Sunday, May 16, 2021

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Abby's Second Act

With her son's recent marriage, Abby Roberts has completed the first part of her life. However, her encounter with the bride's older brother has left her with a sense of longing, desire, and restlessness. A year teaching in London might just be the adventure she needs.
Grant Davis agreed to walk his sister down the aisle, never expecting the groom's mother to awaken passionate feelings he thought buried. Since his divorce he's focused on his aviation business and taking care of his daughter with special needs. But something about the way Abby holds her own as they share a wedding dance makes him think she's a woman he wants to know better.
Past mistakes, family opinion, and a looming deadline stand in the way of their love. Can they finally overcome all their obstacles to begin Abby's second act together?

Seam Keepers

Ashton Nichols dreads the changes graduation will bring, most of all, losing her impulsive best friend, Mason. Her world turns upside down when she follows him into the woods and encounters a demon and a destiny beyond what she ever imagined.

Mason Deed seeks freedom from his grief-stricken father. But after his encounter in the woods, he must think about Ashton's safety. Hiding the truth from her about her identity leaves them both vulnerable and caught between good and evil.

Together they uncover the unimaginable. Will they find enough courage and strength to claim their own free will, save their families, and protect human souls?

All Fired Up

Respected Crown Attorney, Christine Montgomery is accused of murdering her lying, cheating, ex-husband when he dies in a fire on their own property. Her life is shattered as she endures an emotional journey through invasive media and suspicious colleagues. When her childhood friend, local firefighter Jake Anderson, attempts to help Christine prove her innocence, an unexpected romance ignites.

Dodging a killer, Jake and Christine struggle to avoid media who suggest they were already lovers and planned the murder as a way out of her failed marriage. Will Christine avoid doing time with criminals she's put behind bars? Is Jake all he seems? Who is the real killer and what is the connection to Christine?

Time Signature

Deerbourne Inn

Celtic fiddler Trina Kellander is excited to play at a local festival in Willow Springs, Vermont. While settling into her room at the Deerbourne Inn, she admires an old painting of a handsome kilted Scot. Then a man who looks exactly like the artwork turns up at a jam session to play with her.

Trina is smitten with the charming, old-fashioned Malcolm Blaine and he with her. She has never fallen so hard before. After her concert, he wants her to leave with him. But Malcolm is oddly mysterious about aspects of his life. And how is he connected with the picture in Trina's room?

A Remembered Classics Romance


Theresa "Tug" Gallant was once an obese culinary student, the poor kid in class. Now she owns Tug's Treats, a bakery in a Minnesota resort town. She often finds herself the center of conflict, as some of the townspeople aren't thrilled that Tug creates cakes for gay weddings.

Dallas Prinze is a hometown boy who made it big in Hollywood—and he's Tug's former classmate whom she once saved from drowning. But he thinks his rescuer was his now-business partner, Lily Monroe.

But Dallas wants to pursue more than a business arrangement with Tug, which puts her in the crosshairs of a vengeful woman. If Tug isn't careful, she may lose the guy, her business, and her life.         

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