Monday, February 13, 2023

Polly's List by Kim Janine Ligon


About the Book: CJ Reynolds couldn’t wait to escape his hometown. He’s loving his bachelor life as a software developer in California. So much so that he hasn’t been back in years to see the grandmother who raised him. Single mother, Mikal Benson, believes her small town is the perfect place to raise her son. After Mikal finds her neighbor, Polly Rogers, sprawled on the floor in a pool of blood, barely clinging to life, she calls Polly’s grandson—CJ Reynolds—and insists he must come home. Now. Emotions erupt between CJ and Mikal—setting off a perfect storm of love and reconciliation when, from her coma, Polly whispers three words that change everything. Did she fall or was she pushed?

          CJ, Mikal, and her little boy form an unlikely team, coming together to discover the truth as danger engulfs them and love transforms them into a family.

 Our Review: Rarely do we find a debut mystery so perfectly constructed. Author Kim Janine Ligon has mastered the art of putting the seeds on page one, then compounding the suspense with each scene. Adding to all this are the spot-on descriptions of a small town and the ‘denizens’ inhabiting it. It’s like going home again—and smiling at the memories. The characters are varied and well drawn. Looking forward to the next in this cozy mystery series. Congratulations!

 On a scale of 1-5, Polly’s List merits a 7.

 Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

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