Friday, November 12, 2021

Find the holiday spirit in a new book from The Wild Rose Press


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Candles and Honey Cookies: A Tale of Hanukkahby Shari Elder$1.99

Tamara is trapped. Her father betrothed her to a man she does not like, let alone love. And she can't forget the brazen shepherd who dared to look in her eyes.Natan fell in love with Tamara the first moment he saw her. But the daughter of the high priest cannot marry a shepherd.Read More

Magic and Midnight Mint Barsby Iona Morrison$2.99

Months after a bitter divorce, Sally Mansfield is spending Christmas with her best friends at the Blue Iris Inn. Fifty pounds thinner than the last time they were together, she is excited for her friends to see the change. She might still be wounded, her self-esteem at rock bottom, but Sally is determined to have a fun holiday with her friends.Read More

Gingerbread Knightby Pam Binder$2.99

Graham, a mysterious, enchanted knight, is skilled at finding lost things. His latest assignment is to find a woman and her cookbook—if he wants to win his mother's freedom.Read More

Macaroons by Moonlightby Annette Miller$2.99

When Joanna Robillard's car breaks down in front of the Heavenly Bites cookie shop, it's just another part of the string of bad luck since she started her trip west. Her money's almost gone, now she needs repairs and a place to stay. When the owner of the shop comes out, she's struck by his resemblance to the tall elves in fantasy movies.Read More

The Starlight Mint Surprise Murderby Marla A. White$2.99

After injuring herself on the job as a Los Angeles cop, Mel O'Rourke leaves the force battered both physically and mentally. Looking for a fresh start, she moves to a quiet mountain town and opens the Babbling Brook Inn. Excited for her new life, Mel decides to participate in the town's holiday cookie contest, but her newfound joy crashes when one of her guests turns up dead in her lobby.Read More

Merry Little Wishing Spritzby Cherie Colyer$2.99

Modern-day witch Cassie Moore's cozy life turns upside down when her friend foresees the wrecking ball that threatens to destroy Cassie's home and workplace. But Cassie isn't giving up without a fight. She casts a well-intended spell meant to save her apartment and her job. But magic is unpredictable, especially when her friend casts a little charm of her own that has Cassie lusting after the man she desperately wants to despise.Read More

Snowdrop Cookie Wishesby Laura Strickland$1.99

It's been a difficult year in Lissi Johansen's sixteenth-century Danish village. As Christmas approaches, she longs for holidays past when her parents visited their neighbors, distributing cookies and good wishes to all. She hopes to bake a single batch of her mama's Snowdrop Cookies and tuck a gift of magic wishes inside. But she will need help to make the miracle come true.Read More

Coconut Macaroon Scandalby Virginia Barlow$2.99

When Emma Davis is summoned to her hometown on negligence charges her world turns upside down. She faces losing everything she worked so hard for, her bakery and her inheritance. She's met all the conditions of the will but one--a fiancé. Jilted and mistrustful, Emma cannot face her family alone. When Gran's ghost recommends a particular customer for the job, Emma closes her eyes and proposes.Read More

Linzer Tarts and Broken Heartsby Carol Henry$2.99

Christmas cookie baking isn't the only thing that's heating up in the kitchen. Amber Talbot's daughter, Beth, has invited her new best friend, Joanna, to bake Christmas cookies this year. Officer Jace Gunderson, single dad, insists on checking out the family first.Read More

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