Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Five Hearts Review from The Romance Studio!

The reviews are slowly trickling in for Sleeping With Skeletons. So far I've had a 'Best Book' review at LASR, and SWS was also voted 'Best Book of the Week' there. I was given a 'You Gotta Read' review at You Gotta Read. Both of those are the highest ratings those sites give. Romantic Times Magazine even gave SWS a good review, which is like getting gold out of a coal mine. And now I have a Five Heart Review from The Romance Studio, which is their highest rating. Tastes differ, of course, and so I'm really thrilled by all these great reviews to date. Here's what The Romance Studio wrote about Sleeping With Skeletons:


Margret is in hiding. She needs a place to recover and put herself back together. There are rules you need to follow to stay alive when hiding. Margret knows them all intimately and yet finds herself unable to maintain those rules. She has moved to a new country and found a secluded place to lay low and lick her wounds. A verbal sparring with Aiden Grimes, a local boy turned famous actor, was maybe not the way to remain unnoticed. Aiden had become a distant memory, someone she met the night her life went to hell. Now Margret finds herself attracted to him and has to work at staying out of his limelight. Threats are coming at her from all angles and from unexpected foes. Getting involved with Aiden, or any of the towns’ people for that matter, could put them at risk. Can Margret build a new life or will her nightmares take shape and ruin all plans for her new life?

What a great read! Kennedy writes with a pulsating rhythm that drives the reader deeper into the story. Margret is a heroine with such a strong persona you can see her in real life. The twists and turns make this story a page turner. The surprises that pop up make it both heart wrenching and finger twisting at the same time. When Margret takes on the town bad guys you stand up and cheer it is about time; while secretly you marvel at the craftiness of her revenge and wish you had thought of it. Each character adds new dimension to the plot. There are times you are unsure from where the threat is coming. Is it the tormentor of Margret’s nightmares, Aiden’s scorned lover or someone one who should have been her ally? This book is a definite recommend.


If you'd like to read that review at their site, here is the link: TRS. And if you'd like to view the trailer for SWS, I've included it below.


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