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Character Interview - Storm Rising by Rachael Richey

Interview with Judy, best friend of Abigail Thomson, heroine of Storm Rising
Rachael Richey

So Judy, you’ve been friends with Abi for many years. What can you tell us about her?

Abi and I have been best friends since our first day at school when we were four. We hit it off straight away and very soon became inseparable. Abi’s always been the more…. adventurous… of us. I seem to have spent most of my life either keeping her out of trouble, or extricating her from trouble! She seems to have a knack for getting herself into a tight spot. I like to think I’ve been a good influence on her, managing to steer her away from some very tricky situations on occasion! I haven’t always managed to stop her doing the things, but I usually manage to rescue her. As a teenager she was pretty high maintenance, and very volatile – I think she’d be the first to agree with me – but these days she’s not so bad. Not quite anyway.

Were you with her when she first met Gideon?

Yes, in fact I think it was my suggestion that she might like him. I have to say I did regret that a bit for a while, but she would always have done what she wanted anyway. He and his band, NightHawk, were playing at our school Christmas dance, and he came and talked to her afterwards. All the boys in the band had gone to the local boys school, so we knew them a bit already, but they were a few years older than us.

I gather Abi didn’t really get on with her parents. What can you tell me about that?

Well, she and her mother had always fought a bit. Her parents were quite old when she was born, and I don’t think they were really in touch with teenagers. She got on better with her father, but I don’t think they were ever really close. Then later, when…. when it all happened…. then she really fell out with them. Both of them.

When what happened?

I don’t think it’s my place to tell you that. Suffice to say she left home as soon as she could and didn’t go back until her mother died.

And has your friendship survived all that’s happened over the years?

Yes. We had a couple of years when we didn’t see each other so much. I had just got married and had a baby, and I think Abi felt she was intruding – but we sorted it out and now we’re as close as ever. Closer even.

What happened when Abi went to her mother’s funeral?

Again, I don’t think it’s my place to tell you that. Her father asked her to go and help him sort out her mother’s things, and she reluctantly agreed. What happened after that…… well that’s where Storm Rising comes in. :)

Rachael Richey
Storm Rising

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