Friday, May 30, 2008


COST OF FREEDOM released TODAY!!! Purchase your copy here.

In a Boston cemetery, Abigail Matthews overhears two Patriots plotting against her beloved England. She confides in her childhood friend William Jackson and is shocked to learn of his support and involvement with the Sons of Liberty.

Alone one night and surrounded by an English patrol, Abigail shoots a British soldier. She is no longer seen as a Loyalist and tries to escape the watch. William finds her and brings her with him to Berkshire where they discover hostile Loyalists, unstable Indian alliances, and each other.

William sets out on one last assignment and is confronted by the man Abigail shot and a female gun smuggler. In the flash of a discharged gun barrel, William fights for more than freedom.

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Jennifer Williamson said...

Hi there, just got a chance to check out your blog--I LOVE romance and it looks like we have that in common! I have another blog where I write about my adventures trying to write romance and fantasy...anyway, just thought I'd say hello and let you know I like what you're doing!