Friday, May 12, 2017

Sugary sands and stories in my head.

Clear blue water. Sugary sands. Salty air. Those are just a few of the things I fell in love with July 2010 in Orange Beach, AL. If you remember, that was right after the horrible oil spill that tainted the waters and the beaches. A devastating event. Even so, my family had a wonderful vacation. And the wheels in my head began spinning.

While walking along the shore, I kept envisioning a beach bar owned by a hot alpha male. Of course he would have a dangerous past that left him injured and betrayed. Running the bar was his new life. He was done with danger… and women. So, what kind of woman would tempt this man and twist his heart like no one ever had? A strong New Orleans lady, of course. A woman who witnessed a horrific murder and drug deal. Strong willed, but she would still need protection.

The ideas ran rampant in my head. I just knew a beach setting would have readers lost in soaking up the sun, squishing sand between their toes, and tasting the salty air. It sucked me in. Hard. So in order to share a little piece of paradise that I experienced that summer (and several since then), I set out with Abby and Graeme’s story in Smoke and Mirrors.

I am such a summer, beach person. Where else would I have my hero’s and heroine’s stories take place?

Taylor Anne

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