Monday, October 05, 2009

A Canadian Editor

Greetings from the frozen North!

Well, not totally frozen yet, though we have had a couple of overnight frosts. Past time to bring the tomatoes in; we had two red ones this year. Whoo-hoo! I'm afraid that's more a comment on my gardening skills than the climate. Lucky for us, I put more time into my editing than into the garden.

I'm a grammar-, spelling-, punctuation-Nazi from way back. I have to constantly remind myself that not everyone shares my passion for the minutiae and arcana of the English language. I feel incredibly privileged to be allowed to indulge my editing vocation and paranormal avocation at the same time. Talk about a dream job!

This month the Black Rose editors and authors are dispatching from the dark side. Stay tuned for everything you ever wanted to know about spooky beasties, All Hallows Eve traditions, and how to ward off the fangity critters out there. As well as garlic and silver, I've heard that rowan berries and red thread are helpful. But I've yet to learn how to tie up a werewolf with the red thread. Or maybe it's for flossing those fangs?



Eilidh said...

Oh well, maybe a grammar, spelling, and punctuation fanatic, but obviously a blogging virgin as well. My apologies for the extra wide spacing. Maybe I'll get it right next time.

Jodi said...

From one blogging virgin to another, I found yours most entertaining, Eilidh. My turn's coming up and I don't have a clue what to say! By the way, what does "slainte" mean?


Eilidh said...

Slainte is a Scottish toast, in Gaelic, meaning health, short form of "to your good health."

My other favourite toast is
Here's tae us.
Wha's like us.
Damn few,
And they're a' deid.

To be said by at least 4 people in turn and everyone shouts the last line.