Monday, April 03, 2017

The Sandhill Island Series

I’m often asked, “Is Sandhill Island a real place?”  It is for me.  The tiny tourist island off the coast of Corpus Christi became real when it flew from the ends of my fingers onto the computer screen.  Well, sometimes it didn’t fly, but other times it did.

There are many islands along the gulf coast: Padre and Mustang to name a couple.  But Sandhill is a special place of mystery, secrets, and love.  The residents care for each other because living off the mainland they must work together.  The small strip of water that runs between their lives and those of the large city might as well be the Great Wall of China.  It not only protects them from city life, it also prevents them from receiving help when needed. And the ferry only goes back and forth four times a day.  If you’re away from home at night, you won’t get back unless you own a boat.

The residents are working class people who fish, cook, or provide hardware for their neighbors.  The tourists help bring in some money in the summer, but the winters are for die-hard islanders. 

In Secrets of Sandhill Island, Meg grows vegetables and flowers behind her seaside home.  She pulls them into town on an antique wooden cart and hopes someone will need her bounty.  She lives alone in a house she loves and wouldn’t leave for any amount of money.  But money means little to Meg.

The second in the Sandhill Island series is due out this year. Stones of Sandhill Island revolves around different main characters with some of the same minor ones.  The restaurant, Le Chez is still the best kept secret in the Gulf of Mexico and still stands even after the hurricane.  But it has a few new features – like a jazz singer on the weekends.  Billie Stone has the voice of an angel and a past that threatens to tear her apart.

Find out what the secrets are in Secrets of Sandhill Island and get ready for the second in the series, Stones of Sandhill Island.  Spring is here and the islands are calling.

Peggy Chambers

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