Friday, August 18, 2023

A Sour Note by Jill Piscitello


When murder provides a welcome distraction…

 About the Book:  After living out of state for the past ten years, event planner Maeve Cleary reluctantly returns to Hampton, NH, a charming beach community where she was raised. Living in her childhood home an iron-willed mother, Maeve struggles to rebuild her dismal financial situation while recovering from the destruction of her engagement to a nationally recognized news correspondent. Confronted by best friends, nosy neighbors, and unwelcomed relatives—who all seem to know what’s best for her—the discovery of a corpse outside her mother’s music school provides Maeve with not only a distraction but a reason to get out of bed and keep moving.

 Our Review:  Who, after suffering brutal disappointment, doesn’t want only to hide in the same and wallow in their grief? Who hasn’t been forced to rely on the kindness of others while recuperating from devastating blows to their ego? And who hasn’t suffered the well-meaning, unwelcomed advice and guidance with a smile and grace? Meet Maeve Cleary—a young woman every cozy mystery lover will recognize, then root for. Adding to this mix is a charming beach locale with cleverly named businesses, owned and operated by a host of unique, interesting characters, any one of whom had good reason to murder the thoroughly unlikeable victim. Author Piscitello hits every high note with this delightful story—we look forward to the next Music Box Mystery.    

 Based on a scale of 1-5, A Sour Note merits a 7.

 Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

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