's that got to do with publishing and writing? The publishing business is a game of Outlast, Outwit, and Outplay, just like the game of Survivor. And, like Romance Jeopardy, publishing is often not fair.

Here at The Wild Rose Press, we're very supportive of each other's success, but that isn't typical of the industry as a whole. I've seen critique groups splinter when one person gets a contract and others don't. I've seen people abandon close friends in search of transient friends who could help them get to the top.

I know writers who've had successful careers derailed through no fault of their own. I've seen publishing houses fold (not this one!). I've seen personal problems overcome a writer's creativity. I've seen poor health cripple a writer's spirit.

Whatever you're after in your publishing career, it pays to know who you are and what you hope to accomplish. In this profession, there are lots of hard knocks. Find your inner core of strength and shore it up. That way, when others think they will outwit, outplay, or outlast you, they will be the ones who are out maneuvered.

Know who you are. No one can take that from you.

Maggie Toussaint
House Of Lies, ISBN 1601540310

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Best SellingShort Stories for The Wild Rose Press

According to All Short Stories, the best selling Wild Rose Press short stories for last week were...

1. The Earl's Enchantment by Sara Freeze
Now, what's a sweet American girl like Caitlin doing in England, working in a castle/bookstore and communicating with a grumpy ghost? When the story opens, Adrian's still figuring that out himself. In 1806, he very unwillingly found himself transformed into a ghost by an angry ex-lover who also happened to be a very powerful witch. He's been trapped in Holworth Castle for the past two centuries, observing with horror the evolving fashions, hair styles, and conduct of the modern man (and woman).
2. Montana Hideaway by Jessica Joubert
Jonathon Tall Bull and Hayley Jansson come from two different worlds, but they have more than one thing in common. Besides teaching together at the St. Labre Mission School, they are intensely attracted to each other. When she hits a deer and slides off the road in a spring snowstorm, he carries her home to his cabin. And while Jonathon has spent his life following the true path towards happiness, Hayley has spent hers skirting the issues that lie deep within her soul.
A tie to her past becomes Emma's key to her future...if she's prepared to trust her heart. Luke Reinhardt has always felt like an outsider looking in. The child of a Chippewa mother, his upbringing was one of rejection and humiliation at the hands of the pale-skins. Emma Sarris knows pain as an adopted child. Though loved and nurtured by her adoptive family, unanswered questions plague her. Who are her real parents? Why did they abandon her?
4. Amazing Grace by Wilhelmina Rush
Only drastic action would convince Grace Canady just how wrong she was. Sure, Martin Winters was a summer guest. And yes, summer guests always left Canady Lodge after Labor Day. But he needed her, and he'd be damned if he'd leave without a fight. As autumn chill nipped the air, Martin set about amazing Grace.

5. Found by Jenna Bayley-Burke
Arriving home after a girls night out, Eden's realized she no longer needs to look for love. Love is right there, sleeping in her bed. But does he feel the same?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

You meant to get your mom something, really you did, but life got in the way and the only option you have now is an e-card, right? Wrong!

Be happy you live in the time of epublishing and send your mom a story that is sure to put a smile on her face. At just $1.50, The Rosettes from The Wild Rose Press are cheaper than a car, and you can deliver them straight to Mom's inbox in time for the big day!




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Ad Banners For The Hoi Polloi

Some days, I just don't want to mess with Photoshop. But what's an author to do if (a) she's too lazy to use Photoshop; or (b) she's too poor to procure Photoshop and/or doesn't have a programmer husband to procure Photoshop for her?

Design awesome banner  ads like this one FREE at

That's right. She cheats. She uses a web-based banner designer like this one. Of course, then she has to put up with the FREE AD mess in the corner, but it's a small price to pay, especially compared to the arm and leg you'll have to give up in order to buy Photoshop.

Have any other web-based ad banner creators you like? Any other freebie/cheapie ways to make 'em? Let me know in the comments and I'll add your ideas on

Sonja Foust
Author of LOVE IN SHADOW (The Wild Rose Press)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Author Interview on Inside The Writer's Mind!

This is an exciting day for me!

I've been interviewed on Carol Ann Erhardt's blog, Inside the Writer's Mind. I'm just tickled about this, and I hope you'll head on over there and see what Carol Ann and I chatted about. I had a great time doing this, Carol Ann's a wonderful hostess!

The interview is here. Thanks for stopping by!

Sarita Leone

PS. - Just a hint. The interview is about me, but also about my story, Freedom's Touch, Part 2 of the Legacy of the Celtic Brooch. I give away a few secrets about how the story came to be, stuff I haven't shared anywhere else. Somehow Carol Ann, with her charm and smiles, wheedled a few confidences from me! It was such fun! :)

Contest to Celebrate My Latest Rosette!

Today, my third Wild Rose story -- Miles From You -- has been released and I'm celebrating with a giveaway at my blog!
Come on over and find out how you can win your choice of either a Wild Rose Press Commuter Mug or a $5.00 Wild Rose Press gift certificate along with a bunch of goodies to pamper yourself: Avon Naturals raspberry shower gel, a 1/2 pound Hershey's Chocolate bar and a Harlequin Romance novel, plus a few other goodies I'll throw in just for fun.

It's easy, it's fun and it's free. What more could you ask for? Hope to see you there!

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Tagged By 8

I've been tagged by Debbie Mumford to tell everyone 8 things they didn't know about me before! Watch out ... You might be next!

Here we go ...

1. I nearly always have socks on, but almost never wear shoes.
2. I paint my nails... while camping. The fresh air dries polish quickly, BTW.
3. I sang the soprano solos in 'The Messiah' when I was in High School.
4. I hate to be hot. I'd be happy living in...I dunno...Antacrtica without the snow?
5. I have 3 younger brothers, and then HubbaBubba has two. I was never so happy as when my baby brothers started getting married. Too much testosterone makes me cranky.
6. I have an obsession with man TV - The Unit, Deadliest Catch...which are on at competing times! Which jackalope thought of that!
7. I love reality TV. It makes me feel smart.
8. I played the clarinet, violin and piano as a kid. None of them well.

In case I tag you, here are the rules:
1) Each player starts with 8 random facts or habits about themselves.
2) People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their 8 things with a copy of these rules.
3) At the end of your blog you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.
4) Don't forget to leave them a note saying they've been tagged.

I tag Wild Rose Press Authors : Kate Pearce, Lee Morrison, Robyn Wren, Karen Erickson, Elle Fredrix, Lauri Robinson, Sara Freeze, and Paty Jager... (Alli Boniface & Sonja Foust already were tagged by someone else)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Two TWRP Authors Toast Their First Sales

by Maggie Toussaint

Hi everyone! I've been on the conference trail for a few weeks and I'm just now getting caught up on the internet. My book, House of Lies, was well received at Sleuthfest in Miami and also at the Washington Romance Writers Retreat at Harpers Ferry, WV. While I was on the road, I had a great booksigning at the Frederick, MD, Borders on May 1. The turnout was better than expected and get this - they sold out of my books! What a thrill to be so sought after.

Best of all, I had the chance to toast my first sale with another fabulous TWRP author, M.K. Trent, at the Harpers Ferry meeting. In the photo above, M.K. is on the left, I'm on the right. Our champagne is courtesy of Nora Roberts. This photo was taken after we received our first sale pens at our RWA chapter's yearly conference. M.K. was my first critique partner and we've stood by each other for many years of navigating this publishing maze.
I also got word that a book review for House of Lies is now posted at MyShelf. That was excellent news as the reviewer loved the story of Hannah and Jake search for the truth.
Now that the fun is over, I have to figure out how to shrink my head back down to life size and get back to work on my next Crimson Rose. (It's coming soon, Laura, I promise!)
Here's to all the great authors at TWRP, and to RJ and Rhonda for making all of our dreams come true.
Maggie Toussaint
House of Lies

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Virutal Book Tour!

Hello Folks!

This month I'm going on 'tour' with my book Tempered Dreams via Dorothy Thompson's Virtual Book Tour.

After much success with her own tour, Dorothy started a new promotion service for authors called Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tours.

Thinking this might be a great, inexpensive way to pump up publicity for my titles, I asked my publisher, ComStar Media and they said to go for it!

So here we are, embarking on a virtual book tour.

Here's the schedule so far this month.

May 30 & 31 -

If you'd like to host me at your blog or website, please contact Dorothy Thompson at
Hope to see you there!

IMW, Celebrate with me the release of my book The Inheritance right here at The Wild Rose Press!

Ebook available Now! Print book available June 22!!
Until next time remember….When opportunity meets preparation you get your miracle!

Pamela S Thibodeaux
Inspirational with an Edge!

Member/CoFounder Bayou Writers Group
Visit my Blogs!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Return to Winter releases tomorrow!

My romantic suspense, novel, Return to Winter, is published in e-format tomorrow. It will be released in print on June 29th.

The story behind the book:

Return to Winter is the follow up to It Happened One Summer, also a romantic suspense. The proceeds from both books will go to Cancer Aid in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. I went to school in a castle very similar to the one on the cover, but took it for granted at that the time. I have worked as a cancer counsellor for the organisation for the past couple of years and thought it would be a nice idea to 'give something back' to the charity by donating the proceeds. Last year, we sold hundreds of books. I hope to continue in the same fashion this year.

The new cancer centre is almost finished and it's a privilege to know that my efforts helped to buy some of those bricks! We still need funds however, as we are a charity, so by purchasing Return to Winter, or It Happened One Summer, when that releases, you will be helping our cancer clients to have therapies or transport.

Here is a short excerpt that I hope will give you a flavour of the book:

It was biting cold as Stephanie got out of the taxi and paid the driver. She would normally have given him a generous tip, but all her small change was in Italian currency. She turned up the collar on her jacket, not at all prepared for the British weather. Glancing across at Lawrence’s apartment, she held her breath, then let it out again. All appeared to be in darkness. With any luck he might be away, visiting family in London or even out of the country. His cyber cafe and two nightclubs in Cardiff and Newport kept him busy.

She found her key, tapped in a security code and let herself into the well-lit building. Immediately, she switched on the lights. Lawrence could be there waiting for her right now. But how could he possibly know she would turn up at this very moment? He had probably been as baffled as Dylan had been about her sudden disappearance. The apartment felt icy cold and smelled a little musty. After all, it had been without an occupant for the past nine months; she had managed to keep up the payments by Visa card from Italy.

Putting down her suitcase she scooped up a stack of mail, bills and junk mail mostly, intending to go through them later. Then she went into the kitchen. The cupboards were bare except for a few tins and a stale packet of sponge fingers, the only thing she had forgotten to throw out when she had got rid of all perishable goods before leaving the country. There were still a few things in the freezer. She filled the electric kettle and put it on to boil. At least she could have a cup of black instant coffee. There was some frozen bread, she could have a couple of pieces of toast and there was an unopened jar of marmalade on the counter. She’d have to do without the butter for time being. If she was holed up here over Christmas, she could at least have some food to keep her going. There were a few other things in the freezer she could make good use of.

If she was careful, and kept the place in darkness, Lawrence need never know she was here at all, and then when she got herself fixed up with a hotel, she could leave.

She whirled as a voice came over the intercom. Holding her breath, she thought for a moment it might be Lawrence. “Steph, let me in…” This was not Lawrence’s husky smoker’s voice. Mildly irritated, she realised it was Dylan. What did he want? She ignored it.

“Steph, are you going to leave me here all night? I know you’re in there.”

Sighing, she pressed a button to allow him access. “Come up,” she requested.

As he entered the apartment, a look of concern swept over his face. “Are you okay?”

“Yes…” She hesitated. For a moment, she thought she might cry.

He put his hands on her shoulders and looked directly into her eyes. “Why did you leave so suddenly, again? You have a habit of doing that.”

His grey-green eyes darkened as he spoke and she wanted to melt in his arms, for him to kiss her one more time…

“I…I thought it was for the best,” she managed to reply.

“Best? Best for whom?” He furrowed his brow.

“For you and Cassandra.”

“Well it certainly wouldn’t be best for me, I can assure you.”

Why was he saying this to her? It sounded as if he really wanted her in his life. Perhaps he was just a typical bloke, wanting his cake and eating it, to have two women on the go at the same time? Exactly like her father had been with that mistress of his. She’d never forgiven him for abandoning her and her mother. Can a seven year old really understand why a parent leaves?

“You’re not going to need me around if you have her, are you?” She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists into balls at her side.

“Of course I need you. You mean so much to me. When you were away…” He didn’t finish his sentence. What had he been about to tell her? His eyes were fixed on something behind her.

“What’s the matter?” Something was wrong. She could see it reflected in his eyes.

“The mirror behind you…” was all he managed to say.

She turned around quickly. Scrawled on the mirror in lipstick were the words, “YOU’RE DEAD!”

Nausea rose to her throat and she took in a sharp breath. How hadn’t she noticed it before? But she hadn’t really looked around the room, had she? She’d dropped her suitcase and gone straight out to the kitchen to make coffee.

“He’s been here, Dylan. Lawrence has broken into my apartment. He wants me dead!” The room spun and her vision blurred.

“Steph, are you okay?” She heard Dylan’s voice, but couldn’t focus…then the room faded to black.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rosettes Released on Wednesday!!

As all the readers surely have noticed, Wild Rose Press is getting bigger and better every day. To help highlight one of the assets that sets us apart, our Rosette line, WRP is giving them their own release day! Going forward, Rosettes release on Wednesdays. Up two today are some great titles...take a peek!
Found by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Arriving home after a girls night out, Eden’s realized she no longer needs to look for love. Love is right there, sleeping in her bed. But does he feel the same?
Champagne Rosette - Sensual

Montana Hideaway by Jessica Joubert

Jonathon Tall Bull and Hayley Jansson come from two different worlds, but they have more than one thing in common. Besides teaching together at the St. Labre Mission School, they are intensely attracted to each other. When she hits a deer and slides off the road in a spring snowstorm, he carries her home to his cabin. And while Jonathon has spent his life following the true path towards happiness, Hayley has spent hers skirting the issues that lie deep within her soul. She’d driven all night just to get to him, but could she bring herself to tell him why?
White Rosette - Sweet

Freedom's Touch First Review

Reviews. For me, the first one for any title is the nail-biter. After that, I'm fine. But the first one? Always give me the shivers.

Received my first review for Freedom's Touch. Thought I'd share it with you, since it puts my latest case of "shivers" to rest, thank goodness! Thanks for sharing this happy moment with me!

FIVE HEARTS From The Romance Studio!

"Ms. Sarita Leone has certainly maintained the high standard set by the previous book in the series. So much happens in this book that it is impossible to stop reading. The ending is such a shock! The plot is amazing…and the brooch travels again. Don’t miss this second book in the series; you will certainly regret it!"

Overall rating: Five Hearts
Sensuality rating: Sweet
Reviewer: Brenda Talley
April 17, 2007

Taboo...Or Not?

Thankfully, it seems that today, many romance sub-genres are pushing the envelope when it comes to what’s “acceptable” and what’s not.

Sex between consenting, non-married adults? Acceptable. Homosexual couplings? Marginally acceptable, depending on your target markets. Menages? Ditto. Romantic encounters between humans and vampires/shape-shifters/aliens? Ditto again.

So what’s still considered taboo in the romance world? Well, most publishers include this disclaimer on their submissions page:

No depraved or illegal acts.
No bestiality.
No degradation of women (rape).
No pedophilia (sex involving underage characters).

Okay, fair enough.

So here’s my question what do you, as a writer, consider taboo--and not--when it comes to this genre? What will you read, and what will you avoid? There was a great post on Romancing the Blog a few weeks ago about adultery. Some readers don’t mind when their H/H commits it. For others, it ruins the whole book. What about you? What about bondage, or S&M?

Part of my reason for asking is selfish: I’m playing around with an idea for a new novel, but the premise centers on a 19-year old hero and a 24-year old heroine who fall in love and only after their first sexual encounter discover that they are actually student and teacher in a new school. Taboo? You tell me.

I’m curious. In your opinion, what constitutes pushing the envelope too far in romance?


See what I'm blogging about today at Allie's Musings...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Our 1st Birthday!!

The Wild Rose Press turns 1 year old today. Come celebrate with us in the chat room. The doors are being thrown open an hour early for anyone who wants to come inside--8:00 p.m. Eastern and we'll keep partying until the last person leaves.

We'll have some door prizes and some giveaways and as always lots offun and laughter. Come help RJ and Rhonda celebrate the garden's birthday and help Rhonda celebrate her birthday too!

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