Sunday, May 22, 2016

When is a series not a series?

If you’ve read any of my posts before, you’ll know that I write novella length books only, and that I attribute this to the fact that I have a short attention span. (Squirrel!)

To write a full length novel? Can’t imagine. To write an entire series? Impossible.

And yet, there is a series buried within my books.

Oz, the hero in my first book, SILVER BLADE, makes several appearances in my current WIP, working title: Gold Star.

In HEART SHIFTER, my hero, Mitch Mingan, is a member of a wolf-pack from Northern Ontario. This same pack is referenced in another WIP, working title: Shifters’ Paradise.

And Lucius, white-haired witch in my recent release LOVE SUPERNATURALLY, makes an appearance in the above mentioned WIP, Gold Star.

It was not my intention to write a series, and I’m not promoting my books that way, but I hope for the people that read my books, that these secondary character appearances will make them say “hey, I remember him.”

Charlotte Copper

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