Sunday, March 21, 2021

New Romance and Fiction In The Garden


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Deadly Reunion
The Nina Foster Mystery Series


When Richmond, Washington librarian, Nina Foster, and newspaper owner Stephen Kraslow attend his high school reunion in Parker's Landing, Idaho, the event turns tragic when Stephen's good friend, Mark MacTeague, suddenly drops dead at a picnic. Nina has reason to believe he was murdered and vows to uncover the culprit. Meanwhile, Stephen's high school girlfriend, Angie Delaney, reveals a long kept secret that brings a big change to his life. Can Stephen and Nina's relationship survive this new turn of events? Will Nina uncover the murderer before he or she commits another crime?

In the Shadow of the Dark Planet
In the Shadow of Destiny Series


Marty and Gillian Wood settle into routine farm life in rural North Carolina. Marty falls into a deep sleep and grapples with a horrifying creature in his nightmare. The next morning, he bears the wounds of his dream and faces the chilling truth that the dream is real. To his horror, Gillian collapses, stricken by the mark of a demon. Marty faces a grim prospect—he must either travel to a foreign world and battle the demon, Jeez, or watch his beloved Gillian die before his eyes. His only hope is to enlist Rachael, the entity that dwells within the Ark of the Covenant, to transport him to the dark planet Oronas to battle Jeez and save his wife.

Eat Your Heart Out
Starting Over


When a tyrant in stilettos replaces her beloved boss, and her ex snags her coveted job, teacher Dana Narvana discovers there are worse things than getting dumped on Facebook. Time for the BFF advice squad, starting with Dana's staunchest ally, Alex—hunky colleague, quipster, and cooking pal extraordinaire. But when the after hours smooching goes nowhere, she wonders why this grown man won't make up his mind.

Alex Bethany's new lifestyle gives him the confidence to try online dating. What he craves is a family of his own until a life-altering surprise rocks his world. He knows he's sending Dana mixed messages. Alex panics when he thinks he's blown his chance with his special person. From appetizers to the main course will these two cooking buddies make it to dessert?

Funny and bittersweet, Dana and Alex's story will have you rooting for them.

She Wakes the Night
The Dragons Return Series


Trell Langois escapes a thousand-year-old curse. Being trapped as a tree wasn't on her bucket list, but now she can continue as a healer. Traveling with her dragon, Torkel, she seeks out new cures to help others and meets Gren. An unfortunate soul who suffers from a dreadful disease.

Gren Oyg Har is a prince on a mission. In order to rule his father's kingdom, he must find a healer. Not just any healer, mind you, but one with a dragon. Yet, it is Trell who finds and rescues Gren, but wants nothing more to do with him. If not for Torkel, she would leave him behind.

Separate goals soon become entangled, and both Trell and Gren are on their way to falling in love until secrets better kept hidden become known--and threaten to destroy all they hold dear. 

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