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Dark Cover, Bk 2 The DARK Files by Susan Vaughan


A traitor’s brother, an undercover fiancée—and a terrorist’s deadline…

About the Book:

Nick Markos has inherited the burden and shame of his brother’s dealings with terrorists, who demand he return the millions he skimmed. Hoping to uncover a plotted attack, the Feds install DARK Officer Vanessa Wade undercover as Nick’s glamorous fiancée.

Despite her expertise, Vanessa has grown to dislike undercover work. Under orders to make sure the sexy and tortured tycoon is no traitor, she soon realizes that instead he’s determined to regain his family honor—and his own. She tells herself to stay detached, but this man’s kisses make her emotions spin out of control. As they work together amid gala social events and terror threats, Nick and Vanessa cannot deny their mutual attraction, but her deception makes Vanessa feel as false as the rock on her finger.

Is their relationship only a charade? One that could explode—along with a terrorist bomb?


Our Review: Susan Vaughan gives the ‘bad guy’ from the first book in her DARK Files series a brother who is targeted by the brother’s terrorist organization, demanding he return the millions stolen by the brother before his violent death. While not exactly mourning his sibling’s death, Nick is determined to preserve the Markos’ family honor as well redeeming his own. Tossing in a vibrant heroine in the form of Vanessa the Confessor Wade who is supposed to protect him only complicates his primary goal. This small, compact undercover agent might be able to protect his body but. . . who or what will protect his heart?

     Mistakes of the past, for both Vanessa and Nick, keep cropping up, turning this story into an edge of your seat read. Vaughan’s talent for writing action—and making it believable—is enviable.


Based on a scale of 1-5, Dark Cover merits a 7.


Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

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