Monday, May 26, 2014

First Book Signing for Susan Sheehey's AUDREY'S PROMISE June 14th!

It’s official!

Susan Sheehey's first book signing will be at Barnes & Noble in Southlake, TX on Saturday, June 14th, from 2 – 5pm.

It’s real, it’s surreal, it’s incredible! It’s happy-dance time!

She'll have books ready to sign, swag to give away, and smiles for everyone. Come dance with her!

AUDREY'S PROMISE is her debut contemporary romance novel set in Texas. She'll also be there promoting her upcoming romantic suspense novel with the Wild Rose Press, PRINCE OF SOLANA.

If you're in the area and can make it, she'd LOVE to see you!

Susan Sheehey

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Happy Birthday to The Wild Rose Press

It's a beautiful day in the Garden.

Today we turn 8.  Wow, even typing that seems impressive.  During the years, we've seen so many small presses come and go. We've grown and adapted. And to still be standing is an accomplishment. The fact that we are flourishing and are considered one of the most established secure publishing houses in our arena is a proud fact.

There are authors who have been with us since the day we first opened to submissions. We've been lucky and it's a testament to the Garden that there are editors with us now who were with us when RJ and I had only the seeds of a new "kinder and gentler" publishing house. We had a team even when the company was simply a thought or a “what if” idea. Now here we are in 2014 celebrating 8 years!  

Best Publisher of the year Award for 6 of those years, numerous Eppies and other awards. We have a reputation for excellence in publishing, solid communication and customer service and we are still a kinder and gentler publishing experience.  Nowhere else will you get the type of hands-on attention and commitment than here in the Garden and that’s something we are incredibly proud of.

So much has changed in 8 years. And we know that the publishing world continues to change. But some things will never change. Our unwavering commitment to you, our readers and our authors. We wouldn't be celebrating 8 incredible years if you hadn’t believed in us. We should all be proud today of what we have accomplished.

I hope you will find some time today to celebrate with us in our chat room.
You can find the chat link on our website 

We will be celebrating all day from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern.  Door prizes will be given out every hour. Meet a new editor or staff member every hour!

And follow us on Twitter! Watch for tweets on prizes, digital downloads and Wild Rose Press Gift Certificates.

It's our party, yours, mine, readers, authors, editors and those who are just discovering the wonderful place we call the Garden. The Wild Rose Press   

Thank you for blooming and growing every day with us.

Rhonda, RJ,  and the entire staff at The WildRosePress