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The Letter - The story of a betrayal that wasn't...

The Letter
Published: 07/26/2013

The story of a betrayal that wasn't. Even so, it still tore two lovers apart for eleven years. On the eve of their wedding, Michael Jeffres, Earl of Daventry, found his betrothed, the woman who meant as much to him as the air he breathed, in bed with his cousin. Diana, the daughter of a marquess, remembers nothing of that night. All she knows is she was forced to marry Michael's cousin, Leo, and then spent the next eleven years in hell. When the two lovers are brought back together by a letter from Leo a year after his death, Michael and Diana must struggle through all the lies and secrets before they can find a love that far surpasses the one of their youth.  

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 364
Word Count: 94657
978-1-61217-856-1 Paperback
978-1-61217-857-8 Digital


“Like that do you?”

“I should not be allowing this, but I cannot bring myself to make you to stop.”

Diana lifted her lashes and peered at him. Wearing a deep blue dressing gown, he sat on the stool, her feet resting on his lap. A strand of black hair had fallen over his forehead. If she were close enough, she would brush it back.

His hands slid over her ankles to the backs of her legs, kneading her calves.

She moaned in ecstasy. “Oh, dear God, that feels wonderful.”

Ink-blue eyes turned black. “I want to hear you say those words when I am buried deep inside you. I want you so desperately, Myana, I hurt.” He took the heel of her foot and pressed it over his erection.


“Hush. Don’t tell me to stop. I am not going to do anything you don’t want, but I am going to do as much as you will allow. Consider yourself warned.”

An explosion rocked the desert floor...The Forgotten Ones

Published: 07/26/2013
by: Kimberlee R. Mendoza

For ten years, agent Laura Black has worked for a secret organization that captures and recruits "unwanted" teenagers and trains them to be assassins. Explosions, gunfire, and death are just another day at the office. Offered the chance to lead her own team, Laura jumps at the opportunity to mold new minds and possibly make a difference in the future of SIU.

But this is no ordinary team. Smart and ambitious, these recruits have her questioning the last decade of her life. Especially Bryce Chappell, the ex-Army Ranger whose touch of conscience landed him in prison. SIU negotiated his release and assigned him to her, but Laura's fighting their mutual attraction--fraternization is a death sentence.

If Bryce's love doesn't get her killed, her new team's insubordination, lies, and war against the agency just might. Will Laura give in to her heart? Or cling to the only things she's known?

Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 294
Word Count: 66223
978-1-61217-860-8 Paperback
978-1-61217-861-5 Digital


An explosion rocked the desert floor.

Laura Black hit the sand, coughing against the smoke that consumed the air. Glass and rocks pelted her leather flak jacket. Jamming the rifle against her shoulder, she darted for a better position, ready to fire again.
Masked enemies, armed with AK-47s, scampered to her right, both ducking behind a deserted sedan.

Laura fired.

One of the targets dropped.

Heart racing, Laura crawled behind a beat-up sedan and peeked through the window. Except for dust and smoke, the horizon appeared empty. But she could sense them.

An automatic gun sprayed in her direction. Shards of glass showered her black cavalier helmet.

The radio clicked in her ear. “We’re bugging out, now!” Agent Harding yelled. “That’s an order from command.”

Finally! Laura glanced around for an opening in the chaos. Her partner, Harding, climbed a ladder to the top of one of the few erect buildings. The helicopter would land there. She started to inch to his position, but stopped. Bullets pelted against the car bumper. She spun around and studied her exit points—a store window a few yards away and a hillside that dropped about thirty feet down.

A rocket grenade barreled toward her.

No time. She lunged for the store window. The blast launched her against a metal shelf, a rough corner slicing her skin. She swallowed against the pain and ran to the back of the store.

Just another day at the office.

Demon Fire - Paranormal romance to leave you breathless

Published: 07/24/2013
by: Ann Kellett

Meredith Stone has an enormous case of writer's block and has no idea how to start her second novel.  Even more embarrassing she has no idea how to explain to her editor that the ideas for her first best seller came to her in a dream.

Dax Thelassian's problem is that nearly every word of Meredith's novel is true.  A portal from the demonic underworld really does exist on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Dax and a few other half-human half-demon warriors have spent the last two and a half centuries watching evil energy build.

Now that battle is imminent, Dax is determined to pry the truth from the sexy but naive writer. Does she hold the key to the one item that could keep the world safe and allow him to embrace life as fully human?

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 69
Word Count: 15701
978-1-61217-849-3 Digital


“Damn it, Meredith! This isn’t some game we’re playing to stroke your writer’s ego,” he said. “This is serious. We are fighting real demons and the outcome has real consequences! And for some reason you felt the need to tell the whole world all about it!”

He inhaled deeply and lowered his voice, channeling the calm objectivity of the part of him that was demon-warrior. He couldn’t afford to scare her off again. Not while he had another chance to bring her before the Warrior Council. As another half-breed, Randy would be able to relate to Dax’s masculine desires.

The others, as full-blooded demon-warriors, would get a truer sense of Meredith’s intentions and motivations. The energy she might be trying to hide. Whether she was friend or foe.

But the others weren’t seeing her as he was now, in the plain white T-shirt and white lace thong she had slept in. With glossy black hair sticking out in all directions, her face scrubbed of makeup. More beautiful than ever.

He didn’t want her to realize how easy it would be to simply leave again.

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Love chooses us; we do not choose who we will love or who will love us.

Published: 07/24/2013
by: Charlotte Copper

Oscar McAvoy hunts demons. Chosen to rid the world of evil,  he nevertheless condemns himself as a murderer. When saved by the beautiful Angela Knight, he judges himself undeserving of love and sends her away.

Angela Knight is on the way back from her brother's funeral when she stops to help a fallen motorcycle rider. Her body responds to the handsome stranger, a man whose scars and tough exterior suggest a rough and dangerous life. When she can't stop thinking about him, Angela must decide if she is willing to give the sexy, mysterious stranger a chance.

Love chooses us; we do not choose who we will love or who will love us.

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 45
Word Count: 10495
978-1-61217-847-9 Digital


“Hey,” Oz said as he came around the corner with the sheriff. The officer continued on his way to the nurses’ desk.

The big biker was a comical sight—too-short medical pants, motorcycle boots, bandaged ribs, and a leather jacket. She bit her lip to hide her laughter.

“Thanks for the sympathy,” he said as he looked down at himself. “It’s either these or back to my briefs. I don’t think the sheriff would like me to walk around in those. How about you?”

Angela felt her cheeks grow warm. She dropped the magazine back on the table and stood up. “You look fine. No one else will laugh. The bandages will make people feel sorry for you, even if the pants don’t.” She bit back another laugh.

“So, what are you still doing here?”

She had asked herself that same question half a dozen times in the last hour. She knew nothing of the giant man whose body suggested a rough and dangerous life, but she had always found it unfair that people misjudged her brother Bobby. She was not about to do the same. Yes, Oz might look dangerous, and his job might be dangerous, but that didn’t mean the man himself was a threat. And something about him intrigued her.

Reading... Dreaming: Dawn of a Dark Knight - Review & Giveaway

Reading... Dreaming: Dawn of a Dark Knight - Review & Giveaway: Welcome to a new review. If you like paranormal romance, this book is for you. I have to thank the author for the copy and for giving ...

Promise Her - The Callahan Series - Book Three

Published: 07/19/2013
by: Mitzi Pool Bridges

The Callahan Series - Book Three

Lisa Kane has almost everything: a good job as a private investigator, a fun hobby as a barrel racer, and a wonderful horse. What she doesn't have is the man who stole her heart the moment she met him. Attorney Douglas Callahan loves her all right--like another sister. But that isn't what Lisa wants.

Douglas's reputation with women is well-established: love-'em-and-leave-'em. But when Lisa becomes a suspect in a murder case she's investigating, he feels an unexpected tug at his heart. Just brotherly concern? Or something more? After her saddle is sabotaged at the rodeo, he insists on protecting her.

Watching over Lisa, Douglas soon realizes what everyone else in the Callahan family already knows--she's his perfect mate. But with a killer trying to silence her forever, he's got to stop her from doing anything rash before he can convince her she's the one woman for him.

Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 288
Word Count: 66493
978-1-61217-850-9 Paperback
978-1-61217-851-6 Digital


Starting at the back, he cut from hem to neck. The top separated. No bra, just smooth, creamy skin. He swallowed hard. “Okay. That’s done. Slip it off.”

She grabbed the T-shirt in her right hand, held it to her breast and let the top fall to the floor.

Now what? He’d undressed women before, but never dressed one. “Let me help with that.”

“I can do it,” she insisted, as she put her good arm through a sleeve.

Even looking at that perfect back, he could tell she was in pain. She leaned toward her left side as if that would help. What could he do? She needed more help than he could give. Maybe she needed to go back to the doctor.

Her naked back was within kissing distance. He groaned to himself. Felt his body stir. He shut his eyes. This can’t be happening. He reminded himself that Lisa was his sister.

Then why was perspiration running down his back? Why was he so nervous? If this were TJ, he would be teasing her unmercifully. With Lisa, he couldn’t even talk.

“I think I need help.”

So did he.

He came around to stand in front of her. Her eyes were glazed with pain. What an idiot he was.

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The richest heiress and the most eligible bachelor - A perfect match?

Lady Francesca Darling has been in love with Devlin Ross, the Duke of Hereford, since she was five years old. When they meet again at her debutante ball she finds her feelings remain the same, and to her joy he is mesmerized by her.  To the gossipy matrons of the ton it's the perfect match--the richest heiress and the most eligible bachelor.

But can their budding love survive her interfering family and the deep scars from his father's abuse? Enchanted as he is with the delightful woman Fanny has become, Devlin intends never to repeat that abuse, vowing not to live with his wife and children.

Fanny is a determined young lady -- she wants Devlin and a true marriage. Is her love strong enough to tear down all his walls?

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 366
Word Count: 90417
978-1-61217-824-0 Paperback
978-1-61217-825-7 Digital


“I’m not fond of balls. I find them rather boring. But I have been abroad for a couple of years and thought it would be a perfect way to announce I’ve returned for good. But most importantly I hoped I would meet up with some old acquaintances.”

“I will give you some advice,” Fanny said, giving him her most innocent smile. “It is really hard to meet good friends when one is hiding in the shadows of the balcony.”

His laughter filled the air, and she could see heads turning their way. Some people were slowly moving closer to them, and she guessed they wouldn’t be alone more than a short while longer.

There were just too many eager mamas out there, ready to throw their daughters at his feet, and they wouldn’t let something like a quiet chat between two acquaintances stop them.

“Well, I wouldn’t really call it hiding. It’s more like trying to remember why I thought it was such a good idea to be here in the first place.”

“So what do you think now, when you have actually entered the ballroom, although from the wrong entrance. Was it such a bad idea?”

He leaned closer to her, and the warmth of his arm pressed against hers.

“Now I think it was the best idea I ever had.”

Can true love overcome lust, lies, and deceit?

Published: 07/17/2013
by: Christine Elaine Black

Rebellious and strong-willed Kalliassa flees a political betrothal arranged by her brother, the emperor of Rome. She runs to the one man capable of preventing the match -- her brother's sworn enemy. Unwittingly, she throws her fortunes into the hands of a man pledged to destroy Roman rule.

Taurus, proud Governor of Panua, would do anything to provoke the emperor, even ruin an imperial sister. But Kallie is like no woman he's ever met, and she tests his strength of will and his solemn vow to end the reign of her family forever.

Can true love overcome lust, lies, and deceit?

Roman Empire
Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 179
Word Count: 44124
978-1-61217-845-5 Digital


The girl sensed the danger and pressed her mouth onto his, ending the possibility of a last-minute discovery. Her lips lingered for a long moment, much longer than he anticipated. The will to resist evaporated, and he responded to her inviting lips with equal interest as her hands explored his chest, skimming the fabric of his tunic, sliding to his shoulders. Her fingers curved around him, pressing his powerful muscles with her light touch.

“What is your name, General?” she whispered, as she released his lips.

Unable to retort acidly that it was little of her concern, he muttered, “Taurus,” in a daze. The numbness in his body began to ease.

“I will remember you,” she mused.

“Yes, you will,” he said flatly, the unexpected euphoria gone.

She pushed a token into his hand. “Take this, and the giant will release your friend. Go quickly. You have little time.” A cold blade touched his wrist, and the ropes fell away. He made a move to grab her, but…she was gone.

Taurus sat up and shook the dampness from his chilled bones. Shortly, a patrol would be along to escort him to his richly appointed suite in the fortress. He intended to make it as easy as possible for his kidnapper to have an audience with the governor of Panua. She must not be disappointed.

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What a playboy wants, a playboy gets...

Published: 07/17/2013
by: Emily Quinn

What a playboy wants, a playboy gets...

Alex St. Jones, black sheep of the famous St. Joneses, is the playboy of playboys whose only love affair is his freedom. He lives by one rule: Enchant them. Seduce them. Leave them.  But that's about to change when a midnight temptress stumbles upon him and demands he kiss her.

Carly Mitchell wants nothing to do with Alex St. Jones. She hates his good looks, his arrogance.  Plus, he won't leave her alone no matter what she does. Most importantly, she hates that she's falling for him. But she's determined not to go down without a fight and to teach him a lesson at that.

Alex may have met the one woman he cannot tame, but he doesn't plan on letting that stop him.  Will Carly withstand his charms?  When two strong personalities collide, sparks are sure to fly.

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 192
Word Count: 49900
978-1-61217-858-5 Digital


Alex walked through a stunningly tall garden arbor, admiring the beautiful roses clambering up its sides. He came to a halt at its end, and closed his eyes as he slowly inhaled the tranquility mixed in the rose sweet-smelling cool night air. Instinct told him he wasn’t alone, and was glad to see his gut feeling never failed him. His gaze followed a path leading up to a woman in a midnight blue gown, standing under a timeless giant tree a few steps away from him.

“Trying to get away?” the mysterious woman purred, coming out of the shadows with a cat-like walk.

He nodded. His gaze traveled the length of her body, and his hands itched to touch her long chocolate waves resting on her left shoulder.

“I don’t blame you.” She lifted her hand offering him the bottle of wine she’d been drinking from. “Alex St. Jones, is it?” Her moonlit cosmic green eyes met his caramel brown moss.

Alex was sure he’d never crossed paths with this woman before tonight. “And you are?” He puckered his brow in inquiry. He shouldn’t have been surprised to hear she knew who he was, but he was. Alex had yet to meet a woman who claimed she’d never heard of the St. Joneses. He didn’t know whether he owed a “thank you” to his wealthy-as-sin dad or not.

“Carly Mitchell… Are you going to have some wine or should I just do the deed myself?” Her upper lip curled showing straight pearl white teeth. “I certainly don’t mind.”
Alex grabbed the bottle of wine from her and took a long sip. “Who are you trying to get away from?”

“My ex.” Carly rolled her eyes.

“Your ex?” His gaze drifted around them.

Hot Water - A Mossy Bog Book

Published: 07/12/2013
by: Maggie Toussaint

A Mossy Bog Book

Solving Mossy Bog's first fire fatality could net police officer Laurie Ann Dinterman the promotion she desperately wants. When the state arson investigator arrives to take over the case, Laurie Ann is assigned to give the man everything he needs while keeping him alive. The fact he's the sexiest man ever to hit town shouldn't make a difference.

Hot on the trail of a serial arsonist, Wyatt North demands justice for his partner, the arsonist's first victim. He'll find the murderer or die trying--no matter how distracting the tall, lithe figure of his local partner is.
As the investigation zeroes in on a suspect uncomfortably close to Laurie Ann's life, her cop instincts conflict with her feelings for Wyatt. Worse, the arsonist will do anything to protect his identity. Can Laurie Ann accept the truth in time...or will she and Wyatt go up in flames?

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 332
Word Count: 74604
978-1-61217-829-5 Paperback
978-1-61217-830-1 Digital


“I’m not a little girl anymore.”

Uncle Buford shook his head. “I still say it ain’t right. You should be doing something that isn’t so dangerous.” Her uncle seemed to forget that crime didn’t discriminate on the basis of occupations. Hotel clerks, bank tellers, even retail associates ran into bad guys on a regular basis. Laurie Ann knew, because they called her to catch the crooks.

“You’re certain this fire wasn’t an accident?” she asked.

“People call when they have an accident. The property owners didn’t call. They didn’t know anything about it until we notified them.”

“How did a drifter like James Brown get inside?”

“Good question. I bet a hotshot officer like you can figure it out.”

She had the requisite years in service to test for an investigator position, which would be a big promotion. She’d love to get out of this uniform, love to have more control over her caseload, love to stop rotating shifts.

Which was why she would solve this case.

This was her big chance.

She looked her uncle square in the eye. “Count on it.”

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Midnight Bride - A wild west historical romance

Published: 07/12/2013
by: Tanya Hanson

Committed to running the shoddy Lazy Jazy ranch left by her granddaddy, Carrie Smith is eager to try  her own ideas on saving the place. And she doesn't need a man to help her.

When handsome cowboy Jed Jones arrives without warning in Sweetcream, Texas, he bears documents that proclaim they must wed by midnight or lose the Jazy. Both fearful of relinquishing their heritage, the two exchange vows and steaming kisses... all the while Carrie seeks an annulment even as she falls head over heels.

Jed, meanwhile, intends to discover the mystery of his own pa's death all the while he falls for Carrie even faster and harder.

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 324
Word Count: 84733
978-1-61217-826-4 Paperback
978-1-61217-827-1 Digital


“Might you have any flowers for sale?” asked the newcomer in a deep appealing voice.

Carrie tried to swallow but couldn’t. Since childhood, strapping young males were no surprise to her eyes, what with the wranglers the Lazy Jazy required and the cowboys who stopped by for work after a cattle drive ended.

But she had never beheld one who made her heart flutter inside her ribs like a butterfly. Until this moment. This man stole her breath clean away. The black jacket seemed too tight across the mountainous shoulders, like he had borrowed it. Or maybe had grown up some since he last wore it. And he was so tall that Mr. Gosling looked like a schoolboy.

The stranger removed his hat. She saw lush wavy black hair that matched the moustache resting atop his well-shaped lip. Hair that she found herself longing to touch. It was an unseemly idea, and she tightened her fingers in repentance.

“I need them for my bride. I’m getting married today.”

The housewives clucked as one. Disappointment clogged Carrie’s veins.

However, he looked straight at her as he said those words.

Early Release! - Cynthia Harrison

When I was in junior high, I tried out for cheerleading. No matter that I couldn't see and refused to wear glasses so there would be no way to learn any of the cheer footwork since feet were fuzzy and too far away. No matter that I'd never turned a cartwheel or done anything athletic in my life. I jumped in and did it. And I failed. When I saw what the other girls could do'human pyramids!" I understood that cheer was not something I could join in order to learn. It was something that needed previous practice. So girls who had parents that took them to classes before they tried out, or even just girls who went out and hunted down someone, an older sister, a neighbor, to train them, were in and I was out. I have a new challenge ahead, and like every challenge I face, I'm reminded of why I failed at cheerleading try-outs. I was not prepared. I also thought I was clumsy, just a natural clod, until I started yoga many years ago. Through yoga practice I learned headstands and plows and half moons. I learned balance and loved it. So when I have a new challenge I also think of yoga and what I can do. So, I felt both fear and elation when I learned that Blue Heaven is going to be released this Friday exclusively on Amazon. All the hard work of writing, when you don't want to, when you've revised to death, when you're unhappy with sales and think "Is this really worth it?" It is. And the way I feel right now is why. Fizzy with happiness. Elation mixed with fear. What if my book sinks without notice? So many books do now since indie publishing has gained tremendous momentum in our popular culture. How to stand out? How to sell? This "early release exclusive" is a marketing ploy; I've used some of the tricks before, when I was on my own and didn't have the savvy of a publisher and super media consultant. I cannot wait to see the results this time! There are a couple of steps to this extended release. First step is Friday. I can feel myself at the keyboard all day saying "Hey!! Look at me!! I published a book!!" Hmmm. Maybe I should apologize for being obnoxious up front. Maybe during my cartwheels, I'll fall right on my tush. Marketing does not come easy or naturally to me. Some folks have it and some of us don't. But I'm going to try for my little book. Books are like pets or children in that you will go places you absolutely fear to ensure their happiness and health. And healthy sales bring happiness. So, watch me as I try to do this thing called marketing. No cartwheels necessary.

By Cynthia Harrison

Anything You Ask - “Are you asking me to sleep with you in exchange for bailing me out?”

Widow Danielle Cooper doesn't know how she'll support her two young sons and a 400-acre farm. Her prodigal brother-in-law offers an unusual solution. He'll pay off her debt in exchange for the deed. She agrees to a temporary marriage to transfer the farm, but can she trust a man with too many secrets?

Thrown off the farm by his father, Hale vows to reclaim the land where he was raised. Helping Danielle provides a perfect way to redeem himself, but his feelings complicate matters. He wants to make their marriage a real one. Problem is, Danielle won't tolerate any more secrets, and he can't tell her why his family disowned him.

Now more is on the line than just the farm. Staying together will require a special kind of courage. Are they strong enough to let go of their painful past and embrace the future?

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 131
Word Count: 32857
978-1-61217-841-7 Digital


She let out a strangled laugh. “Are you asking me to sleep with you in exchange for bailing me out?”

The corner of his mouth tightened as he drew a hand through his dark blond hair. “I’m asking you to make a commitment to me so I can do the same for you. That’s what marriage used to be about, right? Forming alliances, transferring property, and securing wealth. It’s the only way I can think of to take the farm off your hands and get you out of debt.”

The clock on the fireplace mantel ticked as Danielle tried to think of a better solution, but her brain kept flicking back to the growing pile of bills on her desk.

Hale hooked his thumbs in the front pockets of his jeans. “Besides, this place has belonged to the Cooper family for over a hundred years. Give your boys a chance to live here a little while longer.”

Resentment balled up in her stomach. “I don’t want to stay in this weed-infested prison.”

“Then leave. I’ll give you fair market price for the farm.” He spread his arms wide, palms up. “What will you do about the loans? Let them chew up every dollar you earn? Or file for bankruptcy so Mark’s mistakes will stain your financial record for the rest of your life?”

“You make this arrangement sounds so simple.” Despair’s tight grip made shaking her head difficult. “It’s not.”

He opened his hands. “This is the best I can offer.”

Her legs went weak at the notion of getting married again to another Cooper, no less. She clamped a hand on the upholstered chair and stared at the fabrics taupe weave in dazed silence. When she contemplated seeking Hale’s aid, she never expected this.

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Masquerade - Can a masquerade ball reveal the man of her dreams?

Published: 07/10/2013
by: Sarita Leone

A New Year's resolution given in a moment of frivolity must be upheld when masks come off, leaving  identities--and hearts--revealed.

Sophie Teasdale has turned down every eligible bachelor in London.  She longs to marry for love, rather than security, but no man has offered her both. The memory of a stolen embrace with her childhood friend Colin Randolph has left her confused about her feelings for him.  When a handsome stranger sweeps her off her feet at a masquerade ball, she's more confused than ever.  Does she love Colin, or is the stranger the man she's been dreaming of?

There has never been any woman for Colin Randolph but Sophie, but she doesn't see him as a man, only her childhood playmate.  Is she too inexperienced to understand his hesitant advances--or is he forced to forever love her from afar?  A New Year's blizzard and a masquerade ball provide him with the chance to convince Sophie the man of her dreams has been by her side all along.

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 207
Word Count: 55617
978-1-61217-835-6 Digital


“Entertain an offer from the next fellow who puts one forward?”

It was a shocking idea. A chill shot down her spine. How could Rachel even think such a thing? How could she imagine that an offer of marriage might come so nonchalantly? There was no one she had allowed to get at all close enough to suggest marriage in so long it was preposterous to envision the possibility.
If her little sister thought she was putting Sophie’s back to the wall, she had another think coming. Given the fact that there wasn’t one probable marriage-minded suitor in her life right now, there was no harm in agreeing to what Rachel pressed for.

A glance at Rachel’s smug smile cast aside any misgivings remaining in Sophie’s head.

“Yes,” Sophie said with a vigorous nod.

“Y-yes?” The word came out as a strangled gasp.

Sophie nearly laughed aloud, but watching Rachel wriggle like a worm from a hook dangling inches above a fish-filled pond was too much fun to spoil by laughing.

“That’s right. I resolve to entertain—seriously entertain—an offer from the next gentleman—a gentleman, mind you, not a rake or a rogue, but a gentleman—who puts one forth. That is my New Year’s resolution.”

Stranger at the Hell Gate - "Ah, I don't think it's a good idea, doll. Our kinds don't mix well."

Published: 07/10/2013
by: Ash Krafton

Jagger Sintallon, a half-demon warrior, has dedicated his existence to fighting demons who enter the world through Hell gates. A loner of conflicting ideals, he offers shelter to a troubled woman but knows he is too rough, too dangerous, and too cocky for her delicate nature.

Dedicated to Divine Will, Sonya Camael, a Seraph, is determined to discover why she is drawn to Jagger's doorstep and the reason behind her mission. She needs the demon's help but fears he may get himself killed before she can figure it out and the world slips into Hell's dominion.

Sonya faces grave danger with evil stalking her every move, and Jagger shouldn't care but realizes he cares more than he'd likely admit. Sonya knows Jagger cannot win this war alone, but will her divine intervention mean his imminent end? Or will just the right combination of Heaven and Hell set the world right once again?

Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 80
Word Count: 19714
978-1-61217-846-2 Digital


Jagger hung his head, looking very much out of patience. With an exasperated huff, he turned in place, his boots clomping. Cocky stance, head back, and eyes daring her to say something. But these things she only partially registered because when he turned to face her, his entire upper body—chest, face, arms—glowed with the marks of past insult and injury. And that sickle shape burned into the skin over his heart—

She whimpered, heart-sick to see him in this way. Her mother's blood cried out at the thought of what agony he must have endured to stand here now, so marred and wounded. Covering her eyes, she dispelled the Seraph sight and fought the tears.

"Hey." He was in front of her within moments, pulling her hands down and leaning to peer at her downturned face. "Hey, what's wrong?"

"You. You've been through so much. Just look at you."

"I'd rather not. I'm not a pretty guy."

"Jagger. These scars. You have countless hurts. I can't see a part of you that isn't injured." She raised her eyes, tears brimming on her lower lashes. "Let me help you."

"What, you're a plastic surgeon?"

She swallowed and regained part of her composure. "Better."

He looked alarmed and rocked back on his heels. "You don't mean—"

"Yes, I do." She held onto his hands and kept him from backing away. This felt right, this decision.

His eyes shifted. "Ah, I don't think it's a good idea, doll. Our kinds don't mix well."

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Poison - Spine tingling suspense

Published: 07/05/2013
by: Leanne Davis

On the run from her violent ex-husband, Cassie Reeves will do anything to keep her son safe, even if it means turning to a man she betrayed a decade ago. John Tyler now hates her as much as he once loved her--but Cassie has no choice.

John's quiet life as a small town doctor in Seaclusion, Washington has no place in it for the woman he turned his back on ten years ago. But when Cassie and her son land on his doorstep, he can't turn them away. The longer she stays, though, the harder it is to remember why he stopped loving her.

With her ex-husband closing in, Cassie soon realizes that only she can end what he has started.  And as John and Cassie's mutual attraction reignites, she vows to do anything to protect her son and grab the happiness that has escaped her for so long.

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 296
Word Count: 75271
978-1-61217-865-3 Paperback
978-1-61217-866-0 Digital


Cassie sighed and pushed the flowers onto the counter between them. She tidied her desk, avoiding his gaze. Finally she stood and gathered her things.

He watched her. He didn’t like hearing Tim was scared his mom wouldn’t come home from work. What kind of knowledge was that for a kid to have? Hell, he didn’t like that Cassie was scared that she wasn’t going to come home from work. He didn’t think anyone could fake the fear she had of the innocuous floral arrangement.

Cassie was just about to hustle past him, when he put a hand on her arm to stop her. She paused, looking at his hand, then up into his eyes. Her lips trembled. She quickly dropped her face from his view. She raised a hand to wipe at her cheeks. Tears?

Damn it all to hell. A stab of genuine sympathy filled him. He put a knuckle under her chin and forced her to look up him. Her eyes were glazed in moisture. She was trying not to cry. He swallowed, unsure why her efforts to hold back tears from him put a knot in his throat. Had he become so heartless with his anger that he couldn’t let her fear a man she seemed to think wanted to physically harm her?


Loving Byrne - Civil War Historical Romance

Published: 07/03/2013
by: Donna Dalton

Lieutenant Stephen Byrne stands guard over a British envoy asleep after an all-day drinking binge. So when his fiancee arrives, Stephen feels safe leaving his post for a quick meal. Yet his worst nightmare comes true when the Englishman slips from the room and leaves the hotel.

Victoria Manning will soon have everything she's ever wanted--a loving husband and a new life at Fort Leavenworth as an Army officer's wife. When loneliness and a special picnic lunch for her fiance bring her to the Willard Hotel, their meal soon falls by the wayside as their passion ignites and their agreement of abstinence is put to the test.

Stephen and Victoria must put their special night on hold as they search for the fugitive envoy. Can they find him and save Stephen's commission in the Army, or will their future together be in jeopardy?

Civil War
Rating: Hot
Page Count: 60
Word Count: 13650
978-1-61217-870-7 Digital


She closed her eyes and splayed fingers over his broad chest, the Army wool uniform scratchy beneath her fingertips. He smelled of soap and aftershave. Something spicy. Her head reeled. She could dine on him for the next hundred years and never be sated.

A door slamming shut deep in the hotel plunged through the desire clouding her head. She pushed away, more to restrain herself than him. “Stop, Stephen.”

He dipped closer as if to resume his plunder, and she tilted her head aside. “Not here.”

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

The gas-lit hallway was deserted, but it wouldn’t stay that way. Due to the upcoming social event, The Willard Hotel nearly bulged with out-of-town guests. She dropped to a whisper. “Someone could come along and see us.”

He barked out a laugh and scooped up her hand. “Come. I know a place where we can have some privacy.”

“What about your assignment?” She nodded at the closed door behind him. “As much as I want to visit with you, I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble for leaving your post.”

“Always my loving protector. It’s what I love most about you, darling.”

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fairy Dust - New Paranormal Romance

Published: 07/03/2013
by: Carol Shenold

Half fae/half witch, Ande Ryan’s deepest desires are simple: a stress-free, fun evening with a nice guy, to earn the respect of her peers in the Paranormal Investigation Unit, and at long last, learn to use her Goddess given fae magic.

Instead, she fights a demon, gets mugged by a pixie, meets her soul mate and oh yeah, has to try and defeat a wizard with the help of a six-foot elf and a wolf—Cal Masterson.

Cal had no idea that his first encounter with Ande Ryan would include a fight with a demon or an intense attraction to the red-haired fairy who displays as much courage and determination as any wolf in his pack. Will Cal overcome his need to protect her as they both fight the odds and allow her fulfill her destiny?

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 56
Word Count: 15010


  The thing barreled out of the trees, leaping from shadow to shadow. Coming straight at me.

Its rotten-meat smell drove me back. It didn’t hesitate before it threw itself at the circle shield. Sparks flew off. Crackled in the air. The shield weakened. It kept coming, like the crazy it was, slamming itself into the arc, weakening it more and more until one of the impacts slammed me back, into my own energy and through it.

Okay, out of protection here. I flipped over to land on my knees and came up in a crouch.

The ghoul looked around as if it couldn’t figure out where I went. When it saw me, it let out a snarl and flew toward me. I sent a stream of earth fire at his sorry ass, but missed because I levitated at the precise moment I let the stream of fire loose. Ahhhhh. It always happens at the wrong time.

Now the thing was truly confused. I sent another tiny but forceful fire stream toward him. This time I didn’t miss, and he burst into flame. Well, at least his arm did.

Distracted, he screamed with frustration, flailed around a bit, and ran back into the trees.

I needed to get down before it came back so I could get rid of it. Damn it. What if some kid comes 

Not one child but several, in a group with a leader, came skipping toward the bridge. Damn, I shouldn’t have had that thought out loud.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Four “E’s by Kevin V. Symmons

                                                 The Four “E’s

The title comes from a workshop I took years ago with a woman I call my mentor, a wonderful instructor named Jo Ann Ferguson. Jo Ann is one of the most kind and supportive fellow writers I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

Perhaps the most critical thing(s) I gleaned from her information laden classes was a discussion of why and what we write as romance writers. Hence my discussion of the four “Es.”

Perhaps the simplest and most obvious of these is our desire, perhaps our need to Entertain. For without this simple trait even the most brilliant intellectual treatise would fall short. Whether a 600 page historical or a 25K word novella, first and foremost our duty is to take out readers to a place of enjoyment!

Next, I believe our task is to Educate those who pick up our work. And never misinterpret me, by educate I do not mean a dry, dusty list of facts. My debut novel while (hopefully) entertaining involved more than two years of consultation and study about witchcraft, America in the period after WWII and juicy tidbits that I hoped would entice and help my readers to understand the dynamics of the post war burgeoning cold war environment.

Aaah… and now e come to my two favorites. A recent USA Today poll stated that the vast majority of readers… certainly romance readers read to Escape! Yes, that’s correct, to escape. To find new worlds, horizons, heroes, heroines and villains that they could only conjure up in their imaginations. And no, escape does not necessarily imply a Fabio style hero or voluptuous Kate Upton heroine. It can be a simple as travelling to somewhere with someone that is outside our current reality!

But now, for romance readers and writers comes the biggest “E” of all. The one we all long for…. Emotion. Jo Ann taught me this many years ago and it’s one I can readily identify with it. Even if several of the other “E”s are absent what keeps us reading… coming back for more and keeps romance writing as the top seller in fiction by leaps and bounds is emotion.

And that emotion need not be between simply between a man and a woman… though that’s a pleasant equation. Much as Rhett and Scarlett or Bella and Edward can bring our blood to a boil, lest we forget Richard Llewellyn’s heart wrenching How Green was my Valley? 

So I leave you budding romantics with this thought. Impart sincere, genuine, open emotion to your stories and characters, be they passionate lovers or fathers and sons and you will thrill and entertain your audiences!

Till next month!

Kevin V. Symmons

Author of Rite of Passage
RonCom 2013 Finalist and
Out of the Storm for the

Award-winning Wild Rose Press
Coming Soon!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July Release from
The Wild Rose Press

The Lure of the Celtic Warrior by Laura Strickland

All things Celtic seem to be making a comeback lately. Revelers flock to Scottish and Irish Festivals and attend traditional music nights at pubs. Scottish games have never been so well attended; women in particular enjoy watching men in kilts heave the caber and the stone. And it seems as if everyone knows somebody who either plays or listens to Celtic music.

by Laura Strickland

Promise Her - Book Three The Callahan Series

HOORAY! Book Three in the Callahan Series is available tomorrow (7-19-13) If you haven't read book one and two? All I can say is try em', you'll like em'..

Mitzi Pool Bridges

Monday, July 15, 2013

When Characters Take Over by Sandra Owens

There comes a point when writing a book that my characters begin to take over, and frequently I’m surprised by what they have to say. My hero in THE LETTER, Michael, the Earl of Daventry, is a talker. I found that interesting because I’m very much the opposite. He is at ease in a crowd of strangers and is never at a loss for words. I discovered Michael liked to make things up, little imaginary tales.

Things like this: Reunited after eleven years with the woman he’d planned to marry, they are riding in a carriage on their way to London.
“Sorry, did you say something?”
“You sounded as if you were snarling. Why?” He made a show of stretching the cricks out of his neck.
“I must have been dreaming of when I was a wolf.”
She stared at him as if he had lost his mind. “I beg your pardon?”
“Didn’t I ever tell you? I’m certain I must have.”
He grinned like he thought a wolf might. “Listen. In my other life, the one before this, I was a ferocious, furry beast. In my dreams, I sometimes relive those days when I was king of the woods. I think the thing I miss most is having a tail. Well, that and howling at the moon.”
“You’ve gone mad,” she said, but her lips twitched.
“Never say so!” He put his hand over his heart. “You wound me, Diana. I have just shared my most secret of secrets and you doubt me?”
She burst into laughter. The sound of it was a melodious symphony to his ears.
“You dare laugh at the beast?” He growled and attacked. Moving to the seat next to her, he wrapped his arms around her and nipped at her neck with his teeth. Her body shook with hilarity as she tried to swat him away. Her gaze lifted to his, her lips still quivering.
“I’m trying to picture you with a tail.”
Michael quirked a brow at the woman who was starting to seem like the girl he once knew. “It was a very lovely, bushy tail, I’ll have you know.”

I never knew what Michael would come up with next. But that’s the fun of creating stories, the wonderful surprise when my characters come to life and what they have to say surpasses anything I could have thought of.

Sandra Owens

I had a crush on my brother-in-law by Lynn Kellan

Is there a type of man who makes your nerves tingle? My “type” is tall, burly, and quiet. Lucky for me, I fell in love with one shortly after I finished college…and he loved me, too. It was a bit of a shock to be introduced to his older brother, who was brawnier and quieter than my soon-to-be-husband. I loved being around the two of them, because they lowered their guard whenever the other one was around. I loved hearing what strong, silent types had to say. As I got to know my brother-in-law, my respect for him deepened. He’d endured a series of painful cysts growing up and lost most of his hearing. Heavily dependent on a hearing aid to catch what other people said, he never complained about his hardships. He was a loving, gentle man with a terrific sense of humor. Unfortunately, we lost him to cancer five years ago. When I wrote ANYTHING YOU ASK, I loosely based the hero on him. In a small way, he’s still alive in the pages. A tribute to a remarkable, quiet man. Who inspires you?

Lynn Kellan
ANYTHING YOU ASK is available now for all ebooks.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How To Choose a Writer's Conference by Susan Sheehey

So you want to attend a writer’s conference? First time? Even BETTER! There are so many great ones out there. Before you make any decisions, make sure you do your research, talk to others that have gone; listen to what they have to say. Most conferences have their agenda listed with plenty of time to review it beforehand. Read over it carefully so you can plan your conference experience.

What do you want to accomplish?
If you’re attending to socialize, you’re not maximizing the resources writers’ conferences offer. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with meeting other authors, but it probably wouldn’t be beneficial if this were your main attendance goal. Authors attend conferences for many reasons, but here are a few main benefits that draw people.

*Pitching: This is a fantastic opportunity that is rather unique to writers’ conferences. Personal, face-to-face contact with editors and agents who want to give you a shot. Believe it or not, they attend conferences for some of the same reasons as authors, but the positive thing here is these particular editors and agents make time because they are actively seeking quality work. No waiting in that pesky slush pile email box. Here are tips on how to create a perfect pitch. Sometimes these are what we would consider big deal editors from the coveted New York Houses that you don’t get into without an agent. This is a major benefit of a conference. On the same token, agents are not always easy to sign. Speaking to one face-to-face, whether from a big agency or not is a great opportunity. Even if your current project isn’t right for them, your impression can make them remember you. This alone can be a great reason to attend a conference. But make sure you research well. Some conferences charge extra for this perk, though most don’t. If you’re a conference virgin, even the thought could have you shaking in your boots, but don’t. Editors and agents are people, too. They enjoy talking to you. Just think of it like this: You can practice your pitch all you want, but if it’s not natural, it can lose appeal even if your words are awesome. So speak to an editor or agent as if you’re telling your best friend about your book. No one knows the book better than you. Don’t let nerves make you miss out on this conference-unique opportunity.

*Workshops: Most conferences have a variety of sessions that cover everything from craft to marketing to industry trends. This should be a deciding factor in which conference you choose. No matter what stage your career is in, whether you’re pre-published or have several books out there, you never stop learning as an author. The more you write, the better you get. So, look at the agenda (most will have it available beforehand) and see which would benefit you most. You shouldn’t have any ‘free’ blocks in your schedule. There should be so many interesting classes you just have to attend, how can you possibly choose between them. Research the presenters as well: are they experienced in what they’re presenting? Have they given it before and have others found it helpful? Workshops can be one of the best reasons to attend a conference. *Book Signings: A perk of many a conference is a book signing that’s open to the public. Hopefully this won’t be your only reason for attending a conference, but it can be a nice experience as well. You get your name and your book(s) out to authors as well as the general public. Here are tips on how to have a successful book signing. If you are going to take part in a signing at a conference, ask questions. Will they have a sponsor? Will you have to be your own cashier for the books you sell? Will sales benefit a charity? (This is very common at conference book signings) and research what turnout they usually have, if the conference is annual so you can plan the number of books and swag you need to bring.

*Networking: Another awesome reason for attending a conference! Read the brochure/agenda to see what headliners will be at the conference of your choice. Then, make it a point to speak to these people. Yes, you really can talk to famous authors! Just like editors and agents, they’re people, too! You never know what kind of friends you could make—for life. Let your inner social butterfly come out and shine! It pays to talk to people. Writing, like any other industry can depend on who you know. So make contacts! Get business cards and keep them handy. Write down their email addresses or website, and get their Twitter handles. Other authors, editors, agents, you never know who can be around the corner, at a meal, even hanging out in the lobby at the conference. Make use of free time by being observant. Read name badges. Don’t be afraid to ask other authors what they write. And remember, when someone asks what you write—they really do want to know. You could end up with a fantastic critique partner or some awesome new reads. Other factors to consider in choosing which writer’s conferences to attend are:

*Genre Specific: Make sure you pick a conference that includes the genre in which you write. If your stories are mainly thriller or science fiction, then attending a romance based conference won’t be as helpful. There are plenty of conferences that are more specific to a particular genre to which gears many of their workshops and key speakers. Pay close attention to those. But of course don’t disregard the broader conferences like the Writer’s Digest Conference, where many big editors and agents always attend, looking for new talent for their lineup. *Budget: How much can you spend in a given year on these conferences? Between registration fees, airfare, hotels, food, books, contests, and other miscellaneous items, the endeavor can get expensive. The best conferences are those that do not charge extra for pitch sessions, specific workshops or even parking. Make sure you choose one that has all of those included (unless you don’t plan to pitch your manuscript). Another tip is to choose conferences that are geographically close, saving you the cost of airfare and/or hotel. Or if you have several friends all attending, split the costs by sharing a hotel room and make a road trip out of it. Most conferences offer an ‘early-bird’ rate, so book early if you can. Some conferences also give out ‘scholarships’ to help ease the cost to a few individuals who present a financial need.

*Attending Agents/Editors/Authors: If you’re pitching a novel or just want to meet the experts in the industry, make sure the ones you’re really interested in plan on attending. Conferences will always list the names of presenting authors, agents and editors on their websites in advance, especially those that will accept pitches. They often include the kinds of stories the experts are actively looking for. So research the editors and agents attending and see if they cover your topic/genre. If you’re spending this much money, make sure it’s worth your while. Conference Etiquette ~Dress appropriately. No one is asking you to wear an uncomfortable suit or dress or three-inch heels for an entire day of workshops, presentations and pitch sessions. But be professional. Don’t show up in ratty jeans, tank top and flip flops. ~Don’t stalk agents/editors in the bathroom or just before they present. They are clearly focused on other things and they won’t give you their full attention. And it’ll annoy the hell out of them, and that’s not the kind of impression you want to leave. 

~Networking is a must, but monopolizing conversations with constant reminders of your story is a turnoff. Give others a chance to talk, and LISTEN.

What to Bring
~Business cards with your email address and contact info (write the title and genre of your current work on the back)
~Notepad or Notebook and a good pen
~Synopsis/Query Letter
~A prepped 1-line ‘elevator pitch’ of your story.
~A small messenger bag to carry the ‘goodies’ you’ll get
~Cash- for buying books, the cash bar, raffles, tips for housekeeping
~Light Jacket/Sweater- you never know how powerful the air conditioner will be
~Extra Luggage Bag- to cart home the extra books and stuff you’ll get (if you’re flying, and if you don’t leave extra space in your original bag)
~Snacks- if you’re staying at the hotel overnight, do you really want to pay hotel prices for a bag of chips or granola bars?

What to Leave
 ~Laptop (leave it in the hotel room)
~A copy of your full manuscript. If agents ask for it, they all prefer email. (Why would you want to cart around the extra weight, anyway?)
~Shy or Wallflower Tendencies- this will kill your experience at conferences, and the whole point is to network and meet people who will help advance your career and/or skills

Hopefully this will help you in deciding which conference(s) to attend and how to prepare. More than anything else, remember why you write: what keeps you going back to that keyboard or notepad? Everything about a conference is supposed to help make you a better writer and be more successful. Good luck and keep writing forward.

by Susan Sheehey
Co-written with author C.A. Szarek

"A Writer's Diary" by Cynthia Harrison

I read a great book this weekend that would have been much better with a little help from an editor. As I started to read the novel, I was thinking “This person is so good. Why is s/he not traditionally published? Why isn’t there a movie deal on the table?” Sure, there were a few typos, maybe ten in the entire book. An editor would have caught those, but okay, the story is so good, I just read on. And then I reached the end. Reader, it wasn’t good. It didn’t give that sense of completion a great ending always strives to achieve. It was like this person just stopped typing. And I felt really bad for that author, because an editor would have helped improve the weak conclusion. My editor at The Wild Rose Press spotted the sloppy ending of Blue Heaven, my soon to be released novel, right away. It was the first comment she offered me. And when she said it, I knew she was right. I scrapped 50 or so pages and got back to work. As much as I love the indie community, everyone in it should have an editor. I have two degrees in English literature, taught writing to college students for almost two decades and worked as a staff reviewer in two top trade magazines. I’ve read widely and have given editing advice to thousands of college freshmen. And I still need my editor to get my novel right. About those college freshman…by far the most common problem I see in their essays is not grammar or usage issues, it’s the conclusion. College students can’t wait for the assignment to be over, so many of them dash off a weak conclusion. Novelists can’t afford to do that. Our endings should wrap up the story, but more, they should offer one last special something for the reader. Brilliant endings are just as important as fabulous openings. Conclusions can make or break a book. If the ending doesn’t work, that’s likely all a reader will remember. If an ending is special in some way, readers will remember that, too. And they’ll buy your next book. by cindy in Blue Heaven, Cindy's Indies, Editors, self-publishing, The Wild Rose Press Tags: editing, proofreading, reading, writing

By Cynthia Harrison