Friday, April 14, 2023

Eyes on the Road by Karen C. Whalen


Helping people keeps her going.

 About the Book:

Businesses in Spruce Ridge, Colorado hire international foreign workers during the hectic ski season. One temp, Jaana Ivanov from Estonia, is found dead in her car at the bottom of a cliff. But, the car crash was not an accident. Jaana didn’t just take her eyes off the road. She was murdered.

Tow truck driver Delaney Morran often feels vulnerable herself as the lone female tow truck driver in town, so when the victim’s sister asks for help in finding the killer, Delaney begins to eye everyone with suspicion.

She might not be the best when it comes to towing vehicles, but she’s pretty good at turning up clues.

 Our Review: This is our first experience reading one of author Whalen’s cozy mysteries—it certainly won’t be our last. Her gifts lie in snappy, smart dialogue, a “heroine” who can’t seem to stop helping others and adding in an overall flavor of the glorious Colorado Rockies. This one’s a beauty.

 Based on a scale of 1-5, Eyes on the Road merits a 5.

Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

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