Saturday, December 17, 2022

New Releases from The Wild Rose Press


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$4.99A familiar voice, echoing down the years. Justin’s long-lost sister on the phone. But something is off. She’s in danger. She warns him to stay away but he resolves to find her. Undercover, Justin infiltrates the remote commune in Utah where Malena was living only to find she has been transferred to another location.Read More
$2.99Liz buried her hopes three years ago when she buried her husband. Her dream to run her own bakery? Shelved, along with dreams of love. She hides behind a corporate desk, struggling for time with her young son and his grandmother, Violet.Read More
$5.99If not for deplorable timing, Celia Breckenridge might have avoided a pirate attack. She’s grateful for her rescuer, truly, however the stubborn man is sailing in the wrong direction! Most alarming still? The silver-eyed rogue is devilishly attractive and Celia must keep reminding herself she’s betrothed to another.Read More
$4.99Sixteen-year-old Tracie lives in a house divided by fear and a family secret she has yet to discover. Her grandma provides a hint and the tools to unearth the past. Are the clues the answer to her prayers? If so, she’ll take her younger brother, Jason, and split.Read More
$4.99The discovery of human bones near a remote New Mexico mountain village sets a worried sister on a treacherous path to solve a murder. Bethany Jarviss fears her sister’s fiancé killed the long-missing young woman. He was first engaged to her and swears he thought she left him to pursue a singing career.Read More

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Rita A. Popp said...

Hey readers! The First Fiancée: A Bethany Jarviss Mystery, is my first published novel. I'm excited and honored to be published by The Wild Rose Press! Will you please help Bethany solve this cold case for the sake of her fragile, younger sister, who might be engaged to a murderer? Bethany needs all the help she can get!


Rita A. Popp