Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Wild Rose Press and Marines in Afghanistan

How neat is that?  The two guys on either end are my sons' best friends who served in Afghanistan last year with the U.S. Marine Corps.  Their Unit spent over 9 months fighting for our country in some pretty nasty conditions but thankfully they are both home safe and sound and enjoying a much easier summer.  While they were gone, my family sent a package over every week of goodies and at one point they told me if I sent TWRP t-shirts in large sizes they'd pose in them for me.

So here they are - some of our country's toughest guys in pink t-shirts promoting The Wild Rose Press a world away from home and family. Is it only me or would they make some pretty amazing book covers?

To all of you who have loved ones still overseas my prayers go with you and with them.  The sacrifices our servicemen and women make is unbelievable and the unsung sacrifice of the families they leave behind is sometimes even tougher.


Sarita Leone said...

God bless those who serve to keep us safe.

Love this photo--so sweet, those big, strong guys wearing the rose shirts. Now they make our garden look very, very good! said...

That is a very nice photo.
Thank you for sharing.
Anna :)

Isabella Macotte said...

Our inpiration for a real-life hero!

Gina Rossi said...

I <3 this to bits! xxx