Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Seven Little Words by Margaret Sutherland

Why dogs?
My latest novel, ‘Seven Little Words,’ releases on November 8th, 2017. That's when all the days, weeks and months of work come together. This is when the author offers his or her work to the world. In other words, this is it!

This time I've drawn on my training as a nurse and my interest in health issues to write a medical romance. Cathy Carruthers is a computer technician, but when her grandmother has an accident and is hospitalized, Cathy learns about the life of a busy hospital. This sparks her desire to follow a new career. Meanwhile, she is landed with her grandmother’s pets, including Pixel, a little dog with the heart of a lion.

‘Seven Little Words’ is not a doctor/nurse romance. The man who challenges Cathy’s romantic heart is a writer, constantly on the move as he researches material for his next novel. David prefers casual relationships. But he too has a change of course when he takes over the care of his father’s guide dog, Banquo. While the Labrador and the Chihuahua strike up an unlikely friendship, both Cathy and David find their emotions tugged in all directions as they learn about responsibility and caring. Banquo and Pixel charmed my heart and reminded me of the old stage adage, 'Never compete with children or dogs.’

People sometimes ask me why dogs play an important role in my romances. It’s not so hard to understand. A romance is about love—the finding, the losing, the eventual coming together of two people who are ready to commit, whatever the future may bring. What better symbol of attachment, devotion and unconditional love can you find than a faithful dog?

The dogs I have known over several decades have given me immeasurable pleasure. Big or small, pedigree or lucky dip, sweet or assertive, all have been my friends and companions. They have filled my life with laughter and love. No wonder I like to write about them!

Available today! 


Sandra Nachlinger said...

Love the dogs in your books, and I'm definitely looking forward to Seven Little Words. Sounds like a delightful story.

ELF said...

You have wonderful canine characters to enrich your stories, I can always picture them because you describe them so vividly. Congrats on the release!